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    I understand you may like Internet Explorer, and may be accustomed to it after many years, and think it's "the best" browser, but...you need to stop using Internet Explorer. Microsoft isn't developing it anymore, isn't actively supporting it anymore. Many websites are either dropping support for it, or aren't putting effort into supporting it and features on those sites are just slowly dying off for IE users. More and more of the web is going to stop working properly for you as time goes on. It's time to move on. Edge is a hot mess at the moment. I recommend Firefox to Windows users who don't need perfect compatibility with the Google suite of web-based apps.
  2. You could (should) use a password manager like KeePass or 1Password to store your passwords securely. This security deficiency isn't due to the API token expiration but rather how you choose to handle it.
  3. It's the remaining stock of refurbished units they had sitting in a closet out back.
  4. Delorme hasn't released a new handheld GPSr in...what, 6 years? And they more or less gave up supporting the devices with any new firmware or computer-side software about 5 years ago. If they're trying to push you to a new device, it'd be from another vendor. Now that Garmin owns DeLorme, I think we have seen the end of the PN line. The end of the PN line was 5+ years ago. Delorme bailed on the handheld dedicated GPS market a long time ago - PLBs provided a stream of income vs. a one-time $300 purchase. I'm only in this thread because I was browsing the forums to find out what the current hotness is for GPSrs as my PN-40 has a flaky internal connection and is borderline dead now. It had a good 7 1/2 year run.
  5. Delorme hasn't released a new handheld GPSr in...what, 6 years? And they more or less gave up supporting the devices with any new firmware or computer-side software about 5 years ago. If they're trying to push you to a new device, it'd be from another vendor.
  6. How was this communicated to members? Was it only via the forums? What about those of us who only come here every few months? Was it via email? A banner on the website? And why only one week? There's a very good chance I was completely offline for that week, so I didn't see that banner and didn't catch it in the weekly email, and as a result I never had an opportunity to respond in the first place. Edit: OK, now I've seen the other replies on this subject and I'm even more disappointed. I went over to that section and saw no topic listed that hinted at being a feedback request as described above. Then I saw people referencing the "Dashboard" thread. That is quite possibly the worst possible title for that topic. The subtitle, "How do you engage with geocaching" is better, but still not optimal. It's almost as if it was set up such that someone can point at it later and say "see, we tried, but no one answered!" while making it sufficiently hidden and obfuscated as to prevent significant participation.
  7. Using the local computer settings really would be best IMO. Handle everything on the wire, on the servers and in the database as UTC (not PST), and then translate UTC to local time via JavaScript in the browser. That way, if the time is displayed wrong on my computer, it's all on me because my computer isn't set up properly for the timezone I'm located in.
  8. You know what? As a middle-aged programmer who has had poor vision for nearly a quarter century and is consistently trying to talk people out of making stupid decisions about colors & fonts, I'm offended by your gross generalization.
  9. Without knowing their code, the best one can say is "somewhere between trivial and monumental." A flag in the database & an if/else statement in the email processor, at the most basic level. But then you have the overhead of maintaining two different code paths anytime you change the formatting/content of the emails (change it in plain text, and again in HTML). Did you know it's possible to send a "dual" email that's both plain-text and HTML, and the receiver can choose which one is displayed?
  10. This is set to 1.0.1 since a long time. Do you get FPs in GPXs ? (observing the iPhone App, it seems that it downloads additional data like FPs via the API) Hmm this is interesting. It seems like it is not the the GPX file, but part of the GS API. I gathered it from this GSAK link: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=24068&st=0entry179243 The Groundspeak forum thread linked above (from 3 years ago) indicates that favorite points are part of the 1.0.2 schema. Documentation, the XSD & examples for that new version were all published in that thread, but 1.0.1 is still not a selectable option in account preferences. Very disappointing. I'm experimenting with data from PQs and that new version would help me quite a bit.
  11. Why aren't you suggesting this to the independent entity that develops that software (except that it would probably violate some section of the TOU)? Groundspeak publishes an API that the software uses - that's the extent of their relationship. I already keep all of my geocaching data on Dropbox, so it's only a matter of having the right software on each of my computers/devices. Not a big challenge.
  12. The PN series is the only handheld GPS units DeLorme has made. DeLorme is not selling any non-refurbished units directly through their own online store - the hardware may not be in production anymore. A word of caution: You cannot sync PQs directly from GC to the devices. The box might imply that you can, but you cannot. You have to choose one of a few manual workarounds.
  13. http://www.geocaching.com/my/uploadfieldnotes.aspx There is no "one button solution" except possibly by using GSAK. But that's a good thing - you aren't writing out a full log in the field on your GPSr, and the log that you post should tell a story. There needs to be an intermediate step where you write a log. Posting nothing more than a smiley face does a disservice to the cache owner and to future finders - the CO probably put some effort into creating the cache, please take a couple minutes to write about your experience, and future finders may benefit from reading about it as well.
  14. In certain "closed" email systems, it's possible for a sender to recall a message and remove it from the recipients' mailbox(es), so that the recipient(s) have no record of it. If you're accustomed to sending internal-only emails, you may not realize that it doesn't work once you send to the Internet at large.
  15. My 6 year old has is own account and has for about 2 years now. He just doesn't know it yet. I log everything there for him. When he's old enough, I'll give him the reins, but supervise.
  16. Or you could have just not gone after the cache in the first place. That doesn't sound like a location I'd like to be spending time while not giving traffic my undivided attention. I'm not going to roll over and accept that I cannot access some caches because of my skin colour, while I am doing nothing illegal. I wasn't saying anything about your skin color. I'm saying that despite it being "public land", if a location is that dangerous due to the traffic, why are you standing there in the first place?
  17. I did a 2-part multi with the start & end 20 miles apart. And a 10-part (or thereabouts) multi which ended up being a 15 mile round trip by bike (and not easily completed by driving from access point to access point for the bike trail. I have even heard of a multi with the 2 stages being over 1000 miles apart.
  18. Or you could have just not gone after the cache in the first place. That doesn't sound like a location I'd like to be spending time while not giving traffic my undivided attention.
  19. Or he has a digital camera, but his memory card failed/photos were lost (accidental format/deletion)/card went missing and he simply doesn't have the photos. I know I've been scouring my house for the last 3 evenings trying to find a memory card from a trip I took back in November (and I've had the other 2 happen to me as well).
  20. This is an important point. You can't just ask "is this GPS compatible with my Mac?" - you have to define what it is that you want to do with the devices and then[/b] ask if it's compatible for those functions. Like your 710, my PN-40 isn't technically "compatible" with my MacBook (and here's where "Team Serious" will attempt to correct me and tell me that Cache Register works. Except that it doesn't, version 2 was a huge step backwards in features (before it started crashing repeatedly), and may not even be able to log into geocaching.com reliably anymore). But I can access the GPS as a storage device. I just can't tether the GPS to any software on the Mac to feed GPS data in real-time from the GPS to the computer, like one can with Topo on Windows.
  21. Paging Mr. Bumstead, Mr. Dagwood Bumstead...
  22. c:geo posts the log immediately. If the data you see in the app is "behind" it's only because you're working from a stored/cached copy of the data and haven't updated it. I would expect the same of any app, authorized or not - if you haven't pressed "update" within the last 30 seconds, the information you have may be out of date.
  23. A global positioning system receiver will function anywhere it can see the GPS satellites at least well enough to determine its location. The amount of detail you'll have on any built-in maps, however, is variable. For a car-based unit like the nuvi, best to set it to "off road" mode if it has one.
  24. I find my trekking pole very handy when fighting off Grues.
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