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  1. OK Thank you. Another Christmas prezzie foe me
  2. Have the coins been sent out yet? as I have not received mine yet
  3. Oh WOW That is one beautiful photo Would make a lovely poster
  4. Is that somebody standing there in the middle right (ish) or a tree stump? Looks like someone wearing a hoodie with their hands in pockets! Its really bugging me now as I keep changing my mind! Very ghostly, but a great photo.
  5. Check out UKCampsite put in the area you want to camp and do a search, you will get lots of campsites. Then you can look at the reviews.
  6. Ahh maybe that's why as they are 'took it to' logs, I only realised one of my TB's is in New Zealand via Australia and the States when I registered for Geo Tribes after reading your post! (so there has been a lot of movement)
  7. Is there a reason why I am not getting any e mail notifications when one of my travel bugs has been discovered or moved. I always used to get them but have only just realized that I have not had any for a few weeks. Any suggestions?
  8. The plan is to have camping available from the Monday night prior to the event right up to the event weekend itself. More information soon as we are in the process of finalising details. This way people can come straight to us from Piratemania It may be worth looking into extending this as there is a chance that a number of people may want to stop beyond the event weekend. We are hoping to camp from Wednesday to Wednesday!
  9. How about R.I.P (GC29E75) 'P' = (Piece) being the name of the village!!!
  10. Joined: November 07/11/11 Name received: 26/11/11 Card sent: 07/12/11 Card received: 21/12/11 Thank you very much to "Kippe01" for a lovely coin (God Jul 2011) and a beautiful hand made card. You have no idea how happy that coin made me feel, as I love snow (with a passion)and snowmen, probably because we very rarely get any snow here and when we do its lasts for two days if we are very lucky, and I go very loopy!!!!! Once again THANK YOU and a Merry Christmas to everyone on this mission. Will try and get a photo up soon.
  11. Joined: November 07/11/11 Name received: 26/11/11 Card sent: 07/12/11 Card received:
  12. Joined: November 07/11/11 Name received: 26/11/11 Card sent: Card received:
  13. Is it too late now? I assume everyone is paired up! Ahh Ha I sent it too asholland O & A swapped round!!!!!
  14. Just to let you know I have not received my name yet Checked through all my deleted pages as well
  15. Can you add the UK to your list please! email on the way. Joined: November 07/11/11 Name received: Card sent: Card received:
  16. Email on the way Signed up: 24/10/11 Name received: Package sent: Package received:
  17. My Snail is still in the making, so hopefully it wont be too long before he gets to the starting line.
  18. I am deeply honoured Thank you Sue :laughing:
  19. You wont be laughing when you get down here in a few weeks! I have a list of computer lessons for you!!!!
  20. Click on reply immediately below this message and look at the coding which I have put around your image address. Until you suss out how to use the different link icon when posting you can always look at other peoples posts by doing the above and learn from them. Wow! I think I will hand that over to other half, I am so lost now!! If Dr Dick see's this he will have a quiet giggle, he knows me & computers! Thank you anyway Haggis Hunter I will try.
  21. OK... Click on the blue "Add Reply" box in the usual way. Then click on the little square icon of a tree -This opens the Image URL box. Paste the URL of your photograph in the box and click "Insert Image". Then add any text comments before or after as you want. Click "Add Reply" Done. (No clever clogs but got some Briars gardening shoes here - Will they do? ) MrsB Hmmm that's what I did! Sorry Mrs B but your shoes didn't fit, will have to do some homework now. Sue
  22. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/display/fae9ba47-cadc-4a4c-8617-5bfa1770392d.jpg Last chance for this one cant think of anything left to try.... Bridge near cache GC2TNVV
  23. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/fae9ba47-cadc-4a4c-8617-5bfa1770392d.jpg Still trying with this picture, Ok it is a Bridge near cache GC2TNVV
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