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COINTEST: A very special cointest!


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Just did a recent trade with Geo-Gophers and she is a very sweet lady from Scotland. We just love chatting with her. OOh and she used to have a Yorkie also but since has passed away. :( But at least they are in thought and memory. We love you Alison.


Barry and Val are from Wisconsin but love to travel, are members of MiGO's 5th Chapter, have a great little camper (perfect for light travels) and can really cook with a dutch oven! Barry is an EMS, Val is a coin-lover! Barry and Val were recently awarded the Geocoin Angel while attending the Lazy Hayes Days II...and deserve this because of their huge hearts!!


Barry can make a killer pinapple upside-down cake...in a dutch oven and with NO real prep time!! WOW!

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I ound out that Tooey is a VERY genreous cacher who leaves many coins in caches for others to find. She LOVES missions too. She recently discovered that you shouldn't go too ast down a hill on a bike or you might end up looking like this picture!! LOL (cow patty in the face!!!) :):D:(



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backhiker aka Kimberly had a niece who recently graduated with her Master's degree in May :( Every once-in-awhile, Kimberly drops me a note and wishes me good luck on something and I always appreciate that. She's a real nice gal!

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tsun lives in Montana and designs beautiful geocoins. She recently graduated (Way to go) and has 2 geo dogs. One is named Tristan and he has his own cachign account. She is ADDICTED to Nutella. Please Nutella fairy pay her a visit!! And tsun also loves cowboys and Johhny Depp. She is a great, generous and super nice person!!

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Bonjour Chantal, comme ca va aujourd hui?

Chantal is french, from Quebec Canada...loves purple and chocolate. She and her husband have one daughter, Pengobecky who also has her own seeking list....

Chantal made Cinnabear's favorite's list when she sent her a very special chocolate mission AND is also the reason Cinnabear began trading pathtags... :(

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ELTADA twice posted about me in this cointest. I figure I need to return the favor.


This is a new-to-geocaching family team. They are Canadians, living right on The Lake (I say The Lake for Lake Ontario, because I grew up across from them, in Rochester, NY.)


They own a cottage up near Georgian Bay and like to fish.


BTW, I have family in Port Hope, just down the way from you! :D

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I am afraid I do not know a lot of things about Surteb! :D

But I know that he/she Is a great icon designer, with lots of fantasy and very creative mind! He/she has the hands of an artist! :)


He/she also helps other cachers! In a cointest, I posted some icons, but I didn't know how to bring them in the righr sie, so he/she did it for me! :D


I didn't win anything, but I have to say a Thank you to Surteb! :)

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Crowesfeat30, really likes puzzles!!! She also loves crows! Well...they are very clever birds!!! She made some lovely feather coins, and I think she made a trackable crow coin too?


If you want a feather, just be the first to solve one for her puzzles in her cointest! :D


Hello Sarah! :)

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Moberg lives in the same city as The King Carl XVI Gustaf, and the beautiful islands that are Stockholm. And the Subway in his city is said to be the worlds longest art gallery, with many many miles (about 70 from memory) of beautiful artworks on walls and stations. And if you want to know if Moberg can speak English...you would say : 'Hej! Talar Du Engelska?' !!


(I love my Scandinavian history! I learned some fancy stuff to try and impress a really cute Swedish exchange student when I was younger- knew it would come in handy one day!!)

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lorca.nl country the Netherlands stands a very good chance of winning the EM (fotball) :D


:) Solan109 is from Sweden! She loves purple/red Hibiscus flower, so I think she would like to come one day to Rhodes, the hibiscus island (but we have red and white hibiscus only)! she recently had her birthday and her very good friend Naomi made a celebration cointest! Guess who won! :)


Happy birthday dear Solan! :D

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Gatoulis is a very kind and enthousiast forum member, he has the most luck of our all but he deserve this.

He is alway interested in other coiners and ask always if he don't understand something.


He has a mother who can cook great and he has a sister and a brother in law, both have the same cache name.


:D:) Gatoulis how do we know who posted in this forum??, you or your sister or you brother in law, it is a mysterie. :):D


Greetings from the netherlands, my friend :D

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Just a quick update here... 25 hours left in this cointest!


It's been a lot of fun reading about everyone and learning new things!


SO, be thinking of who you'd like to donate the money to if you win! Still at 100 bucks, but that ain't exactly a shabby donation :D


Naomi :(

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The-wolf-pack loves to ride motor-cycle, they ride also for a very good cause.


The -wolf-pack has good cause coins for trade.




The-wolf-pack did there last cache 10 may in nova scotia, it was a traditional


:D Oh!! My dear friend Geo.error!!!! :D


She is such a nice person!!! so kind, so nide, so generous... If errors were like that.... who would want to do something correct? :(:D:(


She has a beautiful dog companion in geocaching, and I think error is the name of her dog!


I enjoy reading her posts! We were making jokes and had fun with posts, (we still are!), and I didn't know that Geo.error was actually a woman! :D I was surprised, but in a good way! :D


She is from the Netherlands,so she likes the orange color :D I am talking about the Oranje, and especially the football team in Euro 2008! My best wishes Corina! :D

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