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  1. Hi all, I have a like new Delorme PN 40 for sale. Bought it a while back and maybe used it half a dozen times at most. Cable and Delorme map disks will be included. I will add pictures soon. $150 Thanks
  2. Unit has been sold, thanks to all for the interest!
  3. Considering the HCX still sells online for about $200 I'm a little surprised that there has been no interest. This gps still looks and works like new and with the mount, case and shipping included I thought $150 was a pretty sweet deal. I anyone is interested either with or without the mount make me a resonable offer and I will certianly consider it.
  4. I have the following for sale. Garmin Legend Hcx color gps Garmin neoprene case 2 gb San disk memory card Ram brand vehicle mount The gps has been keep in the neoprene case since it was new and is in like new condition. Everything works fine I am selling only because I have upgraded. $150 for all will include shipping in US only.
  5. I'd like to sell this before we leave on vacation, so I'll let it go for $40 shipped.
  6. I have a Magellan SporTrak Map GPS for sale, included is the gps, and external power cord, case and a copy of the owners manual. At the moment I can't find the data cable so asume that it is not included, if I locate it I will include it also. This would make a nice starter gps or a secondary unit. It looks and works like new. UPDATED: I found the Data cable so it will be included also! Asking $50 shipped to your door via usps. Thanks hlq
  7. Your probably checking too many options, uncheck everthing and try it.
  8. hlq

    FS Palm M515

    The Palm has been sold Thanks
  9. Since buying an iPod touch my M515 hasn't left the cradle and is just collecting dust. Included is the Palm M515 with the original Palm flip open screen cover, stylus, the original Palm usb docking cradle, and a 64mb SD card. It also has catchmate installed. I am also including the car charger to keep the battery topped off while in the field or for those extended weekend trips. The unit and the screen are in exellent shape. The battery should probably be replaced as it doesn't hold a charge as long as a new one, although it will make it through an afternoon of geocaching. I do not have the installtion disk but as most of you know the Palm sofware can be downloaded from their site. I'd like $35 for everything plus shipping via USPS. US buyers only sorry. Payment by Paypal only and I'll ship it the same day if payment is recieved before noon MT. Questions? Offers? Thanks, hlq
  10. If you see no value in a paid membership then there is no reason to get one. Some of the member only caches may be more interesting than others but that isn't guaranteed. At some point you may find that pocket queries or some other paid membership feature is useful and want to think about a paid membership again.
  11. First off be thankful for those special few that have gone before you. Remember too that cito isn't just about picking up trash when you get to a cache, you can practice it anywhere. I hike, hunt and geocache in Colorado and even on the most remote trails I usually find trash to bring out. Just have fun and confidence that there is an old pop can or candy wrappper waiting just for you at the next bend in the trail.
  12. If you are trying to use ver. 1.4 check on the Ibycus site for the newer maps, ver 2.0 I think. They should work.
  13. Probably easiest to just get a new battery and move on. By the time you pay for return shipping (if you can return it), spend time trying to find another unit and then running the risk of it not being any better than the one you have or worse it probably isn't worth the time. You can get another battery on ebay also I think although I'm not sure as to cost. You may want to contact the seller also and explain that the battery is bad, he may compensate you in some fashion if he sold it as being good.
  14. hlq

    CacheMate Database?

    There is a 500 cache limit for the PQ'd but not a limit on the number of caches that can be in the cachcmate db that I'm aware of, one of the databases I have in cachemate has over 8000.
  15. hlq

    CacheMate Database?

    I do this and it works very well. If you are using GSAK you can place all the PQ's in to a database and then load them all to cachemate at once. I have several databases for different areas that I travel to, and have several thousand caches loaded in the cachemate databases for each area.
  16. T-shirts in earth tone colors, Same for hats. Oversize coffee mugs, "good" water bottles like the camel brand.
  17. hlq

    Palm m515

    From what I understand you can use up to a 128mb card out of the box. Larger cards can be used but you will need to run this update. As far as the largest card I'm not sure.
  18. There is a limit (approx 2000) to the number of sections of maps that can be loaded to a card. The Garmin City Navigator maps are broken out mostly by states with a few exceptions such as Texas, Calf, etc., I have never counted the sections but my guess is there are maybe 75 at most. The Topo maps are broken down in to smaller sections, Colorado where I live for example has about 130 sections. Basiclly what I driving at is that you will reach the limit of sections that can be loaded before you max out a 2gb card. For example I have the Navigator maps loaded on my card and the topo maps for about 14 states loaded and am at the limit of approx 2000 sections. My 2gb card has 1.75gb of maps on it which still leaves a lot of room for waypoints and poi's. hlq
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