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  1. What a blast from the past. I remember those names from the early days. Sad to see Iron Chef passed away. I hope all the others in this thread are doing ok. I have not been doing much caching and still under 5K in finds.
  2. Ok. I just see other games that have closed spots get removed. I like to keep places clean but if you guys don't care then I don't.
  3. How can a closed spot be removed? I tried a few ways and can not figure out. This place is closed. Is anyone still doing Waymarking? http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMEVTE_CLOSED_Bubble_T_Store_Stuttgart_Germany_BW
  4. I just read the log about the snow. That will slow it down a bit. The race has been going since September 01, 2003. So I guess 5 or 6 month won't matter.
  5. I have a Racing Travel Bug “Crapper Mobile Racing CircumConUS T.B.” http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...b4-fdc0e991a573 that is in Colorado City, Colorado off Interstate 25 close to 165. It is in MOOOving those Travel bugs GC1WVAE, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ac-5a21e6e6613c It needs to go to Minnesota. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Lots of <moderator edit> people out there.
  7. I gave up on TB's & coins. To many inconsiderate people out there.
  8. I would just buy a new one and let the other one die. It could be a pain if you send a replacement out then the original shows up. I have had TB's show up after years of MIA. I have one that was picked up Dec, 03 and have been in contact with them once in a great while, and it just a chore to get them out the door to place it. Oh well, good luck!
  9. I see that the people that grabbed your TB found 3 caches. I read the logs on there finds and they were caching with Lord Silver. Maybe that's there buddy and you could email them asking for help. That's my $.02
  10. Mine just got picked up in New Mexico. So far it has racked up 16647 miles. Next stop Minnesota.
  11. A big thanks to Jeremy and Elias for getting us up and running again!
  12. Well mine did not stay in Hawaii to long. Now it is in San Francisco @ Green Thumb GCEC8.
  13. Ok kiddies. I have had a cache in the Bahamas, Nassau's First Cache GCC40D Hidden: 1/13/2003 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b1-342449b75e86 Someone claims to have been there and DNF it. One minute later post a SBA cause of multi DNFs. 6 minutes later it was archived. Don't get any faster than that! This cache has been replace a few times while cachers have been on vacation. Yeah.........it was placed before vacation caches were banned, my bad. But at least people have something to do there
  14. I thought your TB was dead. Then I see that it went to Hawaii?! Y'know, if it is in someone's possession for almost two years, I would expect them to figure out where it is supposed to go. Don't even get me started Atleast it's back..............
  15. My Crapper TB was picked up in Ohio 7/11/2007 with a goal to go to Minnesota. It sat for almost 2 years and was dropped off in Hawaii. Wow......................
  16. forman


    Do you have a code you could sell Garmin that works? haha ... well, yes, i do, but. a) i can't yet guarantee that it works always for all cartridges it's Java Micro Edition, so they would have to either rewrite it to C (or whatever language they use) or put a Midlet Manager on the device c) it's GPL, so they can as well take it and use it for free (and if they want to do it, i'm definitely not going to try and stop them - as long as they honor the terms and release the sources again) and finally d) i still can't be sure that there isn't some Groundspeak's IP involved. As in, i hold all rights to my code, so i can allow Garmin to use it under non-GPL license (effectively selling it), but then Groundspeak might come in and sue the hell out of us all. ...or not. i'm not a lawyer and i can't be sure. so there. why, do you think Garmin's looking for a working code to use? :e) I have no idea what Garmin is doing. I have a Garmin Colorado and kind of gave up on the wherigos. I thought Wherigo were supposed to be fun and not a pain to get through. Maybe some day they will get it working for all the cartridges?
  17. forman


    Do you have a code you could sell Garmin that works?
  18. I clip it to my pocket of my jeans or shorts. Does not go around a loop or anything, but it stays.
  19. I have a tb that has been in a race for a real long time and some one picked it up 7/11/07 and still has it. I have sent a couple emails over the year and no answer. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=39725
  20. I have a Colorado and would rather cache with that. I have found a few caches with the iphone but it seems like the iphone is a pain. Even with a Magellan it was better than an iphone. And the Colorados battery life is alot better.
  21. Thats been brought up in the Getting Started with Wherigo http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=198305
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