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  1. just get back into it and log at least one find. Health issues have kept me away. I am a few weeks shy of being 77
  2. Looking for a new GPS to use what is the concensus on whats now available?
  3. my etrex vista HCx is not supported by Garmin Express. Where can I find a list of hand helds that are? Thanks
  4. havent done anythging for quite some time. my goal is to revamp
  5. a big concern the many caches that are placed and never maintained by the owner. There are far too many left unattended
  6. i find very little in quality finds. many neglected stuff out there
  7. There are far too many caches out there that are nothing more than neglected junk.
  8. Surprisingly there are a lot of caches out there that are ignored by the owners. I have run into plenty that where neglected to the point of being trash.
  9. What I hate the most is cache owners who make little effort to maintain them.
  10. Very first post and this is what they come up with. Stinks of a under the bridge unwashed character.
  11. I think the idea of a hand made trade item is really great. Far better than most swag out there.
  12. I have no problem with the PMO cache. It takes money and time to maintain this site. There are plenty of the other type for those not inclined to support the hobby finance wise.
  13. My take on this. We do not have a lot of rules. The only real proof of a find is signing the log. If you can not sign it do not claim the find. If some one claims a find without signing the log delete it. It is not rocket science
  14. More than anything a well maintained cache. Water tight and checked regularly.
  15. If there are uninterrupted DNF's then I will not bother with the hunt. I have a real problem with cache owners not checking the status of caches with many DNF's in a row.
  16. Cemetery caches are my favorite. Done respectfully they can be a great source of history and for the most part are muggle free.
  17. Are there any GPS devices out there more sensitive than others as to losing signals in the tree cover etc? It sure is hard when the trees are in bloom at times to maintain the proper heading. What would be the best at locking on and maintaining contact??
  18. I never really take notice of what others are finding. It does not matter to me.
  19. I would never take a cache that was owned by another. I would attempt to place it as close to the original co ordinates as possible and notify the owner.
  20. Cemetery Caches are one of my favorites as long as they are done respectfully.
  21. Ok what turned out to be an interesting story about a irresponsible gun owner has turned in a general bashing of all gun owners. time to close the thread.
  22. Low life exist every where you look. It is not just geocaching but in all walks and hobbies.
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