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COINTEST: A very special cointest!


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Hello my friend. I have to say that I love GATOULIS positive attitude all of the time. For those of you that don't know, there are 17 caches on his island and he has found them all...that would drive me crazy!


He also likes stinky goat cheese, plays volleyball and was a security guard for an archaological dig....

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PengoFamily is (obviously) keen on penguin related geocoins. And I believe there are still one or two that they are looking for.


Sarah has 5 brothers and sisters and is super generous. She has one of the best cointests to give away some rally cool geocoins. She is very good at frustrating us :P:D with all the puzzles she has been posting. It's a very unique and generous way to give coins away.

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I'll fit ya both in :P


Sarah loves copper coins and she's obviously very generous :ninja:


dimkasmir's conundrum puzzles nearly caused my brain to explode. It's not fair that a young kid is so darned smart! He's a clever one and I think one day he may grow up to be a Rocket scientist :D

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I've not had the pleasure of speaking with Tsun, however, from what I have read, she is a very nice person. She is very well liked by the members of the forum, and seems to have a Nutella obsession :D


She also has a very cool profile, that is very well written, and meaningful. It's nice to meet you Tsun :P

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Lorca is from the Netherlnds, is a sweet and kind person who likes foroum, and cointests! I think Lorca is the name of her beautiful Dalmatian dog!


I still remember when I thought she was from Spain!!! I saw Lorca....:D


Well...now I now that she is an oranje!!! :P

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I am afraid I do not know much about ATMouse! :unsure: Sorry my friend!


I know that she is a geocacher who lives in New York, in about 4 months I think, she will selebrate 5 years in geocaching, and she is close to 900 finds!! WOW! Congratulations!!!! :ph34r:


When I post this, it will look quite funny! According to our posts, a cat is after a mouse! :ph34r::blink::blink:

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Here are your random numbers:



Timestamp: 2008-06-20 21:13:48 UTC


Ok, who was lucky 168??


Your mine ELTADA!!! :ph34r:


This is the location of ELTADA's first cache placement! ALthough the fella in the image is the last finder. Pretty place-eh? I wanna fish there and ill bet Dardevle would jump on it in a heartbeat! :ph34r:


ELTADA's name comes from the first two letters of each person in her family -- including her husband, young son and herself.

Her very first geocoins were aquired as a Christamas present from her husband as she loved em!


They live in Ontario, Canada and have found 43 caches and placed the one listed. Her other hobbies are scrapbooking (paper and digital), machine quilting, boating & fishing at her cottage, recreational agility with her english springer spaniel...(?) and looks as if she likes to travel!!!


She and her family had just started caching in August of 07 and recently became an asset to the forum community.


Her first cointest ever won was the Summer Time Grill Only Recipe Cointest on June 9th and recieved her first bubble mailer with her first coins she bought on th e11th before headed up to her parents.


She is now hooked on geocoins and is doomed for eternity!!! :blink:


Congrats, BigD! The auction brought in $100.01. Send me your address for the coin, and let me know what charity you would like the monies donated to in your name and I'll get it done as soon as the money is transferred to my paypal account! The donation will be minus the fees from paypal/ebay, as I stated in the first post, and the charity has to accept paypal!


Thanks for the great cointest folks, and for allowing me to do this and make the donation for someone!


Naomi :unsure::blink:

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WOW, I won!!! YAHOOOO! :D


I have given thought as to who I would offer the proceeds to, prior to even winning :angry: There's a lot of charities, I have a hard time thinking of a worthy charity that didnt see to be a corporate charity in th event that I did win...It was just thinkin... a what if, kinda thing:unsure:


Yesterday I had my first Mountainbike race at Lake Sonoma...At the event was a organization called Bicycles for Humanity. (www.bicycles-for-humanity.org) A Non profit org. that collects old bikes, fixes em up and ships them to Countries in Africa that are in desperate need of transportation to do daily duties. With no means to access opportunities in employment, education or health care, let alone the means to gather food and water quickly, these people are trapped in a cycle of poverty with little way out.


As the bikes are refurbished and distributed, local people are trained in bike mechanics, and business opportunities arise for community based bike shops. Opportunities to extend the reach of healthcare, education and other services also become possible.


As of now the local organization is at the point of purchasing a shipping container and shipping the 100+ bikes that they currently have to Africa, where the actual shipping container becomes the bikeshop where locals will be trained and the shop will be equipped with tools and parts.


In addition to the proceeds raised by Mousekakats cointest, I will be matching the proceeds through an additional auction till i have the fundage to match the winnings for the good cause.


I am in contact with the local Bicycles for Humanity chapter in Santa Rosa.


THANK YOU Mousekakat for the opportunity to give to such a cause...Funny thing was after the race when i got home I see that I WON the cointest!!! While at the race and checkin out the booth, I was inspired and touched by this groups efforts.


I look forward to contributing the funds and searching out old bikes for donation- an Old bike will also pay my fees into the next race! :D


Happy Day!!!! :P

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