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  1. Hi: I'm still having the problem even after the shift + refresh fix. It seems that the refresh fixed most of the problem - no caches now show up mixed red and blue - but a few show up totally red.
  2. I would want to take a picture in the City Museum in St. Louis. I couldn't find a great picture, but I think this will give you an idea of what it's like: The city museum was built by a sculptor in an old warehouse. He basically made it out of recycled junk, and it's amazing. 3 whole floors of tunnels and sculptures, plus an outside. Its sort of like the worlds best playground - It has a 9 or 10 story slide! It's probably St. Louis's most unique icon, and beloved by all.
  3. As a sidebar, is it possible to do a multicache with multiple routes to the final? I was thinking that a sort of 'choose your own adventure' cache would be neat (which I think is what the OP was kind of talking about), but I doubt it would be allowed. However, I don't see anything in the guidelines against it. Maybe something like that would work as a series? Anyways, just a thought. But I would love to find a story driven cache!
  4. More cute than funny, but the ending is so random it always makes me laugh. Such a talented guy, eh?
  5. Wow! I'm really suprised! Thanks so much! This will be my first coin. Congratulations to the other winners! Thanks!!!!
  6. 184 caches, 9 countries. Good luck with customs! have a good trip!
  7. Several random acts of kindness today. But they were all related by form!
  8. GC24KTV - the Lemp Mansion The Lemp Mansion is St. Louis's most famous (and probably only) haunted site. The Lemp family owned a gigantic brewery that still stands (somewhat) in South St. Louis, but competition from Anheuser-Busch (now Imbev) and prohibition shut it down in 1919. It's mostly vacant now, except for some artist studios. The mansion was their house, and is now a hotel. Most of the family committed suicide (4), and the others died young (except for one). Seances have been held and they have "communicated" with one of the members of the family - I believe it was Charles Lemp, the last to live in the house, though I'm not entirely sure and Wikipedia doesn't know. Sad story.
  9. a dog. Actually, that could be pretty neat. Especially if it was supposed to be a mystery - Suprise!
  10. perhaps a word? That would be neat.
  11. I am currently putting off reading 10 chapters of middlemarch by posting in this thread. I would really like to get outside and go geocaching! Thanks for the cointest!
  12. for some reason the only avatar that's showing up in this thread right now for me is dfx's. I wonder why that is? Thanks for the cointest!
  13. 72 Caches, 4 countries. Have fun in the UK!
  14. I keep getting "no detail in this area" too, but only at a certain zoom level. Also, I can't click on the cache icon to pull up the cache bubble. Doesn't happen with the old maps, but they keep running excruciatingly slowly. I hope it gets fixed soon!
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