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  1. Great, thanks. I wend to setup map--> Advanced Setup--> Zoom Levels--> Geocaches, and was able to make the change to 3 miles there. Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. Just got my Garmin Oregon 600t in the mail today, thanks to a great online deal and my birthday. Anyhoo, loaded up a GPX into the unit, just as I did with my Oregon 450, and the cache list looks fine (a list of caches show with all the details when I search for them), but there are no caches on the map. The map shows the additional waypoints (parking, trail head, etc) but not the caches. I typically search for the next cache using the map instead of the "find nearest cache" button. I tried the removing(delete) the GPX file from the unit, restart the the unit, shut down, and reload the GPX, but still the same result. Am I missing a setting? The Oregon 450 wont show caches after you expand the map over three miles, so I tried that as well. Thought, fixes? Thanks!
  3. Snagged this deal, GPS was in the mailbox today!
  4. Thanks Jon and the rest of GS for your response!
  5. Trying to create a new route, but GC route wont generate a route no matter inputs (city state or coords), it still shows just a map of Washington. Anyone else having issues creating a new route?
  6. Can I use the GC.com GPX 1.0.1 with my Oregon 450 (fully updated) if so will it show the attributes or do anything else new?
  7. With the Oregon 450 being released in 2009, do you think I should wait (I have have 60csx for backup) for the new year to see if they will have an updated Oregon or it the $219 deal to good to pass up?
  8. My Garmin Oregon 400t, which I have had since August 2008, has lost its stamina. When caching for a few hours, the GPS will just shut off. When I restart it, it either does the screen fade at (or around the) loading topo maps at start up or just freezes around that point and I need to do a battery pull. I cannot get the little sucker to restart, it keeps dying at the same point. But, if I turn the GPSr on again after a few hours of rest, it works fine again. I have reinstalled the software/firmware, but no real change. I also put fresh batteries in the GPSr and it still dies. Help! Any ideas? I have dropped it quite a few times over the past three years and there has been something rattling inside it for quite awhile too, but with no ill-effects. It the unit dieing and I should snag a Black 'Friday' Weekend deal, or is there a fix? Thanks in advance.
  9. Currently I am using my old Garmin GPS Maps 60CSX for my turn by turn and an Oregon for my hand navigation. With all of these Black Friday/cyber Monday deals, I am considering picking up a Nüvi to handle my turn by turn. What is the best Nüvi for caching. I use a Mac so I so not want to deal with Gsak to upload caches, I am hoping for an Oregon style drop the GPX file into the GPX folder deal to upload the caches. I hear the 500 and 550 Nüvi may do the trick, but is there better? Thanks!
  10. Self-righteous snobs ruined it for others? How so? You have some information there in Tallahassee that the rest of us don't have? Edit so I could see your avatar and type Tallahassee correct. About as much as you do in NY. A know a couple of cachers that had planned a big road to to this trail, now ruined. None the less, had a power trail of 50 or 100 caches been placed under the same circumstance, people from around the world would not have gone APE about the rules being broken and smite this trail, maybe except for a few locals. A good cheat for Tallahassee is Tally. [Edited by moderator to remove potty language.]
  11. My 2 cents: There is no wrong way to pay this game unless you ruin it for others. A bunch of self-righteous cache snobs ruined it for others. Who cares what other people find, it doesn't effect your game any! I would have fun at that trail, I bet there is a lot of comradely and fun that can be had cleaning up this power trail. I love a one cache day hiking 5 miles to the cache and I love a good cache run too, it all about what I want to do with my day, not what you think I should do with it.
  12. Huh, All of my GPSrs work just the same as do ones that have been hooked up to a windoze computer, plus I like my computer to runs well. Macs do not make GPSr slower, less accurate, or jumpy. GSAK is only an organizational software that can also do a little cache stats work too. I like looking for caches in the field better then sitting at a computer and organizing them. I find MacCaching great uploading caches into my 60csx and a straight GC PQ into my Oregon and I get all the cache filtering I need via the GC PQ page. The paperless works just the same Oregon no matter what computer platform you may use to upload your GPSr. For cache stats I like itsnotaboutthenumbers.com. I have never not found a cache because I use a Mac.
  13. I have noticed that once I upgraded to 3.10 (from the last alpha firmware) the compass and distance to the cache go bonkers over heavy tree cover on hilly terrain. It would jump from 15' to 45' to 65' to 34' and all around. I live in flat Florida, but did the upgrade well visiting and caching in Hilly Washington state. I am not 100% if I am just not used the way GPSrs behaves in hilly terrain with dense tree cover or my GPSr is just lazy and likes flat terrain, but it seemed to get worse after the upgrade. My 60csx was jumpy but not crazy bonkers jumpy. I wonder how the Oregon will act once I am back caching in FL?
  14. Which garmin do you use? Do you cache with out paper? I am not computer savvy that is why I use a mac I can't screw it up and it doesn't get viruses. I want to go w/o paper. I run an Oregon 400T. Just plop the PQs right into the GPSr. Paperless no problem and uploading the field notes not a problem either.
  15. TeamGeoduck

    GC down

    Thanks for the up to date FB and twitter server restore updates. Now I cannot wait for GC to come back up.
  16. I load all of my caches into my 60csx using http://www.maccaching.com/. The caches always show up in the maps and I can mark them as found so they show up in the calendar.
  17. Garmin Oregon 300 or 400t and http://www.maccaching.com/ and he will be good to go with paperless caching and everything!
  18. I'm running 2.80 on my Oregon 400t, I got a WAAS lock whilst using the restroom at a Lowes. I have been seeing a lot of WAAS these days with 2.80.
  19. The caches will not show up on your waypoint list unless they are under 50 (or so) miles away. Try panning your map pointer to the area of FL you are going to visit to see if you can see the cache icons.
  20. OOh.... I had not thought of that. I didn't see any function for saving out a GPX, only Send to GPS and Retrieve from GPS (nor had I ever looked, since Send did what I needed with my Legend). I'll search around the program and see if I can do what you describe. If so, that would solve my problem. Anyone know the exact procedure for doing this? Go to the file menu then to export. That should get you started!
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