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  1. Corn on the Cob ? (Courtesy of my 16 year old daughter) DING Spot on!
  2. Riddle Time then, With what vegetable do you throw away the outside, cook the inside, eat the outside, and throw away the inside?
  3. Nearly! Brunel connections July 1970. Event. Two connections. What, where. SS Great Britain returned home from the Faulklands, towed under the Clifton Suspension Bridge and into Bristol dockyard.
  4. The Bones comment has thrown me, I was thinking plastic surgeon.
  5. Hey all, Sorry I never got back to set a Q a while back. Work shipped me away for three weeks. Manic Times, I apologise! Rob
  6. Hi all, i am being a tad cheeky here but hey. I know i can go through the process of converting an osm map to the garmin img format, but I thought I'd see if anyone has one already done of Toulouse that they wouldn't mind sharing? I am going away with work for 3 weeks, and when the world stops on Sundays, I hope to nip out to do some caching. Cheers Rob
  7. the bloody baroness? she and some accomplices were said to kill women and children? Something like that methinks.
  8. I'm going to be short of time to sort a new Q out today peeps, sorry, so I'll leave it open for the next person to jump in with a Q.
  9. GC26DMX The Volcanic Eruption at Eyjafjallajökull
  10. I use the Open Street Map maps for the UK that Talktoaster complines. http://talkytoaster.info/ukmaps.htm You'll find there is quite a debate aboute the accuracy. I have found no problems, but then I also use an OS map. One day I may get the TOPOI series, but finance does not permit at the moment. the OSM maps do the job for me fine. Rob
  11. That's personal preference. If your TB is in a distance travelled race then Dipping would be most welcome I'd imagine!
  12. What phone do you have? Can it read pdf files? I export a pdf of all the caches I plan to do from GSAK and then store it on my iphone to read as I go. *GSAK Link* PDF creator that looks like a printer in all aplications
  13. Surely reconstructing the list would be no more difficult than running a localised search? if you could run a search, ticking those you wish to log, then via a button get to a log cache page which had a section for each of the previously selected caches it IMO would be great and much easier. I think it could improve the quality of logs if the process is sped up. If I had loads to log, but could do so quickly on one page I'd be more inclined to write a better log more unique to the cache. The current method is slow and repetitive, and not particularly inspiring. I guess it's down to personal preference. Field notes seem to do some of the work your right, but they are not available to all cachers/GPSrs.
  14. I do kind of hope that's not the case. That really would be the minority spoiling it for the huge majority.
  15. I was, but I don't actually have any of me caching!
  16. Thats basically what i planned to do but in GSAK rather than a text doc. that still involves a diff web page for each cache you do though, which lets face it, if on a caching holiday could be in the hundreds. We (my mate & I) figured GS were missing a trick with the logging proceess. Selecting a list of caches that then took you to a box for each cache where you could write comments and found status, then after having done them all hit log and it logs them all at once for you would save a lot of time and effort. I guess its not as called for as we thought it might be. hey ho, twas just an idea.
  17. GerritS gets the essence of my idea. Field notes is kinda like what I mean, but I don't mean real time logging. I do sometimes do that on my iPhone (battery permitting.) They are not available to everyone either. I'm really talking about the convienience of logging on one page. I am going away campin for 4 days in May, and likely to do many many caches. I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to having to log them all one at a time when I get back! Maybe I'll put the suggestion in the box, then Groundspeak can decide if its practical to do/worth it or not. I should add, this idea should not be credited to me. I was chatting with a mate of mine last night who is relativly new to caching. He asked if us premium members got a faster way of logging, and wondered if the "all on one page" option was available.
  18. Long winded compared to going out and finding the cache in the first place? It's all part of the game.....but there's nothing at all stopping you from not logging them online at all, if you so wish I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I'm all for logging online, and I alsways try to write more than TNLN TFTC. It's nice to read the stories of other peoples finds. Logging is indeed part of the game, but I'm afraid I don't see jumping from cache page to cache page to do so as part of the game. A slicker way of logging IMO would be great! The more time I spend logging and jumping around pages, is less time finding caches! ;-)
  19. Got an email yesterday, they want to use my comments and send me a Geocoin!
  20. Hi all, This may have been asked, it may not so apologies it its one of those repeating subjects. Its there a faster way of logging on the website than having to got to each cache's individual log page? For instance: It would be great if you could tick a box in a list of caches, selecting the ones you want, then bring up a page showinging log boxes for each of your selections on one page. Then after you have filled them in hit log and it would submit logs for al of them. I use GSAK, but I am rubbish at creating macros. The standard log macro saves a small amount of time, in that it takes you to the correct log page, but you still have to log on a cach by cache basis. Maybe all I need is a better macro. It just seems that logging at the moment is very long winded, (it could be the method I am using though!!). Cheers Rob
  21. Crikey, caching outside the UK must be very different!! I have onlyever found muggles to be either curious or they look at me as if I am a loony!
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