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  1. +1, nice and subtle There are a lot of logs with valuable hints, that being one of them My other half found this one after going : uhm, hold on here, something's not right! tis a good cache!
  2. I probably wont be getting anywhere but it might help someone else: as it's an Olympic year I am guessing she competed in both Summer & Winter Olympics that year. That was I think the last or second to last year before they switched it to the 2/4 year alternating scheme.
  3. Come down to Kent for a weekend : Paddle away
  4. Bashful does the techie stuff behind the stats page for the Church Micro series. DING
  5. Sweet! Staying with the theme(ish): Which one of the dwarfs would UK cachers connect to a well known series of caches and lot of statistics? :D
  6. It might have helped more than you realise! This made me count, and although I am one short i'll take a shot. Voices of the 7 dwarfs?
  7. this, very much this. And boredom can be brought on by anything that triggers our "I am so not enjoying this" alert. People, the area, broken glass/rubbish/*insert stuff here*, the smell, etc etc etc..
  8. neh, think that's (sadly!) more likely to be related to this thread here.
  9. a bit dated perhaps but check out this lady's great write up on cach'eye Geocass and then when you are done read some of her other stuff, she posts a lot of great info!
  10. That's a great plot for a novel/film; perhaps you should assert copyright.. Well done simples. Now you've opened up some can of worms that only Denzel, Mel or Will could possibly satisfy this crazy Americano. Let's get back to the serious topic of this dubious post. There's more fools on this thread than just me. EDITED to be more polite. But humans are alien to this planet. Why do you think there are similarities between the star of David and the freemasonry symbol, and where does that come from? There are 2 great pyramids nearly the same size sitting right next to each other, but yet all the obsessive attention is focused on the empty one. The description of "3 floors and one door or window in the side" of Noahs Ark matches the Great Pyramid, while the passages underneath of the nearby Khafre's pyramid make the form of a dove carrying an olive branch if turned upside down. The Rosicrucian Order was formed only a few years after the lower chamber was opened in the 1300s, when the Ark of the Covenant was discovered there. Yes, Noahs ark was a ship, but it was no boat... In June 1967, 12 archaeologists using a muon generator discover a large mass hidden in the middle of Khafre's pyramid. Immediately the Israeli 6 day war breaks out, and they were all escorted from the area, as the region was declared unstable. Afterwards one archaeologist was allowed back in to resume testing, and declares it was all a mistake. Attention is then focused back towards the Great Pyramid. You want the truth? You cant handle the truth.. off topic is like, >>>> that way! We have enough illegal aliens as it is and don't need any more 4wheeldriving fools to add to them
  11. hmm, first time for me the name has been been a bit, odd, or something. Will watch with anticipation how this connects to the caching name If anything reviewer notes/NA logs etc are no longer needed due to the empathic abilities of said reviewer , right, right , right??
  12. Good advice here with regards to using to phone for a bit first until you decide caching is definitely for you. In the meantime, follow this link for a LOT of useful info, including an in-depth comparison for gps units: www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/
  13. Het viel me op dat er in Nederland (vanuit mijn notification/gevoelsmatig oogpunt tenminste) aardig wat caches in voortuintjes/bloemenbakken etc etc liggen. Hoe kom dat zo? Ik zie dit bijna nooit in Engeland bijvoorbeeld. Persoonlijk vinden we het toch elke keer een beetje raar als we in een voortuin belanden, beetje ongemakelijk gevoel enzo. Of ligt dit nu aan ons? edit - spelling
  14. this might help : Guinness :lol:
  15. SELBAC Very local to you and in a few days
  16. ah, that would make sense! open play store app on your phone, hit the left bottom 'button', hit accounts, add account, existing account, fill in details of your old account. Make sure you are logged into the old account on the pc as well if you are sending the app from there to your phone. that should be it really!
  17. so if you on your pc go here: play store on the right hand side it says you are logged in? And you are also logged into your play account on your phone?
  18. what does that drop down box show (from install on another device) you device wise? Is your new phone in that list but white/greyed out? If so it's possible you have the app installed and it's hiding in-between a lot of icons? Also, you are being a bit short in your description of where you tried what and what doesn't work so a bit more info would be nice
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