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test my avator


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Okay so that worked but what's up with the caption below my picture "Tadpole"?

Is this something that I can change, and if so where and how? Or is it something that is automatically added for new users? :rolleyes:

Once you get past 10 posts you'll change from tadpole to geocacher. for the premium memberships I think you can change that on your own.

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After much trials and tribulations, here’s what finally worked for me in uploading Avatars.


On geocaching website click the My Cache Page button

On My Account Details page:

-Click “edit profile”

On Edit Account Details Page:

-Type your password (this is needed to make the change)

-Scroll down to “Your Avatar”

-click “Choose avatar image”

On Choose My Avatar page:

-click “upload new image”

-select your Avatar graphic (graphic should be less than 100k in size)

-click “upload”

On User Image Upload page

-click “my details”

Back on Edit Account Details page:

-enter your password again

-scroll down to “Your Avatar” and click “Choose Avatar Image” again

-click on your avatar and it should appear in the upper right corner

-click the “Select Avatar” button (button should change to “current”)

-and finally, this is important – click “re-register the changes”

On Entering Forums page:

-click “Enter Groundspeak Forum”


You now should be good to go!


In my experience, when things didn’t go correctly, I either didn’t make sure that my password was typed in on the Edit Account Details page or neglected to click the “Select Avatar” button or neglected the “re-register the changes”.

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