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A Pictoral Mapping Quiz


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The landscape looks like Cyprus to me, but from the angle of the shadows I was thinking southern hemisphere...

Weirdly, the shadows suggest that the sun is coming from due East yet it's most certainly Southern Europe. IIRC, we're allowed to search the 'net for this quiz (unlike the Pub Quiz thread) and I suspect that a suitable search might be your friend to solve this.

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Sitio do Telheiro GC23RFF


The airfield is home to Gerry and Manuela Breen''s Algarve Airsports Centre



The airfield is Lagos Aerodrome, which as you say is home to Gerry and Manuela Breen's flying school, and it's just down the coast (on the other side of Portimao) to "The Secret of Limestone GC1HVEE" that T.R.a.M.P posted a few questions ago.


Over to you.

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That would be The Barra 1d Cache, Nick. Not one I've done... yet :laughing:
I can Ding that for you. Keep your eyes on my event listings for 2011. I plan a return to the Hebrides and Small Isles for June-time again.

Thank you, Highland Paul ;)

Try this one... it's in the UK. Not sure how to display cache icons on Google Earth but there's one where the pin is.


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