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  1. You guys should really have made this information more publicly available!!! It's taken me hours to find out what happened to the watch app, and there are other cachers here in the U.K. wondering exactly the same thing! A Google search turned up nothing on this subject, which completely baffled me, as Geocaching is one of my few hobbies that is generally well supported by the originators (Groundspeak in this case). I've just spent two full days geocaching whilst wearing my Apple Watch, but was at a loss for not being able to use the app! Come on people, get your acts together - you're seriously missing a trick here with the Watch.
  2. DING for Norsch Weirdly, the first 3 are still on the statute books!?! Although that doesn't mean that they'll be enforced/hold up in court I just thought it'd be interesting to let people know just how ridiculous our legal system can be! There are plenty more if anyone's interested.
  3. If you go onto the cache listing page, there's a link to "Convert" the given long/lat into various formats I have to do it to use my phone's GPS, and it's still fairly good (even if sometimes I have to miss off a figure or two off the end).
  4. And remember to check your "Junk" mail box - they may be going straight there If you've got a Hotmail account, just make sure you add the sending (ie Groundspeak) email address to your "safe list" - then notifications will come through as normal.
  5. Kry - as/when I get out on a proper "caching day", I'll see if you're up for it I'm over in Doncaster, so will be trying to grab all the ones in South Yorkshire over time, and if our schedules match I'd be glad for the company It won't be for a while yet though, as the next few months are fairly busy, but sometime during the summer maybe. Cheers!
  6. Hmm... you have to be very wary of impersonating a figure of authority though Even though it would've been perfectly fine to ask if the lads had fishing permits, he didn't need to act as though he were some authority, telling them that they needed permits if there weren't signs stating as such. That's why I've kept saying "exaggerate the truth, don't outright lie" - because you can always float with the truth, whereas a lie will sink you into all kinds of trouble
  7. Q) Which of the following British wacky laws has been repealed: 1. A pregnant woman may legally relieve herself anywhere 2. Cab drivers must ask each and every passenger if they have small pox or 'The Plague'. 3. A man may urinate in public, as long it is on the rear wheel of his motor vehicle and his right hand is on the vehicle. 4. Committing suicide is classified as a capital crime.
  8. John - have you considered contacting a local youth centre? As a volunteer helper with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, I find that we manage to get out on a fair few walks in the year, so it may provide the ideal opportunities for you The Award leaders are all trained to at least BELA standard, with some going on to ML (3 at our centre), and they manage to get their training in whilst taking the groups out on expedition. Snowdonia and The Lakes are considered "Wild Country" areas, so you'll only deal with Gold Award participants, and working in those areas requires the leaders to hold ML. This means you'll be perfectly suited to getting your training in, and if you find that working with The Award suits you, they're always looking for more helpers/leaders
  9. Probably a silly question - but how can they give you blanket permission to place caches on land they don't own? A public right of way gives the public the right to "pass and repass" along a path, and not to perform any recreational activity. As far as I know a PRoW team will administer the definitive map and deal with issues on the PRoW network (blocked paths, landowner issues etc) - but unless those paths are owned by DMBC, the PRoW team would be in no position to override a landowners wishes on any matter except rights of way? They *do* own it It's only one spot I'm wanting to place a cache that isn't DMBC owned land, and am currently in dialog with several people to sort that out. Otherwise, the other spots I'd picked are all on council owned land, hence the blanket permission for the PRoW network. I know, it's VERY odd for the council to be that helpful, as working for them I've never known them to be anything like that helpful As for the spot I don't yet have permission on - it's just a case of tracking down the landowner, and asking for permission.
  10. I see that quite a bit - working in a museum, we get folks saying under their breath all the time, that the info on the displays is complete BS and that "this stuff was no way over millions of years old!" It's just sooo much fun to then pull out a well-known, highly acknowledged publication by a well-known author, and put them straight! Or even better, the curator comes out of the back, siddles up beside them as though to make out he's a visitor too, and then say "Yeah, I didn't quite believe it til I did the degree, got the job here, and WROTE IT" Get's me every time! But back on caching - if you're going to bluff a muggle, make sure it's convincing A poor bluff will soon get you rumbled, and the muggle may quickly become hostile, and call the authoirities. All bluffs should really be exaggerations of the truth, as it's always easiest to work your way back to the full truth from their, rather than an outright lie = plausible deniability?
  11. Graculus & Deci - thank you kindly for your very well structured, and highly informative posts on the matters raised Some people seem to be getting quite tied up over the issue of gaining permissions, and it seems quite silly of them, given that even I as a complete newbie have asked about it and received brilliant responses Getting back on topic for a while... The local town council's secretary, who responded blindingly fast to my email, has kindly said that it's not something they can deal with and has forwarded my request to the local borough council! Thankfully, someone from the latter's PRoW team had emailed me back earlier, and gave a much satisfying response: Their basic message was - you're fine to place caches along our PRoW network Given that all of this information was transported via email, it will be very easy to provide evidence should the final reviewer request it, and it has proved to me that the process is relatively simple! So just for reference - Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC)'s "Public Rights of Way" (PRoW) team have given me blanket permission to place caches on the local PRoW network. If anyone is interested in placing a cache on it anywhere, I can ask them for a formal "Blanket Agreement" to post up.
  12. Ok, here we go, continuing the theme established by norsch: Come on...
  13. Inventor of the Bouncing Bomb, Barnes Wallis I'm into militaria etc.
  14. Welcome to the hobby/craze that is Geocaching I'm a newbie too, and there seem to be quite a few of us recently, so don't worry about asking questions Best of luck with your "hunts", and may you find many treasures on your travels!
  15. Might have something to do with the fact that Channel 5's "Gadget Show" promoted the hobby in an edition of their show the other week Certainly brought it back to my attention, and gave me the initiative to get started
  16. I knew it was too good to be true Just remember, no animals or food when travelling in an atomised state - you don't want to rematerialise with a dog's leg in your ear and a potato in your nose
  17. A good point, and after having a rethink earlier, I realised there was an organisation I'd overlooked - the local town council! Although we consider the area we live in still to be a "village", it's actually a town, and has a council of its own. Having had a look at their website, I've now contacted their secretary regarding hiding a cache in the area, and hopefully they'll be of more help than the local borough council If they don't reply by tomorrow evening, I'll pop into their offices down in the village on Wednesday - as you say, the "in person" approach may be better.
  18. So thats why I never get hassled by muggles then? ..... cool! Yeah The stuff I wear when Geocaching is basically my archaeology fieldwork clothes (fairly standard stuff for diggers & trowlies), and consists of: British army DPM combat trousers, hiking/work boots, scruffy top and/or body warmer, hi-vis vest, and clipboard holding the cache listings/clues. This is what I now call Cacherflage People looking like this can usually be put into 1 of 3 categories: 1) Works people (builders, surveyors, etc.) 2) Archaeologists or similar random people on fieldwork 3) Nutters! Given most people recognise this, they tend to avoid asking too many questions of them.
  19. Another thing to note - your "local" reviewer may not be quite as "local" as you might think Having checked the published caches in my area, the 2 reviewers for them were from a good way afield - 1 from Scotland, 1 from Wales, and I'm in South Yorkshire In this respect, the more detail and local info you provide the reviewer, the more they'll be able to help you
  20. The truth is overrated In my (limited) experience anyway - on annoucning what it was to a colleague, whilst hunting a cache in the grounds of somewhere I work, their response was "A what? What are you talking about? Eh?" It took about 20mins of explaining, at the end of which she still seemed none the wiser, but guaranteed that she'd tell everyone I was ok should they ask "What the heck he's doing"
  21. As the others say, it may also be the specific USB port you're trying to use - moving devices about between the ports on your computer does tend to make the machine unhappy I've had this problem with several different USB devices, as I like to keep my desktop tidy, and can't stand devices trailing. Needless to say, as I moved said devices about to achieve the right Fung Shui ( ), my computer had a paddy, and decided to not play nicely. Returning the devices to the ports they were originally connected to, seemed to calm the computer down, and things worked again
  22. You could try going to Garmin's website and downloading the relevant device drivers Sometimes my old laptop does this, as it's starting to fall to bits now, but it's usually fixed by following that procedure. Hope that's of help!
  23. The "education/research" themes are good to work lines from In my case, they'll always be exaggerations of the truth, rather than outright lies. Having a degree in Archaeological Sciences, and having been an Ecoversity Ambassador, it's easy to say I'm doing a survey of "archaeological/environmental concerns in the area" This plays nicely with the hi-vis vest and clipboard Cacherflage that I wear! May help if you add a pair of green/camo combat style trousers - the "look" is key to discouraging muggles from interfering.
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