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  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic add-on!
  2. We did our first Wherigo cache at the weekend - 'The Adventure of King Bladud and the Pigs' using the Wherigo 'App' for the I-phone. Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed it, and will now make an effort to do more of these in future.
  3. Thank you! All of those logs were in our 'spam' folder. It never occured to me to look in there as it had never happened before!
  4. Please could someone help us? For the last week we have had problems with notications/e-mails from Groundspeak. We have not had any: 1) Found logs 2) DNF logs 3) NM log 4) E-mails/messages sent via 'Contact Player, eg no answers to our Earthcache questions 5) Will attend logs When we look at the cache listings, all the logs are there as normal, but we are not getting the notification of the logging However, we still get: 1) Logs for caches that we are watching 2) The Groundspeak weekly newsletter I've checked that our account has the correct e-mail address listed. Many thanks! James
  5. Whilst doing 'King Arthur's Cave', head onto GCYK2B 'Looking for Linda', a 4.5/4.5 cache. Great fun, and don't forget your torch!
  6. Pleased to say that all maps are thankfully back - though no idea why! Many thanks for all suggestions!
  7. Hi Chris Many thanks for your suggestions. I've tried both with partial success. I had no Greasemonkey scripts running, so there was nothing to disable. The Beta maps open in a new window (so at least I can view the maps), but still nothing in the 'normal' map mode. James
  8. Please could someone help us? For the last 24 hours, we have had no visible maps on 'www.geocaching.com'. The 'search for caches' feature is working fine, but when swapping to 'map it' we get the following: We are using Mozilla Firefox on Windows Vista Any help is much appreciated! Many thanks!
  9. Here is the cache in-situ. We found an area with other old logs lying around and used the overgrowth to hide the 'cut line'.
  10. Here's our first attempt of constructing a camoflaged cache container. The log is about 80cms long, and is just on our front lawn at the momemt before we place it out! It only took about 90 minutes to make!
  11. That's a 'DING' to Pajaholic! This is one of our own caches so recognised it instantly! If only some of the others were this easy......
  12. Well done! I think The Forester just got there with 1 minute to spare!
  13. Can you tell us: 1) The name of the cache visible in the picture? 2) The name of the large building top left of picture?
  14. We think the nearest cache is: Staumauer Verzasca - Hlw 53, and the dam was the setting for the famous bungy jump in Goldeneye
  15. You've definately got the correct answer! As for placing the image, I think there may be several ways, but we did it by...... 1) Using the 'Prnt Scrn' key to capture the image from the map 2) 'Pasting' the image into suitable software (we use Photoshop) 3) Cropping the image if needed 4) Saving the image as a 'JPEG' 5) Uploading the image to a photosharing website (we use Photobucket) 6) Copying the link from Phobucket into your forum message Hope this makes sense. I'm sure there is a simpler way, but this seemed to work!
  16. That's it! Stampida was the answer we were looking for! Over to you............
  17. To narrow down the search, the park is approximately 900 miles from Blackpool!
  18. Sorry, not El Torro either. I'll put a clue on later if needed!
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