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  1. You know you're a Geocacher when... You do some serious caching while your son is in school! or/& Your husband complains that you have too many cammoed containers sitting around in the house. (I'm not complaining about his project cars in the garage!)
  2. We take our 7 yr old with us 97% of the time (the 3% is when I'm just antsy to cache & our son is in school). He use to not like micros because of the no swag, but then as we're on a search for a group of caches he finds a wicked 3 1/2 star diffuculty cache. I made a comment about how we weren't 'smarter than a 1st grader'. Boy did that boost his self-esteem! Our son even talked about geocaching to his Cub Scout Den (Tigers) and I being the Den Leader, now have 9 Tiger Cub Scouts jonesing to go geocaching. {So I will be setting up some "temp" geocaches for my Tigers in April} I think geocaching & kids are a great match. It creates a lot of wonderful memories, and you find a lot of new places.
  3. We always look at the hints. We cache with our 7yr old, so we want to make sure we have all the info so we all have fun.
  4. That's a great idea!!! I'm adding that one to my bag!
  5. The cemetary is a place of respect, and that needs to be kept in mind as your placing a cache. I have no problem with that.
  6. It is your cache and you have every right to list it as You see fit. I am not a premium member right now due to several reason that is going on in my household. Am I bitter about PMO's. No. It just gives us something to look forward to. Why don't you ask those cachers in question to check out this thread. There has been a lot of insightful info given. Nothing in life is really free. Except for the air we are breathing right now, but I'm sure the government is working on a way to tax us on that too!
  7. I have a Garmin60CSx that i got at walmart.com, and after mail in rebate if was $300. In another forum thread here someone said that they bought their 60CSx on amazon.com for about $150. Look all over, Amazon; Overstock; Walmart; etc. Do some research on the different models, and the prices. Welcome to the fun! Your kids will enjoy the treasure hunt. Be prepared to get hooked on the adventure!
  8. One of our local Geocachers has been filmed for a local talk show about geocaching. He took the camera crew on a trail to find a few caches. If you have a problem about your identity, disguise your face, put on a big hat, etc. As long as the exact location & geocache identity is not broadcasted, I don't think it should be a problem. Have fun! Use stealth !
  9. I always have my little swiss army knife with me. It's on my keychain. It does have tweezers in it. When I was a child, maybe 10yrs.old, my grandfather told me the best tool to always have with you is a pocket knife. He said that it does not have to be big; a small one is perfect, because you never know when you'll use it for anything. So as I got into my teen years and got my drivers license, I bought a swiss army knife for $12. I can honestly say that that knife have "paid for itself" ten thousand time over! If you don't already have one, please go get one. It's a very useful TOTT!!!!
  10. I never called a Cache owner a "jerk" well I did call a CO a jerk but only because he does own a few caches and they have nothing to do with why I called him a jerk. I'm not chastising the other cacher, it is not her fault that I walked up to see her replacing it. I know where it was at without finding it and as I also stated on my page I'm waiting until August to go after the caches.I'm hoping that I wont be able to walk right up to them by then but if I can then I wont log them till at least 18 months have passed hoping that I'll have forgotten by then. As for my brother, I told him every time we headed out together "If you find it before me, walk away and let me find it." After his victory dance I let him know I was not happy about it and on the same day He did it again. We went to a new location but before we headed out I locked myself into a vault toilet, when I came out there he was with cache in hand and it became a contest of wills. Basically he was going to walk home if he didn't put it back and give me the opportunity to find it, I won. I publicize the caches with explanation as to why I wont log them for the same reason I am publicizing my DNFs, to give the caches another rout for exposure. I never claimed the caches where beneath me.I was being stealthy because I would like to know who is who before they know me, so I can tell them how I know and get a good laugh. Where did I seem to give the impression that a cache was beneath me? I would like to know so that I can alter it. That is the impression I got from your original post. You have admitted to being a "jerk" about it. That led me to think that the game of geocaching at that moment was somehow corrupted, hence then becomming "beneath"you. If I offended you; I appologize. That was not my intention. Enjoy this game with it's many unique twists that happen on a daily basis.
  11. If you feel a cache is so simple that it's "beneath you"; then just don't do it. There's not reason to bring in any "bad blood" into geocaching. Sometimes a simple cache can be a challenge. If you come upon GZ and there's already a group of cachers there, then I think you have a few options. 1) Be stealth about observing them and turn it into an adventure. You are spying on them, make you log a spy themed story. 2) Walk up to them & make some new friends (or refresh an exsisting friendship). 3) Wait for them to leave then make your find. If they did not hide it as well as it should have been, then you can hide it better.
  12. Got mine from good ol' Coyote Red of 'Cissy & CR' fame, from right here on the forum....frequent contributor....(and nice folk to boot)! http://sissy-n-cr.com/store.shtml ~* Cool!!! Many Thanks!!!
  13. Does anyone know where i can find this stencil for sale in the states?
  14. Our "almost" 7 yrs old comes along with us all the time. In the past we would go get micro hides while our son was in school, and he would cry because we went geocaching without him! He use to hate micro's because of the "no swag", but he now enjoys them because of the trickiness of the hides. Our son found a 3 1/2 star dif. hide while we were overanalysing the hide. So you can say that Mom & Dad were not smarter that a 1st grader! This is a great adventure for kids! I have my Cub Scout Den (Tigers) who found out that we're geocachers, and they are antsy to go find treasure!!! So I need to plant some temp. hides for them SOON!
  15. I bought some at Michaels craft store too. It was under $3 (before a 40% off coupon) . It's 2" X 3" for the size and 175 baggies in the box. Look for it in the bead isle(s) of the store. They also have slightly larger baggies & slightly smaller baggies too.
  16. Wow! You're either insane or obseseed. I'm voting for obsessed with a hint of insanity.
  17. I have in my bag a telescoping mirror & telescoping magnet, among other things but I also carry a package of diaper wipes. It's great when you get plant sap on your hands, as well as when you're on a hike and you kid "needs to go now!" if you know what I mean!
  18. I think it's a great idea. I'm a new Cub Scout Leader for the Tiger Cubs, and my son is one of my Tigers. My son started to talk about geocaching at our Den Meeting, as we were finishing up on learning about maps. I have 9 boys in my Den, and they all want to go caching; 3 boys ask me everytime they see my after school for pick up. So, I'm planning on some caches to do with my boys, and even hide one. Make it age appropriate. Are they Tigers, or are they Webelos? "plant" some temporaries if you or the Den Leader feel that they're a bit "young". If you think they are ready for a nice hike, go for it!
  19. Going back to quoting Pirates of the Carribean,... "You need to find yourself a girl, mate." His/Hers/Its #'s were down to 175. Somebody needed to get out of the house more! (all virtuals?!? )
  20. Here are a couple of stores in our area that have caches in/on them. Because if the caches, these stores now have a bunch of new & loyal customers. Finding Nemo GC1KX6Q Bottom of the Cup GCW22N just an idea!
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