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Well this has been a very long project in the working. This was over a year in the doing. The orginal idea was there. Then life kept getting in the way. So life has finally started going smoother and the geocoin has come to completion.


This was inspired by my love of science fiction. And the BSG series is one of those series I grew up with but has never got the attention other sci-fi series have. So we wanted to do something to show our enjoyment of the series.


Sales will begin this Wednesday the 1st and I will update with links to the sales. They are trackable on geocaching.com with a unique icon. They are 1 3/4" across, 3MM thick. They will come in 5 different limited editions and 2 regular editions. Plus there will be 2 of our own AE's. Here is a sneak peak. I hope you like!






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They just went on sale a few minutes ago. The approximate conversion from Euro to Dollar minus the VAT is as follows.



Set of 7=$70.98

Here is the link to the Sale .

Thanks again for all the nice comments. And sorry for not explaining the BSG. And for a little further information. When you read the description it will mention "Toasters". That is what they called the Cylons.

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I thought I would do a quick cointest before the start of the Nation Wide Stock Car Race this afternoon. Guess will not be accepted after the start of the race. Winner will get either the antique Silver or Antique Gold Regular edition of this geocoin. I will then start a new cointest immeditalely after that.

So here is the question. In what place will Danica Patrick finish in the race? 43 cars are starting and she is on the pole. One guess per person. In the event 2 people guess the same position, I will do a random draw for the winner. No one guesses the right position, closest will win. If 2 are the closest, random drawing rule applies.


2nd cointest will be announced at the end of the race. It will be for an AE edition.

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So cool I have not won anything in ages... By the way the coin looks great and I'm a fan of the old show too. Thanks again and info will be sent soon..



Looks like David&Robyn are going to take this contest. Drop me a line through my profile with your address and your choice of either Antique Gold or Antique Silver version.


2nd contest to be posted shortly.

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Here we go. New cointest. This is for an Artist Edition of Antique Silver/Black Nickel with Glitter.


The winner will be the one that comes closest to guessing the total number of unique accounts that log caches "found" and/or events "attended" for leap day the 29th. According to Grounspeak the previous record was 73,392 distinct accounts. I should know the answer next week in their news letter. Closest to the correct number in the newsletter wins. I doubt their is a tie, but if their is, I will break the tie with a random number generator.


Guesses must be in by Wednesday night at midnight. Good luck and do your part to help break the record!

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