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Things I've learned not say or think

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Feel free to add your own :lol:


I'll just leave the car running for this one....


This one has to have been muggled....


It's a short hike and it doesn't say bring a pencil....


Here's an easy one, I won't be late for work.....


I've already looked there.....


This stupid GPS is reading OFF again....


This guys hides are always easy........


We'll be back before dark.....


Just turn left right here and it should take us right to it....


The easiest way in is through here.....


I figure we can get find 4 or 5 tonight....

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It's only a quarter mile away... (Straight up :lol: )


You can SO make this... (Eyeing the tensioned power lines spanning the ridges)


That dog looks friendly... (Nope, not even close)


Looking down is a great idea! (Yah, notsomuch)


It's too cold for rattle snakes to be out (He must've had to use the bathroom...?)

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Oh I could have went that way(after plowing through yards of undergrowth and briars)


Yup. Learned to look for an easier way after pushing my way through 100 yards of dense brush, then finding a clear trail from the cache to the main path. Doh!

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Feel free to add your own :lol:


I'll just leave the car running for this one....


This one has to have been muggled....


There's NO way this is only a 1.5 difficulty cache!


There's no place HERE that would hold/hide a "regular" container.


(while eying the map) This should be a quick park-and-grab...

...which is followed by "WTH do/can I park for this one?!?"


(while night-caching) I can get in there and grab it before the sprinklers come on...

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Im sure this hill is good enough to get up with my bad leg..........................................OH SH!T!!!!!! (tumbles down hill with kneecap out of it's socket/joint/whatever you call it)


Due to this, everytime i now go caching, i wear a knee brace, even if it's a 2/2. you never know the terrain

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1. About $50 should be plenty for gas for this run.


2. It's not that far, i don't need my trekking pole or any water.


3. I'll just leave the palm in the car, I shouldn't need a hint.


4. Eh, I'm only going after a few, there's no need to put on the poison ivy block


5. It's too windy and cool for mosquitos, I'll skip the Repel this time.


edit: forgot one!

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-It's a short walk, I should be fine in high heels.


-Flip Flops are okay for 2.5 terrain, right?


-Well, I'm sure THIS cacher wouldn't place a hide on private property...


-If we sing really loud, we'll scare the bears away. and the snakes. right? :D

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