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Things I've learned not say or think

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you dadgum no napkins to wipe with, hell here is some leaves.


buddy Ummm that's poison oak ( laughing)


you Why didn't you tell me ( iche in your but is starting ) :anibad:


Buddy I thought you know ( rolling and tearing up from laughing so hard and can barely make out the words ) :laughing::laughing:

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(at fork in trail) "I think this trail is the one we should take."


(10 minutes later) "I'm starting to think we should have taken that other trail."


(5 minutes later) "Maybe if we bushwack over this way we'll hit that other trail without backtracking."


(10 minutes of bushwacking later) "How far could it be?!"


(5 minutes later) "Ok, I'm man enough to admit when I'm lost.... lets turn back"


(20 minutes later) "Wow, turns out this trail was the right one all along!"


My fiance has learned to simply wait for me on the trail when I try to find shortcuts.

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It's only 75 degrees outside in Phoenix today, I don't need to bring that much water....


Oh, what a cool little furry tree... (see: jumping cholla)


It's too cold out for scorpions to be active yet....


The sunburn's not THAT bad.... (before having to see a doctor for the 2nd degree sunburn blisters)


Why bring TWO pens? This one works fine....


Of course my hand will fit there....


This trail's not bad; an elevation climb of 800 feet is mostly flat, right...?

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"It's very sunny outside. There won't be too many muggles out in the park."


"There will be only 20 people at our event. I will reserve 20 places."


"I just want to wear my new shirt. It won't get dirty."


"This cache is in a small tunnel only. I will leave the flashlight at home."


"We do not need a printout of the hint. The cache will be easy."


"This is a quick one in a standard hide. No - here... or here..."

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