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test my avator


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How interesting.


I type one word, and a completely different (and benign) word appears!


I don't mind the auto-censor, if fact, it's pretty funny, and if it keeps everybody from expressing themselves in their lowest light, good!


I always liked "dagnabbit" much better than "dadgum" though!


Hot dadgum!



February 11, 2005 @ 9:54 AM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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fedagato Posted on Feb 16 2005, 03:33 AM

where's the avatar?


Hi fedagato. The avatar is the small picture beneath most of our Usernames off to the side of our posts on this forum. Right now mine is a Red Cardinal head (you can change it as often as you like). You do not have one showing yet. If you decide you would like a picture to appear with your Username:


Go to MY ACCOUNT and log in.


Go to the YOUR AVATAR: Shown in forums section.

Upload a picture to the forum.

There are size restrictions, and even if you did it right - you won't see it in the Forums till after you do a successful test post. I got lucky, and got mine on the first test. But, it was a little confusing working through it.


There is a SEARCH feature on this site. Select SEARCH. Expand how far back you can search by clicking on the 30 Day box, and choose a longer period of time. Reading what others before me had tried and were doing wrong, was a BIG help. Good Luck.


It can be kind of tricky. Try it and TEST it right here in THIS forum, till you get it right. If you need more help, post back and ask again. And this is not the best place to ask questions. This is a "Pinned" test area. Your question could get "lost" among a bunch of tests. Go to the regular Getting Started forum topics section. Someone is guaranteed to see it there.


I came here to test something myself. EDIT: Well that didn't do anything.

How do you get a "signature" to show up around here. Where's that SEARCH Button?

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