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  1. Search the forums....You will find soooooooooooooooo many threads about the 'phone vs GPS' debate. Debating about which is better - waste of time if you ask me. YOU - You are the only one who knows whether or not a phone or GPS will help. You've obviously discovered a 'lack of enjoyment' while using your phone while geocaching. Nothing wrong with that... A lot of people have discovered the same thing. That's the primary time to realize - especially if you enjoy the hobby - to buy a handheld GPS. My husband and I used iphones...and eventually had similar results as you. The 'bounciness' drove us crazy. Besides that... the short battery life, no cell signal in the woods, and not wanting to carry our phones around in the woods while hiking. We went with a handheld and couldn't be happier!! In fact, we have two handheld GPS's. In my opinion and from our own experiences - the handheld GPS's are more accurate and less prone to 'bounciness'. You can cache all day without needing batteries. You can easily cache in the woods and not worry about getting it wet or dropping it. For us...it was more about convenience. We weren't about to spend any time or extra money to make the phone into a stellar GPS unit. That's not what the phone is for primarily. We would rather spend the extra $$ and have the proper equipment designed specifically for geocaching/hiking and keep the $600-$700 phone in my pocket. I'd highly recommend getting a handheld GPS. Find a good used one.... Give it time as you learn how to use it. Then...you and only you can determine if it was a good or bad investment. If you don't like it, you can easily sell it. GOOD LUCK!
  2. I also have a similar situation.. the original cache was placed under a different login name. It was a group 'game' setup and maintained by multiple people. I wanted to keep the location & the container but under my name and without the 'game' associated with it. I emailed my reviewer and explained the situation..... He mentioned to 'create your cache page' first. This will HOLD the position for when you're ready. Archive the original one. I just archived the old one and haven't had a chance to refresh the container or log - The holidays are always busy. As soon as I get out there to refresh the container & log - I'll submit the new page for review. Ultimately...the new cache is the same container & location and will be names 'Deja Vu' LOL
  3. That's the way of geocaching. When a cache gets muggled and you've replaced it at least twice...(that's my rule of thumb), then its time to archive and move to a different location. I had a chirp cache. The chirp itself was hidden at the top corner of a pavilion in a park. Out of sight and out of the weather. Nobody would've known it was there. A 'smart' geocacher could easily guess where the chirp device was..... A rash of DNF's and we discovered the Chirp device went missing. Well...I can only predict the chirp device was stolen ... how else would anyone else know to find/look for the chip device? Needless to say....we archived it. The funny thing is... Whoever has it, can't use it. Once the Chirp device is programmed, it will only operate to the original GPS that programmed it. That's the way of geocaching. When caches keep going missing...you archive and move on.
  4. I've had more problems with bison tubes getting wet inside than film containers. And yes...even with 'better' o-rings. Majority of the cases, PEOPLE don't know how to close the bison tube properly, strip the threads, get the log stuck in the threads, or lose the o-ring entirely. All of my film containers (non clear ones), the lids are pretty 'tight' and again...sometimes people don't click them down enough. I've had a quality lock-n-lock that got water inside it because someone couldn't snap the lid properly. Every & all containers are susceptible to water penetration..... pending the quality, area, placement, & people factor. And don't forget....film containers (and other similar containers) aren't designed to be opened and closed a gazillion times. They won't last forever. So, over time...they will leak and/or the lids won't fit as tightly. Film containers are FREE. You just might need to maintain them more often. Which, isn't a bad thing. Regular maintenance is always good.
  5. I live in SE Pennsylvania and it doesn't get all that cold or snowy (compared to you northeners). However- I absolutely HATE the cold weather. But yes, with the clocks turned back and it gets dark at 5pm....I want to hibernate!!! We don't cache in the snow...but we have been known to slap on a pair of waders and walk thru a creek when its 25 degrees out. It just depends on our MISSION ...
  6. There are two caches of ours on a rail trail....and they're both neck -n- neck between them. Favorite points are because of the container design. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4P7K7_lost-on-the-elgt-greenhorn-6?guid=db802c69-7028-415a-b358-5b345e63000a and http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4P79K_lost-on-the-elgt-greenhorn-5?guid=fa5bbba0-f730-46af-920c-0a42e77579fc
  7. I delete the photo and then ...I email the cacher and tell them why I deleted it. In most cases....our caches are specialty containers...and they post photos of the container which is a total spoiler.
  8. Be careful what you put them in or wrap around them, as that can weaken the signal. It's better off to hide it in a protected location (underneath cover away from the weather) and leaving it naked. Whatever you decide to do, run some tests to make sure the signal is good and everything works properly. We hid a chirp cache in a park pavillion, in the highest corner near the roofline (in darkness) out of sight and out of reach. About a year later, we went back to replace the battery.... the chirp device was GONE!!! My only assumptions is that someone stole it. If so....Too bad for them... once the chirp is programmed, it will only work with the original GPS that programmed it initially. Another GPS can't unlock it (so to speak).
  9. Do you have another html editing program? Like Dreamweaver or...?? The Groundspeak editor doesn't take easily to changes in the editor and some things just don't function the way they should. I create my html in another program (Dreamweaver) and copy & paste the entire thing in Groundspeak when I'm done. Even if I need to make minimal changes - I still have to edit outside of Groundspeak & copy/paste. Some things just don't work the way they should, and you just have to keep editing/ fiddling with the code to get an acceptable result (or change the design altogether). Good Luck!
  10. We have a Nuvi 2450. There are many different methods of putting the geocaches into the Nuvi's that come with various different type of results. You'll have to try different methods to find the one you like. We've tried different methods....but eventually ran into various 'issues' or glitches. Currently... my husband uploads them directly into the NUVI with GSAK. Export POI function (I believe). No other programs needed. We've found the zoom level varies depending on what method you use. If you think about it from a 'techy' point of view - I don't think the image (treasure chest) can be resized to accommodate the different zoom levels. If you're zoomed out pretty far, the treasure chest image won't be adjusted for the zoom level. The Nuvi isn't that high tech to be able to do that.
  11. Have you tried using the EXPORT function in GSAK? It's been a while, but there's an EXPORT GARMIN POI function. My husband uses it all the time. There are sooooo many different methods of putting geocaches in the Nuvi - it's a matter of finding which one is best for you. We've had our share of doing different methods - but each method we tried ended up having issues (whether it was updates, corruption, lockups, etc). So we run everything directly out of GSAK without any other programs or files to use.
  12. It's an awesome hobby!! You should look up WV TIM - his caches are creative & unique!! Have fun & stay safe out there!
  13. I see nothing wrong with them (and they are allowed) It's the CACHE OWNERS decision to put out whatever cache they want - as long as they meet requirements. You've gotta remember also - the requirements have changed over the years. There might be caches out there that don't meet the current requirements but they were published before such requirements were set in place - they are grandfathered in. How can you complain about any caches when its YOUR choice to avoid them? Would you rather have the same old traditional hides everywhere? Or would you rather have variety? There are some really creative caches out there - whether its creative containers, creative multi's, creative puzzles, creative challenges....whatever. VARIETY. Keeps things interesting!!! I would never discourage 'creativity' in this hobby. Again - if you don't like those types of caches....then move on to something else.
  14. Do you have link? I've looked/searched and most folks don't custom stamp tags. Those who do - they cost more than buying a new tag with a new number.
  15. You have to have a photo uploaded to the internet whether its in a webhosting service (like Flickr, etc) or a personal webpage / host, or a photo you uploaded into Groundspeak on a cache log, or a photo you've found online..... The photo has to be stored somewhere out there on the internet. Once you have a photo stored on the internet, you'll have a link for it. That link is what you use to input into your cache page. Every time someone opens up your cache page - Groundspeak knows where to retrieve the photo (based on your link)to put into the cache page. Hope that helped.
  16. The picture is 'tiling'.... and I don't know details, but I do know....It has to do with multiple things. For instance... You'd need a HUGE photo (huge physical size = HUGE file size). That photo will take a long time to download when you open the cache page (annoying). Because you can't actually write the HTML yourself for the background - Groundspeak probably has a limit on the sizes of photos you can input/download. Again - the time it takes to load a cache page. There's probably a lot more to it than that....but that's my lame attempt at trying to explain it. The smaller the photo, the more tiles you will have.
  17. I'm sure my provider does the same thing. I've never purchased it or any insurance. Every 2 years we upgrade to new iphones - and we keep our old phones as backup (no insurance needed). I guess its a toss up.... if you can find someone willing to buy (or trade) your old phone for the same amount as the cost of insurance....or more...?? You'd probably get more money selling your old phone to some kids so they can use it like an itouch. My husband and I haven't had any problems with needing our spare phones. Thank GOD, knock on wood...
  18. Try a hard reset. https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId={84e4b670-e316-11dd-f45b-000000000000} My husband and I have had lots of strange problems with our Garmin devices (all of them actually). Back when we purchased Oregon 450 & 62, Garmin claimed they could hold 5000 gecoaches. So- we loaded them with 5,000 geocaches and we had tons of problems with them locking up, not booting up, etc. So now....we only put 3000 or less in them at any given time and haven't had any problems since. I don't know if that's your issues but....live has been a whole lot better for use. Good Luck! (we've never used an SD card in ours)
  19. The Groundspeak App.... There is a 'free' version but from what I hear...it's not good and very limited. The paid version is $9.99 (or did that change?). You won't be disappointed!
  20. Are they all maintained? Anyone with that many hides can't possibly maintain them all. I love creative hides also - but there's nothing more discouraging than a creative hide that's dirty, full logs, water infiltrated, etc. Just sayin'.....
  21. It's hard to switch....... and I don't know how people do it. For me...After several years of owning iphones, buying all the accessories, getting everything synced together - phones, computers, itunes, ipods, stereo system, entertainment system, all the apps & gadgets..... I wouldn't want to start all over again (time, frustration, $$). I don't think 'switching' has anything to do with the capabilities of the 'other side' - but more about the investment I have in my current setup.
  22. In the original post - the person states they have an iphone.
  23. See, I told you. The tips & suggestions have arrived. If I was a phone hater, then why would I have one?? So, I have to ask: Do you own a handheld GPS? Have you ever geocached with a handheld GPS?
  24. Although, there are websites that are saying......"The biggest surprise is the water-resistant and shatterproof claims" I don't care what they say....I'll treat it the same way I've treated all my iphones - with EXTREME CARE. These things costs WAY too much to replace if you break one!!
  25. Ahhhhh Yes...... there are soooo many threads on this forum about phones VS handheld GPS's. Sounds like its time for you to invest in a handheld GPS. You're already feeling the affects of the phones limitations. A lot of people will tell you hints/tips and gadgets to buy to help you get the most from your phone. Save yourself the time & headaches and buy yourself a handheld GPS. If you're enjoying exploring the outdoors while geocaching...a handheld GPS will have battery power a lot longer than the phone will (and you can carry spare batteries). A Handheld GPS should never experience signal problems when you're outside. You won't be disappointed. You're already a Premium member, so you might already be familiar with pocket queries.
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