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  1. Here is my 2 cents. The smartphone is a PHONE. The Garmin is for navigation to a spot. Of course, as a geocacher once said, "When I get within 10 feet I stop using the GPSr."
  2. Just the answer I expected. No problem at all. Thanks for your help and your VERY fast response.
  3. I don't want to be self serving, but I have to ask: Will I now get credit for Taj Mahal? I only ask so I can update the list of geocaches we will search for next. Thank you very much.
  4. A Groundspeak Lackey sent the following: "The system that is responsible for distributing treasures into new caches published since the World of Wonders promotion went live had a bug that led to about 450 caches receiving two Modern Wonders. Thate bug has been squashed and the second wonder in these caches (which do not get awarded to accounts, but simply appear in listings) will be removed once the engineering team runs a correction script. FYI, after responding here I will be moving this thread into the bug reporting section of the forums." 450 out of over 3 million isn't too bad! Now WE (not I) can go out and find some more.
  5. This may or may not be a bug in the Wonders of the World, but from another thread it appears it is. GC8YD6T has 2 MODERN wonders listed. Taj Mahal (that I need) AND Mauha Picchu (that I already have). From what I understand there should not be two MODERN wonders in the same geocache. Others have said that I should have gotten credit for Taj Mahal, but I didn't. Is that a bug in this geocache, the system, or some other mistake? Or, are we all wrong and there are plenty of geocaches with two of the same age?
  6. I'm going to start another thread with "Bug" in the subject. Hopefully that will solve the problem and/or give me credit for Taj Mahal.
  7. Which would faster, try to send a bug report, or start a new message about a bug? That is if it really is a bug.
  8. Thanks everyone! Maybe I should ask Groundspeak because if I read all the replies correctly there must be a problem. Sorry I didn't include the GC code, but clever Max and 99 found it!
  9. If a geocache has TWO Modern Wonders of the World and you already have one of them why doesn't the system recognize that and award you to missing wonder? Is that clearer? The geocache we found had Taj Mahal AND Machu Picchu. We had already found Machu Picchu, but did not get credit for Taj Mahal.
  10. We had found 4 of the wonders and went for one listed with Taj Mahal AND Machu Picchu listed. I just logged the find and did not get credit for the Taj Mahal. We already had Machu Picchu. Did i miss something. Is there a lag time in updating the passport?
  11. I received a questionable message that was supposedly through the Geocaching mail system that contains a link to a user profile and another link to what is a fraudulent website. I sent a screen shot to GC HQ, but thought I would also post a message here. I have very good protection on my desktop, and I confirmed that the site should not be visited. From the nature of the message it is possible the link would go to a porn site. The message is from ifidicre1992, an account that was open today (6/25/2020, and has no activity.
  12. I see the drafts on the Garmin. I just deleted the visit file with my computer, unpluged the Garmin, turned it on, went to geocaches, pressed "enter", scrolled down to "found", and they are still there!!! ??? In the past I would delete everything in the "visit" file, save that file to the Garmin as a blank file, there would be nothing in that file on the Garmin. Now the founds are shown on the Garmin after I save the file as blank. Strange.
  13. When I upload my "Drafts" to log finds I then go to the "visit" file on my GPSMAP64ST and delete everything in the file. I then save the blank file back into the GPSMAP. In the past that was not a problem. I had to reset the unit not long ago, and now no matter what I do after the above action the drafts are still there. I've tried several methods to delete these found geocaches without success. Any idea where this hidden found folder is? The found files must be hidden somewhere, but they are not where they always were in the past. Is this a Garmin problem or a Geocaching.com problem?
  14. Thanks lost travelor. Zooming and/or panning made it possible to finally view a cache page on my new Kindle Fire.
  15. Here is a twist. Who has the burden of proof? The finder must prove he/she/they did sign, or the CO who must prove it wasn't signed? I would be slow to delete any find on any of our geocaches. What difference does it really make? Who is hurt by someone who lies about finding a geocache? The reviewers surely have better things to do than settle some silly dispute over if a geocache was found, the log was signed, the container was closed, it was placed back EXACTLY as the CO wanted, etc.etc. etc.
  16. I didn't think I needed to say I signed the log. Of course I signed the log. From the weird messages it appears the CO did not even read my log. This started when I mentioned that I didn't get a souvenir because of the location. I didn't complain about it. I just added a note for information to others. In one of my replies I did say that if he took the time to go find the log he would see we signed it. The problem is the person after us dropped it into an area that may make it impossible to retrieve. I wasn't sure if I needed to contact a reviewer or Groundspeak if the log was deleted. Thanks for that info. I don't think he is going to do anything. I just found it very strange for an owner to tell me to delete a log. It must be that he knows he is wrong. There is always one.
  17. Very strange messages from the CO who uses a different ID on the cache page. He has more or less demanded that I delete a found log. He seems to be a bit too proud of his D/T and for some reason does not believe we made the find. There is even mention of a VERY tall ladder being needed as a TOTT. Should I just ignore him? Of course, the biggest question is why he didn't delete the log if he is in fact the CO. Other indications are he is. I have to add he has a found log for this cache. As soon as I adopted some caches I deleted my found logs. I know I didn't have to at the time, but that is just me.
  18. Here's a thought. Make the "Send to GPS" on the web page work!! If an agreement has been reached with Garmin to allow a download from a list why not go way way back to the good old days when one could simply add a geocache from the geocache page? Is this progress?
  19. Thanks for the reply. I just placed an order. It appears Groundspeak changed the index page for shopping. I must have been right in the middle of that which caused the problem. I did try a different browser before I posted the message, and got the same errors. Thanks again.
  20. I am not able to check out with the on line store. When it gets to billing I get a long list of errors.
  21. For some reason TBs seem to last longer in Europe than they do here in the U.S. That has been my experience as well as several other geocachers I know. So, if a TB goes to Ireland that might be the best thing that can happen to it. My only TB that is still active is in France and is over 2 years old. It was dormant for a long time though.
  22. The latest from Groundspeak: Challenge caches published after April 21, 2015 are not permitted to use Lab caches as a source of criteria. (For example, a challenge to Find 50 Lab caches is not allowed.) However, Geocaching.com user profiles do include Lab Caches in metrics necessary for some allowed challenges: Total Finds, Longest Streak and the Finds for Each Day of the Year grid. Therefore, we are making an exception to permit Lab caches to be used as qualifiers for challenges related only to those metrics.
  23. The work around didn't work for me in Chrome. I used it to load just a few caches quickly. I guess I'll go to Pocket Queries or everything.
  24. Where is Geowoodstock next year? With the new search I can't find it. That is if it is listed. Thanks
  25. I don't use an Android app, but thanks for the reply. I'm on a Windows 7 desktop. Also, these are adopted caches. I don't log a find on caches I place, but that is in another thread.
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