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Cointest...Show Us Them Puppies!


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In the spirit of Fat Tuesday, and Mardi Gras, I am pleased to present a new cointest, Show Us Them Puppies!


Simple rules, tell us a little bit about you and your puppies, and submit a picture of you and your puppies (real puppies only, surgically enhanced puppies are acceptable.)


Winner will be drawn randomly, by my puppies (to be explained later,) at 11PM Feb. 28. Winner to receive a set of pocketpups and of course, I'll throw you some beads for showing you and your puppies to everyone at the forum! Male and female puppies are equally welcome, we aren't judgemental.




So go get a camera, get those pictures, and Show Us Them Puppies!


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Hello Dr. Neal,

After seeing the post I was waiting for this to degrade quickly....

You may have hit on a term that may not be in use everywhere, and may have some perplexed....

Since I am close enough, and do get the double entendre, here is entry these puppies get lots of beads:



SHHHH don't tell the Wife I have these :lol:

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Hello Dr. Neal,

After seeing the post I was waiting for this to degrade quickly....

You may have hit on a term that may not be in use everywhere, and may have some perplexed....

Since I am close enough, and do get the double entendre, here is entry these puppies get lots of beads:



SHHHH don't tell the Wife I have these :lol:


Well leave it to dad...

Back to your intent I am sure, here I am with correct a puppy.



And look it appears to be Zoe and Cassy's long lost sister.

P.S. I am on the left.

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Not many good pics, he wont stay still long enuff,, all the pics are blurry so i tired him out he tired me out for the last 2 hrs and finally got a few good ones!! :lol: here is Lucky Scout





gonna send this last pic to worlds cutest pets contest,,,lol

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A little bit of a sad story here.


We had to move from South Africa last year. Both our boys had puppies (Daffy & Pepper). We offered to find homes for the dogs - as they could not come to the new country unfortunately - Pepper's boy decided that we'd find a home - and he was soon off to a farm where he is now living and having fun.


Daffy's boy decided that she was a little older - and she would miss him too much and could not enjoy her life without her house and boy. So he opted to have her put down. A real huge adult decision for such a young boy! But we had a really great time with Daffy doing her favourite things - and we were all there praying and crying with the vet.


We took one of our geocoins (a Huskies dog coin) and this is now our Daffy coin - and it travels with us to caches - as before.





We miss Daffs - but remember her whenever we place the coin.

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OK, We're in!


Below are my to GeoPuppies. Mezzo is 7 months, and Arpeggio is 7 weeks.


Mezzo, my GeoLab


Arpeggio, future GeoYorkie? (Well, we'll see :lol: )


We live and GeoCache in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and when we get back in the US, Arkansas.


Savoy and Mezzo, Caching near Barra de Tijuca

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Hello Dr. Neal,

After seeing the post I was waiting for this to degrade quickly....

You may have hit on a term that may not be in use everywhere, and may have some perplexed....

Since I am close enough, and do get the double entendre, here is entry these puppies get lots of beads:



SHHHH don't tell the Wife I have these :D


WOW!!!! NICE PUPPIES!!!!!!! :lol::D:D I love that breed!!!! :D


I see you have 5 of them!!!!!! Can I have one too??? :D:D:D:D

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My "" puppy"" Error , he is 8 years old.



This photos is taken last Friday. :lol: while caching.


Error loves to cache......i think he is more cache addicted as us. :D

Error has his own tb.




My name is Error I am a mix between Dalmatian and Husky and this was not mend to be happened.

That’s why my name becomes Error.

When we where seeking to a name to go Geocaching the name Geo.Error was born.

In some logs my owners wrote about the four legged team member, and than thy mean me.

Because my temper it is not possible for me to see a lot of other four legged team members from other teams.

So I asked my owners to make it possible for me to get known new friends this way.

And maybe I will be nice to you when we meet in the field.

(It is not that I am aggressive but I am over enthusiastic, and I make a lot of noise)

I like to play and dig holes so I make a lot of Ghost cache places near the real cache while my owners seek for the real cache.

But I don’t help with seeking on the right place, so my other team members have a lot of work and I have more time to play.


So this for now, and as I say I hope to meet you sometime.


Greetings Error




Thanks for the cointest..i love to see other puppy's :D

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One of our last hikes in the Canadian Rockies out to find a cache by TethysC. It was a hike up a dry creek bed and really bad reception so we DNF'd on the actual cache but it was a really fun day! As you can tell my 'puppies' are not that big and there are some rocks where they need human help :D But they are determined dogs and whip smart as any Dachshund owner will tell you. I think Louis just heard a squirrel here, I can tell by the look on his face and his front paw is raised. Duchess is a good girl and keeps her pose more than likely because she's tired out.




Carbon Hunter, I can relate to your story. As we made the move from Canada to Australia, we decided it would be too hard on our puppies with the long journey and subsequent quarrantine. We left them in care of good friends but miss them terribly. Not a day goes by that I don't think of them or miss our snuggles. :lol:


The other 3 puppies in the picture: (LtoR) OptimusCache, Cinnabear, and far right io_sono_affamato.

My husband El Cacholoco and me.


oops I guess io_sono_affamato must be the photographer.

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drneal, do we have to be in the picture with the puppy or can he be all by himself?


I wanna see you and your puppies...gives forum members a chance to put a face on other forum members..might also help the fbi to locate the 10 most wanted!


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That's my geodog Nero, he is a 3 year old Swiss Mountain Dog. I tried to upload a picture of him as a puppy, but that didn't work out. So here is what he looks like now.



He loves to keep Grisu and me company while caching. Here he is treating himself with a piece of wood after a successful treasure hunt.



Here he is keeping an eye on a Blood Hound Gang Geocoin. He loves to climb and this is his favorite rock near home. (Sorry for the tiny picture, I am not very experienced with uploading pics :lol: )


Thank you for having this cointest and for all the great pictures.


Greetings from Germany to all the geodogs and their familys out there,


Ette KCH and Nero


Edit: Just read about the picture of both of us. This one was also taken while caching.


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I tried to look for a pic of my "puppy" when she was actually a puppy but I don't think I had my digital camera yet so those pictures are in a shoe box somewhere. Below is one of Tessa and I doing agility, the other two are a couple of her more common poses (when she isn't running around like an idiot). Thanks for the cointest!







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This is Romeo, this is where I get my Geocaching name from...He is an 8 year old Lemon colored Basset Hound


This is Sherlock my mini long haired Dachshund after a haircut...He is 7 years old


This Romeo wearing his Halloween costum from 2008


Another one of Sherlock


Romeo is very kewl




Romeo at Memorial day picknic 2007


This is Buddy he is Sherlocks son


This is Mitzi, she is Buddys Mom and Sherlocks wife


This is Mitzi after being surgically enhanced


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This is us with our geodog Dude. Dude belonged to the other yoopers mother, when she passed away 3 years ago Dude came to live with us. His name was actually Sir, there was no way we were gonna call a dog Sir so he became Dude. He isn't the greatest cacher because he doesn't like tall grass or sticks in his face, find him a nice park to cache in and he is happy! We never would have picked a Shih Tzu, the other yooper is more of a run/ski/snow shoe sort of guy that likes to take the dog along...this little guy doesn't want anything to do with that kind of life, but boy o boy, give him a lap and he is one happy dog!

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My dog Abbey on the way home from the groomers. She just turned 12 on 1/26.



This is Sparky. He's the newest addition. Technically he's my mom's dog, but I

love this little guy. He's a terror on four paws!


Both Abbey & Sparky are Shih Tzus.

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Canine puppies only, please. Dogs. Furry four legged creatures that would give their heart and soul for you.


oh, I can not enter my puppies they do not have fur.

(or could I draw fur on them :( )


Note to self...must be good...eartha is watching...and yes, we want to see you and your puppies.

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Wyatt Earp and me on top of Mt-Washington, New-Hampshire after a 4 hrs climb. We really had fun but I was a bit tired, Wyatt was in very good shape but he was happy to go down the mountain in the car by the auto road ;) I think he would have prefer to climb a stick pile than a rock pile :(


Wyatt is really a sweet boy, he will be 3 yrs old on Feb 12th :D



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This is my sheltie Good Golly Miss Molly and here is her story. She came to her furever home on March 14, 2007. I had lost my springer Abbey and was still angry over her treatment during that last illness. This was the first time in almost 30 years that I didn't have a dog. I started looking on petfinder.com and came upon Molly's picture. Love at first sight. She was in a kill shelter and I emailed but couldn't wait for an answer so as soon as the shelter opened the next morning I was on the phone. I ended up talking directly to the shelter manager who herself bred and showed shelties. She had several stipulations to adopt this dog but when I told her I had had 4 other shelties she told me that she would hold her for a few hours while I drove the 1.5 hours to get there. I discovered when going through the paperwork that the previous owner had listed the reason for giving up the dog as "My wife is an idiot" It really did say that there! When I got Molly home I couldn't figure out why on earth anyone in their right mind would give up a dog like her. She is a very nice, smart dog and a typical sheltie (and gorgeous besides! LOL) so I believed the husband. After awhile though I realized that the wife wasn't an idiot. She knew that there was someone else out there that would love Molly and treat her more like she should be treated so she wasn't an idiot after all.


This first picture was taken the day I brought her home. She was in the crate which was her safe place for the first several days. Isn't she gorgeous? LOL Hey moms are allowed to brag! :(;)




This is a picture of us at one of the first caches she accompanied me to.




This is a picture of I think the first event she attended.





Petfinder.com really does work.......

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:) Sob, I can't have puppies ... but I love them. Cats rule my house.


But I'm a very good auntie ... here's Holly.




Her brother Saku won't stand still for a picture ... he's too busy chasing (shhh you can't say it you have to spell it c.a.t.s)


Ah a fellow doxie lover, now to get rid of those nasty cats... :D

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Here's my puppy, Etnie. She's been a joy in my life for the last 7 years. I found her at the humane society I volunteered at. Her litter of puppies were surrendered first, due to "not enough time", and then 4 hours later the owner dropped her off for the same reason. Absolutely ridiculous! She's been nothing but incredible, and I don't know what I would do without her! Their loss has been my gain!! :) She's now nearly 9 years old, and still keeps up with the youngins at the dog park. Boxers are super!


I can't wait to see more puppy pics! :D





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