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  1. My current favorite for USA use is http://www.gmaptool.eu/pl/content/usa-osm-topo-routable for their OSM topo routable maps.
  2. Had an unusual situation pop up, and needed to add 7 new maps to my Oregon 700. None of them are particularly large. Got them at BBBike. After downloading all 7 of the *.img files, I placed them on the uSD card of the 700 in the Garmin folder (after first providing unique filenames, of course), Of the 7, only 3 of the new maps appeared. Understanding that the 700 would ignore any maps with duplicate Map IDs, I wondered if perhaps BBBike had assigned duplicate Map IDs to some of the maps. I went in and manually renumbered all 7 (from 4000 to 4006) with GMapTool. Still, only the same 3 of the 7 appeared in the list of available maps on the 700. Wondering if there was some bug/restriction on where they were placed on the 700, I moved the whole shootin' match over to the 700's own Garmin folder. No change whatsoever. What could be causing this? Never had issues like this on my 450.
  3. Really? All 4 of them? Just curious. How did you plan to get there? East Coast Rotator? You won't be flying United Polaris class on Patriot Express, that's for sure. Have some equipment there for which I am responsible. REALLY don't look forward to that trip. https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/104594/ground-based-electro-optical-deep-space-surveillance/
  4. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=game+camera&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  5. Hadn't visited the site in a long while. On a recent attempt, I noted "Sorry, due to server problems only country maps are currently available. You may need to refresh the browser cache first (CTRL-F5)." Does anyone know how long this has been going on, and any ideas on when the problem might be resolved. I was looking for a very small couple of map tiles in different locations, and can't handle several entire countries.
  6. Announcement is hardly 'recent', and support still continues thanks to a great group of GSAK volunteers. Clyde is definitely still alive and kicking and is said to be enjoying his retirement, but is in regular contact with the crew supporting his baby.
  7. FWIW: I always select No Logs, which may produce the same better result as your selection of some limited number of logs, and never have the GC code clipped. Could be why I've never seen this problem, and like you, I do still print a LOT of cache pages.
  8. Maps not working again for me today. Small map within a cache page shows nothing but a partial map (half the 'tiles' missing) if produces anything at all. Choosing "View Larger Map" doesn't produce anything.
  9. EXIF kann genaue Positionen für ein Puzzle- oder Multicache-Finale bereitstellen. Das wäre ein Problem. Außerdem konvertiert gc.com jetzt die meisten Dateien in ein bestimmtes Format. Informationen dazu finden Sie in anderen Bereichen hier in diesem Forum. Leider haben einige Leute die Metadaten verwendet, um Rätsel zu machen. Für sie ist es jetzt nicht möglich. EXIF can provide exact locations for a puzzle or multicache final. That would be a problem. Also, gc.com is now converting most files to a specific format. You will find information about that in other areas here in this forum. Unfortunately, some people used the metadata to make puzzles. For them it is now not possible.
  10. Ditto here with Firefox (latest) and Win10. Just a big white nothing.
  11. Back to geocaching with phones ... The S8 Active was a nice design as cell phones go for a bit more durability. I was bummed when Samsung decided NOT to continue the Active series. Having the glass back on the regular S8 was a bonehead move to begin with -- made it extra fragile. The S21Plus and S21Ultra have the same stupid glass back design. Hope the OP has the less expensive generic S21 with the plastic back. The S8 Active model did away with the glass back and provided better bezel area protection as well. As I say, I only use a phone for finding a cache in a spontaneous pinch when the Garmin isn't at hand, but have done well enough with it when I have.
  12. Bummer. Can't say I ever had any issues with either Bluetooth or camera. In fact, for the price and era of that phone, I was fairly well impressed with the S8 camera. BT was connection of choice for the BYOC (Bring Your Own Connection) option for certain TomTom models, and kept paired and functioning throughout the time I had it. Sounds like they sent you a lemon.
  13. What kind of issues are you having? I never ran into any serious firmware issues, and the GPS performance was quite adequate. My current S20 seems to do well enough. I don't often use it for caching unless something spontaneous when traveling, but it works well enough.
  14. Good to know which phone you have. Knowing this might have taken the discussion in a better direction from the get-go. Your S21 has quite reasonable GPS performance, and is fully capable of taking advantage of satellite constellations other than just the U.S. GPS system. With a decent app, you should be able to do quite well with it. As others have noted, though, it's a pricey bit of gear, and not particularly robust. You'll want to use care in the field that you don't damage it while caching. My only gripe with Samsung (and I've had several, from the S8Active forward) is the frequent need to recalibrate the 3 axis compass.
  15. IIRC, it was the antenna that made the iPhone3 a big dodgy for position accuracy. When finding, it may take some additional time, but we've seen placements that were quite a ways out when set with a 3. Your 11 is miles ahead of it in terms of technology. Wouldn't spend a ton of time looking for an app that's still able to run on the 3.
  16. Throw us some approximate coordinates for your area and we'll look to see what we see from our end. Since you're only finding 5-10 per year, it may well not be worth it, but if you want to keep finding them 'in close', a few more may pop up.
  17. Taking anything that unimportant seriously when caching is a different problem.
  18. I just load those I've solved to the 'Solved Puzzles' database I have in GSAK, and if not automatically updated by the site's checker, I correct the coordinates. That database is later combined with the unfounds in my area as part of my own macro --- such that the ready-to-find puzzles are displayed on the map with the rest of the caches I need to find when I plan a cache day. Another win for GSAK.
  19. Problem seems to have just now been resolved.
  20. Yup. Server responses down to a bare crawl at best.
  21. Amazing. Just as we talk about it in this thread, I've got another finder in the process of working through it! You brought the cache some good luck by starting the thread! Will be interesting to see his log. Stage 4 is pretty easy since the distances really do call for driving, though it can certainly be done easily enough on a bicycle, so there's that to sort out if pedaling, I guess. As for power, it's a secret! Stage one is a particular power hog due to distance between xmitter and posted coordinates, and propagation requirements. The others employ high gain (very directional) antenna systems.
  22. Fizzy - Process sounds about right for a really good puzzle. I have no idea how many hours it took me to put together "SBS - You're in a World of Hertz" (GC2G604). At a guess, from concept to completion, probably 60 hours+, and I already had the necessary bits and pieces to put it together in-house. It's a multi that contains a number of field puzzles. It rarely gets found, but apart from my original beta tester (your 'Playtesting' is a very important step, especially for complex puzzles), who was still in a daze when he logged it, it has 100% favorite points.
  23. That only works if you are downloading the same PQ you created before, which will carry the same filename. If a new PQ is created, it will have a new filename, and sit alongside anything already on the device. @SuzyJazz As has already been suggested: Connect to your PC. Navigate to the Garmin/GPX folder. Delete all *.gpx files found there. Load your new PQ afterward.
  24. Sounds as though you have purchased your first Garmin of the generation that started with the Colorado years ago! You can access its file structure when connected to your PC. Go to to the Garmin/GPX folder and delete the *.gpx file(s) that exist there. While you are there, get rid of any factory pre-loaded *.gzz files as well. They're typically WAY out of date.
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