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  1. I think the ideas behind the new interface are good, but the implementation could use some work. My issues: - I logged a cache earlier today after which it correctly told me I received two Souvenirs for it. I liked the way it's shown with the slide in, but my issue is that with each new cache I've logged since it keeps showing those same two souvenirs as being awarded. Looks like a bug to me. - An option to preview the log would be appreciated. - The date selector could use a black box around it for consistency and to make it more recognizable as an input field. Same for the "Needs Maintenance". - Favorite icon should be blue for consistency with the rest of the site. - I'd rename "Needs Maintenance" to "Report a Problem". - On my girlfriend's computer and iPad the new logging interface doesn't work at all. It's stuck at a green spinner. - A Needs Maintenance log of "Other" without option to specify what the "other" is seems useless. - People not used to Markdown will have trouble adding formatting and smileys. And maybe others, but that's it for now.
  2. I consider showing the raw HTML and UBB corruption as wel, so converting can only improve it. You could even use a kind of filter on logs pre-dating the switch date to convert them on the fly. This way loss of data is also no longer an issue, as the data in the database doesn't change. There are good tools available for converting. Example: https://github.com/baynezy/Html2Markdown And if you do decide not to convert logs, will there be a way to suppress all those "Editted by" messages at the end of my logs when I go back and edit all of them to fix them?
  3. You can also turn this around. Is there any reason not to use SSL, or even better it's successor TLS? People often cite performance as a reason not to do it, but with current technology and hardware that's hardly the case anymore. See this site for some quotes, numbers and explanations: https://istlsfastyet.com/
  4. Thanks for the information. I'll think I'll go for this option, as buying one online and mailing it to the Netherlands is an additional $36.50 in shipping costs.
  5. We're visiting the US for our holiday and are going to the Block Party and Going Ape events and we'd love to join you on this trip. How are permits handled? Is one needed to hike this trail?
  6. I like the overall changes. One major feature request would be to have a (configurable) option to have the big Log button always submit fieldnotes instead of logs. I always use fieldnotes as I want to type longer logs when I get back home and the option to use them is currently somewhat hidden away.
  7. I forgot to post here, but I've made arrangements with Simon to pick him up at Amsterdam airport and to go caching in Amsterdam
  8. Ik heb even gekeken op archive.org. De Full version staat daar helaas niet, maar de Lite versie is nog wel te downloaden via: http://web.archive.org/web/20040605025100/http://www.votingsolutions.com/download/cplite_full_ins.EXE Ik weet niet of je daar wat aan hebt?
  9. BBosman


    You could try this site: http://www.globalcaching.eu/seek/Bookmarks.aspx The site is in Dutch (or Italian) but I think rather self explanatory. It searches through public bookmark lists owned by people who have found at least 1 cache in The Netherlands, Belgium or Italy, although it will also find bookmark lists dedicated to other countries as long as those qualifications are met. Accounts on that site are free but you don't need one to use this feature. It's also an official Groundspeak API licensee. It won't give you all relevant bookmark list for Europe, but I think it could be a step in the right direction?
  10. They explain here why they changed it and why Google maps is no longer an option.
  11. Sorry I wasn't more clear. UV still exists, but we no longer provide user access to it. As a result, you can't change your profile settings there, so I (and other people on the team at Groundspeak) need to be extra careful when editing bugs in our database that are linked to UV to avoid sending out these emails. Unfortunately, since I was prioritizing and tagging scores of bugs this morning, I missed a few.
  12. Hij staat in de footer onder aan elke pagina.
  13. Excalibur Geo-virus Verder zijn de caches van bijvoorbeeld A&F en Soekeloekie over het algemeen ook erg mooi gemaakt.
  14. If a system like that was put in place people would be able to play "battleship" to determine the exact location of those waypoints. This would make "solving" those very hard Mystery and Multi caches a breeze. Not that I'm against a system like this, but there is a lot of potential for abuse here.
  15. There are thousands of caches out there that have the attribute, but where the owner has long since disappeared and the caches are now actively community maintained. Introducing this system, even with a lot higher window then the mentioned 2 weeks, would kill all of these caches.
  16. It would then be in my interest to always vote 'No' on those feature requests, as that would marginally increase the changes of the ones I vote 'Yes' on to be considered to be implemented. A 'neutral' option doesn't solve that entirely, but it would give me the option to be heard without endorsing or down-voting that idea.
  17. I think a basic yes and no doesn't cover it. I personally often prefer a third option: "I wouldn't mind this feature, but there are others that I like more". If there are only yes and no options might slightly increase participation but it will also skew the results. I'd almost always abstain from voting because of the inability to prioritize features. That was one of the nicer features of UserVoice as you had a limited amount of votes which would give pseudo prioritization.
  18. I see the issue as well. I think it depends on the cache page. When the descriptions are in HTML the print preview is okay, but when the description is in plain text the line endings get ignored. Edit: It's also mentioned on the Feedback site here.
  19. Links boven in het menu op de cachepagina staat de optie "Enable listing", daarmee kun je hem weer activeren.
  20. Ik was volgens mij degene die er in de laatste chat sessie om had gevraagd. De reden dat ik die informatie graag toegevoegd zie/zag worden heeft te maken met Pocket Queries. Op het ogenblik haal ik heel Nederland 1 keer per week binnen. Door de toevoeging van de provincies heb ik nu ook dagelijkse PQ's lopen voor alleen Noord-Holland, omdat dat het gebied is waar ik het meeste actief ben met cachen. Nu heb ik dus van mijn thuisregio meer up-to-date informatie bij me als ik op pad ga. Niet heel kritisch noodzakelijk, maar voor mij wel een wenselijke toevoeging dus.
  21. Check out http://live.geocaching.com/
  22. Do you log out of the site at work? Logging out on one location logs you out on all locations. (It's a security feature)
  23. BBosman

    GPX Files

    If you're using GSAK and just want to use it on your own caches you can try a GSAK macro like AddLogs. But keep in mind that overuse/abuse of the macro can get you banned!
  24. As soon as somebody logs anything you can't delete the account any more. Becacuse what would hapen to those logs? If you delete them a lot of cache and trackable history is lost as well. If an account hasn't been validated, you can contact Groundspeak and ask them if you can have that account. I also read somewhere that account which have an email set that bounces, are also marked as unvalidated. But as long as it's a validated account (with a working email address behind it) or it has logs you're out of luck.
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