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  1. Premium member upgrade not working On my iOS browser when I push the review order button it does nothing.
  2. i am Premium Member but the geocaching app shows me as a basic member how can i fix that?
  3. that looks like a coin that cache addict was selling i think it is based on a real butterfly but i am not 100% sure on that.
  4. i dont know if it is just me but geocaching.com seems to be running super slow
  5. is it just me or is geocaching running slow and the maps are not working
  6. You know you are a geocoin addict when you email the US Mint asking them to start putting tracking codes on all of there coins
  7. i would also like to know how hard it is to use and what is the best video editing software to use with it
  8. i am thinking of getting a Gopro hero2 and i was wondering if anyone on hear has one and if so what do you think of it?
  9. It won't while enclosed in steel. It will work once the can is opened (if it's under the lid or whatever). Metal may cause problems (even a metal sign post). A good way to set up a Chirp is several feet up in a thick holly or evergreen shrub, near the trail where you want to receive the signals. You may secure it with a wrap of velcro around the trunk or a branch, cover with camo cloth. So when you need to change the battery, it you unwrap the velcro. You should not place it where someone will easily see it -- the whole point is it can be hidden in a spot where people will not want to hunt. thank you for the info
  10. i was wondering if anyone knows if the Chirp will work from inside an ammo can ?
  11. i got a 2005 geocaching Colorado coin today
  12. my dad is up in Montana for work and he is also doing some cacheing up there and i had to help him with the find he using my old gps and i had to tell him how to use it over the phone and then i helped with the find of the cache because the unit does not have paperless cacheing on it and what i was wondering is he signed the log book for me would it be ok if i logged the cache on line? or would that be frowned upon by the geocaching rules i am not a newbie at geocaching i just have not had this come up before
  13. when i open the map the caches come up but the map does not and will there be any kind of satellite images on there
  14. where is that one at i would like to try to find it is it in Colorado?
  15. agreed I have not heard of any objections yet so maybe the mint is waiting on final art before going to Groundspeak. Personally I think it would be a bad move for them to start selecting things like this to reject and some other things that they may approve. I guess it is their decision tho. Since I am a Historian, I want it portrayed the way it was, My parents both fought in WWII so I sure as heck am not supporting any of the Nazi sentiments. This stuff could go on and on. American had a Revolutionary war so lets not do any symbols to make the British mad, or in the Civil war lets not do any Confederate flags to make anyone mad, etc etc. History is History. So what I am saying is I don't see how they can OK some but not others. and that is just my personal opinion. I will wait til I get all the adjustments made with the mint and see if anything shakes out. i could not agree more with you historical importance of it and i think without the Swastika on it it could be any other dirigible airship
  16. i might be able to to come up with a Colorado coin for you if you want one
  17. that is cool i like it i would possibly be interested in it
  18. yes i would say hunting is a family-friendly activity a lot of people go hunting every year as there vacation
  19. nope sorry i hunt mule deer so it will be a mule deer on it
  20. what i am thinking of doing is a personal geocoin that says tsnyder88 cacher one one side with an ammo can under rocks or something like that and the other side saying hunter and having a deer head on it
  21. i was wondering how everyone would think a deer hunting themed geocoin would go over
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