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  1. Are these guys up to snuff yet? couple years ago i was buying coins from them via presales but their site was having issues for the longest of time I'm the kind of person that expects good communication.[my last non C&P online coin deal was a haroing ordeal i don't want to have happen again]
  2. not shocking since you figure somethings paying for free euro healthcare!
  3. How did you get Pinehurst to show up? That's a MAJOR accomplishment MAJOR? i think you mean MAGOR!
  4. I got a garmin that shuts off at the slightest vibration!
  5. I can't count how many times ive seen a flooded lawn due to a cache being hid where sprinklers are. my opinion its just a bad idea in an urban setting.
  6. is there a gate on your backyard? how are cachers going to get back there?
  7. 100 feet offtrail would be against the 40 foot guideline Link please to the "40 foot guideline". B. its a park ranger thing. if you hide in south mountain you not only need permission but they have a max 3 feet offtrail rule!
  8. I believe the holds are a couple weeks only. another thing is is the CO within the reviewers clique? if so, FORGET about ever scooping the spot!
  9. NØt really many pØwer trails in phØenix! There's one coming your way from Apache Junction through Mesa. Besides, the whole freakin' place is a giant bikeable power trail. Thats a 4 hour ride from where i live. powertrails are all about numbers: i don't want to spend a better part of the day GETTING THERE only to have it getting dark after 10 or so. Any PT's close to the light rail?
  10. There may be little that is remarkable about my front porch. (Or maybe there is, but I guess you'll never know) But there is definitely something remarkable about a cache that can hold a bowling ball and a pair of inline skates at the same time. Your original Mine's Bigger! cache is still one of our favorites! We couldn't believe such a huge thing could be a cache. We have had a cache in our driveway now for over seven years. 500+ finds so far and nearly 1,500 trackables. Seems to have worked out fairly well for us so far. How did your neighbors feels about this guy? is that nudecacher?
  11. HOAs rarely approve caches so in HOA hoods they rarely have permission.
  12. There's no mention of an o-ring seal -- maybe one can be added? [EDIT: One description of maybe the same thing on ebay mentions a "rubber gasket"]. I've seen a fake sprinkler that slid from a separate sleeve, this one seems to be all one piece (although the CO could have specially designed that sleeved cache container). If cachers pull it from the dirt, replace it in the dirt, that might create a maintance issue. As for using it as a handy Geocache container, it seems a little roomier than a match tube. So that might be useful somewhere. Think Geek also has their "Bonzai Kitten" on sale! But the DIY Guitar Pick Punch is not on sale (actually that could make some very cool Swag or Sig Items). put the log in a little ziplock bag
  13. How so? USPS boxes are private property of the USPS. The penalty for tampering with a postal mail collection device is a fine of $20,000 and one year in FEDERAL prison. Attaching any unapproved device to the mailbox is tampering with the mailbox. Unlikely that you would get the maximum penalty just for hiding a cache, but I don't want to be a test case. BTW, the penalty extends to anyone who knows about the 'device' but didn't report it, and you just signed a logbook to prove you were there? Try $250,000 and minimum 5 years in federal prison. Where did you find this information? I've found where it says that you can be fined but it didn't list what the maximum penalties were. On the R2D2 box I put my electric bill into each month. "Placing unauthorised items on or in this container are a federal offense punishable of fines up to $250,000 and or minimum 5 years in a federal prison"
  14. The same as attaching one to a USPS box. $0.00 If you can show me a case where someone paid a higher fine for sticking a magnetic hide-a-key to a R2D2 mailbox, I'll retract that. I believe the difference in that on at least one occasion a postmaster wrote Groundspeak tell them that cache had been found on a mailbox and the it had been placed without permission. The postmaster apparently indicated that permission to place a cache on a mailbox is unlikely to ever be granted. Reviewers are probably told to assume that there was no permission when a cache is found on a mailbox. It's likely that a utility company or property owner has written Groundspeak to indicate that a cache was found on a utility boz or lamppost that was placed without permission as well. However, unlike the postmaster, this time the property owners could only speak for their lamppost or utility box. In addition Groundspeak is aware of caches placed on these items with permission. So reviewers assume that the cache has adequate permission unless they here otherwise. Some reviewers may have knowledge of local utilities who have found caches on their equipment and indicated a permission issue and will not knowingly publish caches placed on that company's equipment. utility boxes however aren't FEDERAL PROPERTY!
  15. How is that possible? Illegal to install a mailbox purchased from Walmart? The fact it has US MAIL on it, probably only means it meets USPS standards to be a mailbox. You can't just build anything and make it into a mailbox - you have to get it approved by the USPS. Here's a domestic mail manual in case someone is really bored and wants to poke around in there. http://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/dmm300_landing.htm I mean placing something like a magnetic cache on a mailbox[even ones bought at walmart]
  16. Switch plates are commonplace. Instead, see that cover plate lower down, on the righthand side? Fake one of those up and you'll have something unique! yeah and the plate sticks out without being painted brown.
  17. Trackable rants aren't a saturday subject according to the schedule.
  18. I do that too with tags on my video's to get more views.
  19. being bike only, i don't buy gas[unless someones taking me caching with them] i've pretty much cached out the bikable caches around here. no interest in caches that take 4 hours to get to, 15 seconds to find, 4 hours to return from.
  20. If the coin is yours, you can do whatever you'd like with it! its not theirs if the owner didn't adopt it to them.
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