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  1. I notice that too. If anyone was to contact Amazon, I would think that it should be someone more affilliated with Groundspeak than I. AND, since Amazon is a larger business and more business to lose, maybe they would be more cooperative. Hmmm... maybe a free plug for them will get them to get this cleared up.
  2. I have done so and am looking for direct contact information. Maybe we can receive some sympathy with a direct call or email (maybe).
  3. Well, great... I upgrade to a SmartPhone to reduce my load (shelved the Palm in favor of the new phone (one less thing to carry) and it does not look like its going to work out in my favor. Mobi works great on the phone and with the WAP site (love it), but now... hmmm?!!? What does work on a SmartPhone with Windows Mobile version 6 (and is not to cause me an hour to get out the door and cost me an additional fee)? As an idea for Groundspeak, would collaberating with a GPX software provider to provide a universal, get the 'mostest' out of the GPX file be an alternative to not have to resurrect the dead server and to not have to hassle with an unresponsive software vendor (Mobi)? Then, as part of the 30 bucks I kick out each year I get to use a sanctioned, reliable piece of hand-held software that will get me the most out of a GPX.
  4. Nope. Mobi is up and running. Was there just a minute ago.
  5. Even though I can live without it, it will surely be missed. Maybe if we pester them enough, we can get it back. Even with Cachemate, GSAK, etc I still liked to have the PRC version on-hand. PDF format would be good, too.
  6. Unfortunatley, no, but: http://birmingham.bizjournals.com/birmingh...its.html?page=1 What a bummer! At least I can still sneak back and get sauce Hoping to get into the Steel City this summer for some visiting and caching
  7. I grew in B'ham but haven't gotten back lately. Is Ollie's still open? It was awesome!!!
  8. Ah, bugger!! Get force fed an update from M$ and now a problem appears. Great...
  9. The pictures in the log part of the page only show part of the picture when the mouse pointer is in hover over the icon/link. Is this supposed to be like this (new feature <cough>), or is there a problem. Really like the ability to hover an see pictures. Hope this can be fixed...
  10. Nevermind! I mis-searched then after posting realized my error.
  11. Still waiting on the category to be released to the History/Culture category. If its not there tomorrow then I'll send a message to find out if we are good to be released to 'gen pop'.
  12. The long awaited History Museum Category is up for Peer Review! Please show your support and Vote!!
  13. Sorry for the delay! Things have been a little hectic lately. I do need some help setting up variables, etc. If someone could contact me and assist while I cover down on some personal matters.
  14. Points well taken. I have decided to cancel the vote until I can think through this a little more. Please continue to feed me information and I'll tool over the criteria some more.
  15. i added a note for the theme, but didn't think about size. i'll have to go back and add that one. Any others? i am novice so, i'll take all the advice i can get Should i cancel the officer vote?
  16. Come one, come all and join the History Museum Group. Enrollment is open and one more Officer then we can go public, so don't be shy join, join, join. There can never be too many history buffs in the group! BTW, thanks, jeremy, for fixing the title!
  17. Thanks, OpinioNate. Once this one kicks off we can start one for Art, Science, etc
  18. Okay. Editted as much as it will allow. It is now history museums (to include one with living history). Jermey can you change the category title for me, since I cannot. Thanks!
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