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  1. I've changed most of mine to one mission: To be placed in a cache in all 50 states. At least it's usually headed in the right direction no matter where it is. I also send a quick email thanking each person that picks up my trackable, and again when they drop it off.
  2. I was just paging through my caches and got to wondering how many visits each cache listing page gets. Not the number of logs, but it'd be neat to have a counter showing how many times each cache listing has been viewed. Possible? Feasible? Opinions?
  3. I see the competitiveness of it as a downside. For instance....I've seen a geocaching race where cachers team up with each other. One is the driver and the other is the finder. The finder jumps out and stamps the log with his signature stamp (and the driver's stamp, too). Mind you, the driver never even got out of the vehicle or saw the cache, but yet his signature stamp is on it. All this to win a contest. To each his own, I guess.
  4. Since they are doing away with Challenges, I thought I'd like to hear some ideas of things geocaching.com should add, delete, or modify from the site. No need to bash anyone's idea here.....just add one of your own. Personally, I'd like to see them modify the trackable's homepage to give the owner the ability to turn off "took it to" logs. Yes, I know....it shows that it's still alive..., but I hate pages and pages of "took it to" logs. I just want a toggle to turn them off or leave them on. What are your ideas that you'd like added, deleted, or modified from geocaching.com?
  5. Thank you Eartha. I'll send a complaint. They've had issues with this guy in the past from what I'm hearing. I'm marking it as missing, but adding a note that it is in the collection of NBJPoppa. By marking it missing, I can avoid all the "took it to" logs. I've emailed him of my plans to do this. Hopefully he is not offended and releases the trackable ASAP. Although I must say again......a toggle for cachers to disable "took it to" logs on their trackables would sure help solve some of this hoarding.
  6. One thing to try.....email the event promoter. I did this once. The promoter was able to post a note which he said also automatically emailed everyone who attended the event. His note said something along the lines of..."I've received notice that there are a few missing trackables from the event. Please be sure to log all trackables from this event. Thank you." That may help if someone picked it up and just forgot to log it. Good luck.
  7. Yes, I've emailed him numerous times. For whatever reason, I think he believes he's doing everyone a service by posting pages and pages of "took it to" logs.....yes....for all 500+ trackables he's holding. I the latest response I received from him, he said he'd turn it loose in a few days if he can find it in his collection. Here's a direct quote from his latest response: "Logging my trip is taking far longer than I had expected. That's life. You can complain all you like, but in general people will do what they feel like doing, not what you tell them to do. Once you put a Trackable out into the world, it will move in whatever direction the next cacher sees fit to move it." Obviously, he has no care for the mission of anybody's trackable. At this point, a "carefully worded" email is no longer in order as I figure I'll never get the thing released anyway. He deserves to get a piece of mind from every person who's trackable he's holding hostage. Just my .02 worth.
  8. We've been discussing misuse of "took it to" logs. I would like to file a complaint of someone who has abused this to the maximum. This person has over 18,000....yes...eighteen thousand trackables logged. Having my trackable for nine months while totally ignoring it's mission, I decided to see how many trackables he was logging. I went to "past trackables" for one of the caches he visited. Get this.....He logged over 500 different trackables at that cache alone.....and no....they are not all his own trackables. He is basically grabbing every trackable he comes across, and holding them indefinitely. It doesn't seem right that he can do this. Any thoughts?
  9. Kunarion- Perfect scenario. Here's another true life scenario. Trackable mission: To get to either Alaska or Hawaii in a race with another trackable. In July, a cacher picks it up and carries it around for 9 months logging 13 pages of "took it to" logs that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the mission of the trackable. A note is sent asking him to please release it. The reply is that he's logged over 3000 miles on the trackable and still has more to log. Kidnapped for 9 months and no progress made on the mission. Drives me nuts!!!
  10. Yep....it looks like it was picked up. Send an email thanking the person for picking it up and say you look forward to seeing where he'll place it next.
  11. I am totally in favor of a toggle allowing the owner of a trackable to enable or disable "took it to" logs. I would immediately disable every single one of mine.
  12. You know you're a geocoin addict when the term "sending a proxy" doesn't have anything to do with voting.
  13. You know you're a geocoin addict when the word "cointest" always replaces the word "contest" in your vocabulary.
  14. I'm guessing 96 leaping froggies. Ribbet.
  15. I like your idea of a mission. Here in the USA, I send nearly all of my trackables with a mission of being placed in a cache in all 50 states. As they reach a new state, I edit the trackable listing to show which states have already been accomplished. I even have a geocoin touring Germany with a goal of visiting all 16 states there. I'm nearly halfway done with that one. Good luck with your trackable.
  16. Sounds like a great idea to me.....I dont have any missing for a year, but if I did.....I'd be emailing you. You'll hear from me this summer with a few if you're not inundated with requests by then. I hope this idea flys.
  17. I emailed the person with the 10 for $25 deal. None left. Sorry.
  18. I've come across people who keep statistics for how many miles they've moved trackables. That may be the issue with your bug-napper. They'll often keep trackables logging miles in a totally opposite direction of the trackable's mission. Everybody plays the geocaching game differently. That's what makes it so great. Personally, I wish they'd eliminate the "took it to" option, but that's just one person's opinion. Other folks like it. Someone once said, "You cant please everybody, so you've got to please yourself." Play the game how you enjoy playing it.
  19. Three Oaks, huh? I'm familiar with the area. You should hand out geocaching informational flyers to the people in attendance. Maybe pick up some new cachers. I'm thinking that I see Lake Michigan at 1:01 in the video for a brief second. Great job on the launch. Now go to the Swedish Bakery for a treat and then to Redamak's for a Cheeseburger and waffle fries!
  20. I have found that it helps the trackable to survive to say thanks. As soon as someone picks up my trackable, I send them a message saying thanks and that I look forward to seeing where they'll place it. As soon as they drop it off, I send them a thank you for helping my trackable on it's mission. If someone posts a "discover" log somewhere other than an event, I'll send a thank you email for letting me know that it's safe and sound. A little thanks goes a long way in helping your trackable survive. With that said, I've still lost a few trackables which I hope will show up someday.
  21. That stinks.....Sorry to hear that. Maybe someday it will reappear.
  22. Personally, I'm not a fan of "took it to" logs. I wish there was an option on the trackable page that I could click on that would enable or disable "took it to" posts for that particular trackable. That way, people who like them can "enable" it, and people who dont like them can "disable" the posts. Simple idea, but I have no idea how hard it would be to implement such a thing.
  23. Here's the answer: Tell him to add them all to his watchlist and release them. He can now track them all as if they were his own trackable.
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