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  1. I received a package today from Roger and Frankie Kovacs with some Tree of Life geocoins. "Dear Geocaching Enthusiast, Our dear Roger passed away on June 7th, 2012. We are distributing the balance of his inventory. Please accept this coin as our way of trying to fulfill your order." A very nice gesture on their part especially for this time of year when it must be the hardest on them.
  2. This one? Pride That's a nice coin. I would add one to my collection if I had the chance. CF30 Or just go to the source and save a few bucks Pride Geocoin
  3. Make sure to keep an eye on Completed items and see what sells as suggested above. Another suggestion I have is to do a 7 day free trial with Terapeak.com. You can do a search for any item that has sold on eBay for the last 12 months. It will take you a little to play with it to get the results you are looking for. But it is a great research tool for getting a feel of actual selling price of items.
  4. Set a limit on your spending. Take cash to keep you within your budget. Then take a credit card along because you will not stay within it.
  5. Please be very careful on eBay. This is the second seller this week selling activated geocoins and not marking them as that. The other seller was star-2012 selling them as New. Make sure to check the coins as soon as you get them. And more importantly, if not for sure, ASK before you buy or bid. And if the seller does not answer, move on.
  6. The first round will be reservations, I can only imagine the angry mob that might show up at my door if someone missed out I hereby reserve every single Lucky Koin you're going to mint! I love koi, with asagi being my favorite! My Butterfly Shusui are going to be upset to hear that Mauison. I have a thing for scaleless and doitsu's. And I may have to go back to selling geocoins if Tsun keeps producing these Koins...
  7. As a person who raises Koi and breeds them, I cannot wait until these are available. These look my favorite type, butterfly koi. Beautiful design! Can't wait to see them.
  8. Thanks for everyone's kind words! It has been a real pleasure dealing wiht so many great vendors and designers. I have sent out emails to everyone, I think, that had requested an inventory list. If you did not get one or want one, please let me know. Well over 400 geocoins in stock. It used to scare me sometimes how many geocoins I had versus what I thought I had. Not any more! I am almost done with this! Yay!!!
  9. I think I can fill in a little bit of the information. And this may not be true for all countries. But... If customs determines that a package is declared lower than actual value they will look for an invoice inside the package and calculate the value from there. If there is no invoice then they can assign a value. How that value is assigned I am not for sure. The value of the package also includes the postage paid for delivery in many countries. There are a couple of different codes that can be used sending like 7118900055 non-monetary coins. I always mark my forms as Game Tokens, merchandise and a price. Now I admit I know what values make it through most customs. So for Europe the value of the contents is always $15. That gives plenty of room for higher shipping charges to clear the $28 point where taxes and duties start getting added on. I also believe from my experience that it is better to mark something as Merchandise instead of a gift with a dollar amount. Just from reading forums and word of mouth, customs looks at those forms as being more legit and are more wary of a Paypal/eBay shipping label with a package marked as a gift. One last little thing. I hear a lot of people talk about packages being lost to Germany. They may be my highest lost package country. Maybe 3-5 last year. Excluding the US, I do not send 25% of my packages to any other country other then Germany. So it only makes sense that I have more packages disappear going to there.
  10. Best wishes to you Randy, I always appreciated your business! May you find much joy in your new life adventures tsun Well I will not be gone from geocoins. And I will still be a buyer. I enjoyed geocoins before I had to start selling them. And I will still be buying your geocoins and many others. Just not in volume like I have before. And I have a feeling I will be on the forums just as much. I will probably have extra time to read here.
  11. Well a few years back I got myself in to a bad financial situation through what I thought was a friend. I ended up selling off my personal collection and started selling geocoins to survive. Work cut our pay and in my position I could not take a second job. So selling geocoins became that job. Well this is a good day. I am planning on shutting down my business. I am paying off the last of the big debts and I am ready to relax and enjoy life a little more. After losing the use of my leg for 16 months, then almost losing it (and possibly my life) to a flesh eating bacteria, and now through a miracle getting the use of my leg back, it's time to get back to enjoying life, friends and family. If someone is interested in buying a large number of geocoins (well over 300) and some travel tags (60 or so) as a large group, please drop me a line through my profile. This would be perfect for another dealer stocking a B&M store or online store. Thanks!
  12. Just got this email back. Directed them to look at my eBay auctions. Thank you for contacting Shipsurance. You can insure these items with us. Regards, Shipsurance Team 866-852-9956 customerservice@shipsurance.com
  13. Just a suggestion. If you have filed with the Oregon State Attorneys office or created an Internet Crime case, please follow up with those for getting them either closed or letting them know you have received your geocoins.
  14. I have contacted Shipsurance for clarification on their exceptions list. I knew of the exclusion and quite honestly just never saw a geocoin as a coin. I personally have never made a claim through them. but I have talked to 2 other sellers that have and read many posts about the use of it. many times they will pay after X number of days with an email from the buyer saying they did not recieve the package. I will update everyone when I get an answer.
  15. What's the answer to an imperfect shipping company? Or the lesser of all the evils? Always reverse the situation. How would I feel if I spent $50 and did not receive what I paid for? The seller has proof of it being shipped. But the shipping company lost it. Lost many times means the packaging was crunched and chewed up in a machine. The Ship To and From address made in to confetti. And this shiny coin goes in to a bin with all kinds of other things that have had their envelopes destroyed. So here I am as a buyer with nothing to show for my $50. Sorry. But I should get what I paid for. And how should I be out money? I have done nothing wrong except buy from you. So as a seller, if it is more then I can afford, or want to risk losing in value, I insure through Shipsurance. $1.50 per $100 and it is very easy to use. Especially when dealing with International shipments, just think of how many hands, conveyor belts, etc a package passes through. Don't get me wrong. I think the postal service should be responsible for paying for these lost items. But it won't and we can't change that. So everyone has to find what is the best solution for them. For me it is to build the cost in to the products I sell and insure when I feel I need to. In my eyes, trades done with fellow cachers fall under the same guidelines. I promised to get a coin(s) to someone in exchange for a coin(s) from them. But I think that it is up to the individuals doing the trade also to work something out.
  16. The tracking number is moving. Hopedfully there will be some more emails for others today. woejam, wow. Just now being produced? Were those suposed to be made last year along with the first run? Tracking- 3/12/12 8:21 PM EUGENE, OR 97401 Processed through USPS Sort Facility 3/12/12 7:48 PM EUGENE, OR 97401 Processed through USPS Sort Facility 3/12/12 5:55 PM SPRINGFIELD, OR 97477 Dispatched to Sort Facility 3/12/12 4:10 PM SPRINGFIELD, OR 97477 Acceptance
  17. Just got this email- Date Ordered: Saturday 06 August, 2011 The comments for your order are: Tracking: ###################### Sorry for delay. Your order has been updated to the following status: New status: Shipped Hopefully others are getting some emails also.
  18. I made a call today to the personal phone number I had for Roger. It is now no longer in use. And I did notice his website has renewed. It was about to expire. The only other number is where he had worked. I have not tried it. I just wish we would hear something from him. Life can get very crappy sometimes. And I hope he is doing well. It would just be nice to know whether he is OK or not.
  19. If you are having problems finding the information needed to fill out some of the online complaint forms, do a Google search for whois geocoindesign.com . Choose the first search result and enter geocoindesign at the top. I believe this is the address we should use unless someone says otherwise. The phone number there is not the same that he has listed here in the forums. So I used the forum phone number. Let me say I really, really hate to do this. There are some long time people here I respect greatly that are defending him. And I know they would not do it if they did not believe in Jim. But I have had serious issues too and found a way to keep my business running and make people happy. Spending time in intensive care, 2 months of wound therapy to save my leg. Living in a wheelchair or using a walker to just get around for months. Life happens. But if you run a business, it is part of your life also. I only wish the best for Jim in his health and hope his life gets better. Unfortunately this is business...
  20. I was hoping that there would be an update with a final total, but no new numbers were posted. I am declaring anne.and.eli the winner with a guess of 79,543. The last number posted by Groundspeak was 79,472. That is a heck of a guess at only 72 off. So Ann.and.eli, please send me your address through my profile and I will get a coin sent out to you. Second place goes to SgtMikal with a guess of 80,088. I figured the real number is higher so it could be right around your guess. Send me your address through my profile and I will send out another finish of the coin to you. And just to give out another geocoin the random number generator popped out post #49. So Queztal234 send me your address through my profile and I will get a coin out to you also. Thanks for playing everyone!
  21. I will check Geocaching.com blog tomorrow to see what the number is and use that as the official number for this contest. Looks like the number is up to 79,472. This officially makes Leap Day 2012 the biggest single day in geocaching history. Wow! It was almost 70 degrees here in Indy that day and sunshine. It was fun grabbing 3 caches on the way home from the docs.
  22. A little over a day to get your guess in. And don't forget to do your part to set the record!
  23. I have not really been able to cache for almost 2 years. But now since I got my right leg back working I plan on doing more caching. I still can't do any hiking, but there are plenty of micros to be found in the city. I already have 3 caches scouted out for Wednesday. You only get this chance once every 4 years to do this. Got to take advantage of it!
  24. Yes only 1 guess please.
  25. Here we go. New cointest. This is for an Artist Edition of Antique Silver/Black Nickel with Glitter. The winner will be the one that comes closest to guessing the total number of unique accounts that log caches "found" and/or events "attended" for leap day the 29th. According to Grounspeak the previous record was 73,392 distinct accounts. I should know the answer next week in their news letter. Closest to the correct number in the newsletter wins. I doubt their is a tie, but if their is, I will break the tie with a random number generator. Guesses must be in by Wednesday night at midnight. Good luck and do your part to help break the record!
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