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  1. Just curious, but what previous models are you comparing it to? I'd like to know if any of these stand out from the Oregon 600. I am comparing the Oregon 750t to my Garmin GPSMap 76CSx. The 76CSx is a near 10 year old gps unit.
  2. Ok, so I had the Oregon 750t out this afternoon for ~3 hours and 5 of 7 geocaches that I went looking for. The other two were me not finding the 3rd way-point of a multi and not following the correct trail for a hybrid letterbox. Below are some observations in no specific order. 1. Accuracy under heavy tree cover was very good. Got me within 3 feet of the actual geocache. 2. Unit was quite fast upon loading the next nearest cache. 3. Adding additional way-points for a multi-cache was quick and easy. 4. Being able to filter out puzzle caches on the fly was convenient. 5. No crashes or shutdowns at all during my afternoon
  3. Like yourself, I bought the 750t primarily for geocaching. However I am an avid kayaker and stand up paddleboarder so the unit will be used to track how far my rides are on those. Counting down the minutes until my work day is over so I can get lost in the woods!
  4. I received my Oregon 750t yesterday. I have not had a chance to take it Geocaching, that will be this afternoon right after work. This is a major upgrade from my near 10 year old Garmin GPSMap 76CSx. The 750t locks onto satellites in seconds compared to the 2-5 minutes from the 76CSx. I'm going to be very interested to see how accurate the 750t will be under tree cover. I've got pocket queries loaded via GSAK so am not overly worried about the live caching feature. I may try out the live feature in a few weeks when I'll be visiting family in Cleveland just to see how it differs. I'm glad I've read through this thread and saw what the rest of you discovered with live caching.
  5. in the bottom right hand corner of the forums there is a drop down box that allows you to choose how far back you want to see posts.
  6. 1. I had been interested in a hand held gps unit for hiking and was talking to a coworker about his gps unit and he brought up geocaching, and it sounded extremely interested. 2. I am an avid hiker and geocaching seemed like a logical progression of hiking to me.
  7. personally I live in western NY and I whole heartedly believe in the texting while driving ban. hell I even agree with the GPS portion of the law. if I'm going somewhere I enter the address into my GPS BEFORE I start driving, not while I'm driving. on my way to work last week I saw 6 people on their cell phone's merge without looking. I probably saw 3 or 4 people actually texting while driving, and they obviously weren't paying attention. so the expanded cell phone law in NYS makes a whole world of sense to me.....
  8. I think you're the first person I've seen in a long time who doesn't think Rochester is part of the Finger Lakes. The same goes with Syracuse. I swear some people think the region spreads clear across NY, lol. lol, I never have and never will consider Rochester part of the Finger Lakes region. and yes I know some people who would like to think Rochester and Syracuse are part of the Finger Lakes region and 9 times out of 10 I call them a bloody idiot for thinking that
  9. I live up in Rochester NY, but it seems that I get down to the Finger Lakes region at least 3 or 4 times in the summer. Though I especially love the Finger Lakes region in fall when all the leaves are changing over. These coins are gorgeous. Almost makes me wish I lived in the Finger Lakes area to have a shot at buying one of these coins!
  10. with everyone loosing the coins they had in their cart, including myself, this makes me believe that people were able to order more than 2 of each coin....
  11. well I attempted to buy two of the Johnny Cash coins. got all my S&H info inputted, it sent me to the next step which also included the "sign up" area then it wouldn't let me go any farther. guess I miss out on another coin... why I even bother anymore is beyond me.....
  12. Secret Island Cache - GC1DE2Q - S 515.4mi from your home coordinates is my farthest find and the one that I've enjoyed the most so far.
  13. I am a night owl so they will probable be opened up in the wee hours of MST (Utah), so you will most likely be right on time if you check before you go to work! fantastic!! now I just need to leave myself a note so that I dont forget
  14. define "first thing in the morning" for I am up @ 5:30am EST so I can go to work reason I ask is that I'd love to pick up a set of the three coins.
  16. sweet googlymoogly!! I'll be ordering multiples of this coin!! back in 1995 I had the pleasure of swimming with the Manatees in Crystal River in Florida. amazingly gentle and friendly animals. for example myself and a young manatee played tag for almost 20 minutes. he'd come up and bump me and swim away from me, I had to give him a minute or two as they are quite slow, then I'd chase him. that was fun. of course when he decided to hide in all the adults sleeping on the bottom of the river it became a little harder to find him. I gave up counting how many were in the family/pod after I hit 45, of course I initially thought they were rocks because they were sleeping on the river bed, learned the hard way that they weren't rocks when one rose up right underneath me
  17. wow! these look gorgeous. unfortunately I'll be at work @ 10am on Friday morning and no web browsing is allowed. guess I'm going to miss out on this coin
  18. very very nice! sleek clean look just like an Apple product. might have to pick up one of each finish when they go on sale
  19. according to Garmin's website the Canada Topo Maps have routable roads, though I honestly couldn't tell if they are auto-routing or not. Hit the Find button on your 60CSx and it should come up with choices for Waypoints, Geocaches, Address, etc. plug in the address if you know it and hit goto, the 60CSx might ask you if you want to "Follow Road" or "Off-Road" select "Follow Road".
  20. well if you want a GPS for both car navigation and geocaching I'm going to recommend the Garmin GPSMap 76CSx. Once you install the City Navigator NT maps the unit is nearly flawless for both uses. You wont get spoken turn by turn directions but the unit will beep at you to let you know of an upcoming turn or direction change. The GPSMap 76CSx is a very rugged handheld unit, its waterproof, floats, has expandable memory. I've had mine since last November and wouldn't trade it for the world.
  21. Looks like today he found over 20 caches in the beautiful and historic Cape Hatteras / Kitty Hawk area. It would be a real shame if he was doing all these from his armchair. I would love to have done these today. I did a couple of geocaches in this area last month on vacation. 20 isn't an unreasonable number to do down there. if you enter 27959 (Nags Head zip code) there are easily 20 within 10 miles of Nags Head which is almost centrally located on the Outer Banks. As for Cape Hatteras, that's about an hours drive south from Nags Head/Kitty Hawk. It'd be a bit out of your way but go to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and hike to the top, probably the most gorgeous view around down there. Ok, back on topic. It'd be interesting to know if this Drive by Cacher did GC1DE2Q aka Secret Island Cache, because if he logged it then I doubt he did it. I did this one on vacation and it took a bit of time and effort.... It really sounds like this person is an armchair cacher, from the numbers everyone has posted about his finds in one day it makes me believe he's just looking over GC.com and selecting what he/they thinks would interesting caches and then logs them as found. As for why people do things like this, who knows? Maybe its just laziness or messed up hardwiring in the brain...
  22. if your attempting to install City Navigator NT, you can install the entire thing on a 2GB memory card.
  23. I got my Viking Helmet and Sword in the mail today. the detail work on the pommel of the sword is amazing!
  24. I've had one of these for years. I honestly can't remember where I got it. I probably should break mine out and add it to my caching bag. though the one I have doesn't need to be soaked for 2 hours, more like 20 minutes and it'll last all day...
  25. scroll down a little ways and you'll come accross the geocoin forum. there are all sorts of designs and information about geocoins there.
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