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Isn't it annoying when....

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There are a few things I find disappointing, like the things people consider good SWAG, or when someone makes a really lame hide in a pointless location when they could have made a really great hide less than 100 yards away. But the only thing I find truly annoying is when a previous finder either fails to re-hide the container, or intentionally leaves it partially exposed to make it easier for the next cacher because they thought it was too hard to find.

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Ya really want to know?

Though its all been said before, lots of times, it is annoying to find:


Wet, rusty altoid containers.

Wet, rusty altoid containers with a soggy package of saltines left as swag

Religious propaganda (trash)

Repetitive magnetic guardrail caches every .1 of a mile on a scenic road

Film canisters just set down in plain site at a telephone pole or fence post all over my nearby area

FOXTAILs all around the cache site

People who destroy property and plants looking for caches

Hurried cachers not sealing up caches properly after finding them


Luckily, the good really outweighs the bad and interesting caches are all around if you know how to find them. Most of the above annoyances can be overlooked or avoided as you gain more experience.

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There are a few things I find disappointing, like the things people consider good SWAG, or when someone makes a really lame hide in a pointless location when they could have made a really great hide less than 100 yards away.

Because 100 yards away puts it too close to another cache. :D

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FOXTAILs all around the cache site

What are these foxtails of which you speak?

Foxtails are the thorns on a type of tall "grass" which get stuck in your shoes and socks as you walk through them and then they poke you for the rest of the day. I can never take out ALL of them, no matter how hard I try.... <_<

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Candy as swag.

Stamps with ink pads as swag. Not the letterbox kind, just the regular toy kind that inevitably leaks and destroys everything.

Who in the world came up with the idea to put food in as swag??? I mean, weren't we all taught to never take candy from strangers(except on halloween :lol: ) so why leave candy as swag? Someone's gonna have to clean that mess up! And, food gets moldy...... BLECH! I hate when someone does something that stupid...

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Probably first and most annoying on my list would be CO that miss list Terrain. We cache with various groups of people. Someone that is disabled,someone with small children, teens, someone with asthma...I bites my tail when we are looking for something listed as a 1.5 Terrain only to realize it should have been a 2.0 or a 2.5.


Also, CO's that don't keep up on there hides. I understand that life happens but when there are numerous posts saying something is missing, wet, DNF's...As a CO myself, you go check that stuff out.


Just my two cents. :)

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Oh,don't get me started! I'm not sure which is more annoying- 1. the "camoflauged" micros every .1 mile on country roads & account for 90%+ of the caches in the entire town/county. Example: look between Grandview and Itasca, TX- west of I-35-no disrespect to cacher that placed these, just making a point. 2. Also, camo-why?? when it's in a cedar tree in the middle of nowhere. No one would notice except that they see me spend 30 minutes digging in the tree 3. These same "micros" preventing a "regular" sized cache hide especially around/outside cemeteries--since there aren't a lot of places to safely hide an ammo can on public property, out of muggle sight or, 4. the cachers that take the swag from my ammo cans and don't replace with anything. This is worse than stealing the cache. The poor kids that are excited and ready to trade "treasure" just find an empty can. I have had "private" notes (so as to not notify everyone to go there)from cachers thanking me for the good swag. I also have seen cache notes stating, "took screwdriver set, sewing kit, eyeglass cleaning kit, etc. L- a nickel.(real note!- and a regular nickel- they basically left an empty decon container for 3rd cacher to visit). I never liked "premium" caches, but that may help extend the life of a nice cache full of loot for the little kids & Big one's too! Okay, I feel better.


**Anyone know how to remove all the micros mentioned above, from showing up on the search pages? I know you can "ignore" a single cache, but it will take a while to ignore that many. I wondered if there is a way to ignore a specific cacher to "ignore" all the micros quickly.

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People that use stickers or stamps to log finds, and end up taking up 20 spaces, for 1 geocaching name.


On the flip side of taking too much space, it's annoying when:


COs encourage the decline of comments by getting angry at finders who want to leave more then a trailname and date in the physical logbook/sheet.

COs put logsheets instead of logbooks in caches that are larger then a micro.

COs put in a logsheet with a 200 cell table making it hard for finders to even write a trailname and date. It's pretty obvious that they don't intend to maintain their cache more then once every couple of years.

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Finding a cigarette in a cache was annoying. LPCs can get annoying when you keep finding a bunch of them in a row. I mean, the first time I found one it was a challenge and I actually found it by accident, but now I'm often able to tell when a cache is likely to be an LPC before I even leave home. Non-maintained caches are also annoying.

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