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  1. I always buy in bulk. They make for great event prize table swag.
  2. GPS readings differ at times. Yours could be perhaps off 25 feet and the hiders could have been off 25 feet. We now have a 50 foot radius of potiental hiding spots. This is where the fun begins! Learn to think like a hider and the cache will hopefuly show itself! Start off with easier caches to learn your unit. You will be fine!
  3. What company do you work for? Any openings in Michigan?
  4. Ooops! Sorry Train Man! I just read your profile! Change that beer to a coke and we'll still go caching!! It downloaded like a charm! I owe ya! Thanks again!
  5. Thank you Train Man! You are "The Man"!. That's exactly what I was looking for! If you ever get over to Michigan, I owe ya a beer! Shoot, we'll go cachin too! Thanks again! And thank you to all the others that posted and read.
  6. Hiyas All, I acquired a used Palm and need to delete some games and such to free up space. It is a Palm VII.x. Any advice on how to do this? Thanks in advance!!
  7. I am also having similar problems but think it is the last bunch of batteries I bought. Off brand cheapies. I have had no problems now that I am using "good" ones again. Give it a shot!
  8. 25 minutes ago [GEO] Pocket Query: New! arrived! I made no modifications to it. Holding comments and just thankful. Thanks all!
  9. Thanks Elias for the responses! Now can you educate me why a PQ of mine named "New!" that is set up to be run DAILY has not been generated since 7/19/2006 8:27:32 PM??? Just asking!
  10. Just a update! Both of my PQ's just showed. Less then a minute ago. GMAIL worked this time!
  11. Switched things over from AIM to GMAIL and now get some things. Still have NOT seen a PQ in days! Just ran a couple a few minutes ago and will hope. This is more then a AOL problem folks. Some of my daily PQ's have not been run in DAYS!
  12. Heck yea! Do it! I would rather have my bug in your hands then some others! As long as your helping the mission get it going. Take a few pics too and you will have a happy TB owner.
  13. Heck yea! Do it! I would rather have my bug in your hands then some others! As long as your helping the mission get it going. Take a few pics too and you will have a happy TB owner.
  14. Go for it! Shoot with this new "discovered it" option I see alot of bugs just sit and stay. Yup, they are discovered just not moved! *sighs* Just post a note on return visits as mentioned above. Have fun and I am quite sure the bug OWNERS thank you. There are no rules for travel bugs unless the OWNER sets em!
  15. Hmmm...kinda like it! If I found it, and I took it, who would I mail it to?
  16. You went to Midwest Geobash eh? Yes. I was a day tripper being fairly close. This was one NICE event! Mega props to those involved. Groundspeak people were fantastic too. I could go on for hours. (OK...I type slow)
  17. Anyone know a activation date? Was fun to see such a pile of em!
  18. No harm, no foul. Go for it! I would much rather see one of my bugs in your cache then in your possession. I dont mind to much if the bugs dont move in a cache, but pisses me off if someone holds it for months. jmho!
  19. I love my blue Etrax. All is fine until I stop, then I get the jumps. You must keep moving. When your close quit looking at gps and find that cache!
  20. We have a mystry cache out that is a locked metal box. I have email, phone number, GC name, all over it. I agree that it adds measure of legitimacy. My son just placed his first and insisted on using clear. He stated, why not start now. I bet pretty soon they all will be.
  21. Great topic, We are quite rural but by no means in BFE. There is another cacher in the area that has hid a few recently and we also have as well. My thought is to get several new caches out in the area and make it worth people's time making the 30 mile drive. I love to only drive a short distance and be able to hit 6-8 caches that are very close together!
  22. LOL Put me down for 4! Email me an invoice! Great job on that!
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