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A Pictoral Mapping Quiz


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After much searching - Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula / Gulf of Cortez. Nearest active cache is GC1C4Q7 (Alan Kaschube Memorial Cache) but there is a closer archived cache: GC102EA (The Cache On The Beach).


Hopefully an easy one:


(Click piccy for full-sized image)

Where on Earth, and what's the name of the nearby earthcache?



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If I am write do I no have to set my own?


That's the way it works and if you KNOW you're right you can 'Self Ding'


Thanks Roger,


Can I pass the buck by the time I have worked out how to post a screen shot, the cache will be archieved ...


Sorry and THanks GerritS


Before I have that urge to answer next time I will have worked it out! :lol:

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