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  1. Those are cool Wolf*Pack. I'd be happy to trade with you. check your email. Also Boots, Daredevle your nickels will be going out on the mail monday. Wanted to get them out Saturday the 14th but didn't get a chance to get to the post office as planned.
  2. Got your email. Sent you my snail mail address in reply. I'll get a couple nickels in the mail on saturday. Also sent notes to Dardevle and Lord Zogat
  3. Those are cool! I'd love to trade with you!
  4. Got your tokens this weekend!! Thanks a bunch!! Also got items from '57 Chevy and GrnXnham Thanks for the trades everyone!
  5. I have run out of items to restock this cache with. If anyone would be interested in having their signature items go into this cache please let me know. It has been a lot of fun seeing the different signatures people come up with over the years, and even more fun getting email from those finding them! If you also have a signature item cache let me know and I will be happy to send you some of mine! Count me in!! PM me your snail address and I'll send you some of my wooden nickel sig items.
  6. Ooooooh - I love the top right coin, the night sky is beautiful (isn't it based on a well known artist's work - just cannot remember the name...). Just one question - I couldn't find it in the net; is "Starry Sky GC" the real name of this coin??? Best regards, Michael I stand corrected it's Starry Night. I always remember it as Starry Sky.. It's one of my favorite Vince Van Gough pieces.
  7. Got the "hat trick" this week as I had a package arrive Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The wooden nickel came from City of Rocks State Park north of Deming, New Mexico. The state parks of NM are celebrating their 75th Anniversary. Top row: Permanence Geocoin, Starry Sky Geocoin Second Row: Purple flying nerdling Third row: 75 anniversary nickel from NM state parks, Last Cache of the day, and Black Renagade Nerd.
  8. Midnight Fairie, Slowdown Racer, and Frank n Beck: Packages went out in the mail today. You should have them in a few days
  9. It takes time. If you get the oportunity, see if there are experienced cachers in your neighborhood and talk to them. Better yet, see if they are willing to go out on a cache hunt or two with you. They're a wealth of knowledge and I know I picked up some good tips that have helped me start to hone my own geocaching senses.
  10. No I didn't get your email... silly yahoo. PM me your snail mail address and I will get your nickels out in the mail on Saturday
  11. I had a heck of a time finding my first few caches. I was pretty much relying too much on my GPS to get me right at the spot. I wasn't really looking at my surroundings for clues. I had the good fortune a couple of weeks back of meeting a more experienced cacher and we hunted down a couple together. He spotted them right off the bat, but let me actually "find" them. He's gotten many caches under his belt so he know exactly what to look for and now I am starting to do the same. He calls it his "geosense" and thanks to his patience and advice, I'm becoming more aware of my surroundings and getting a feel for what to look for as I get within 10-20 feet of a cache site. Just be patient and have fun.
  12. That reminds me, I have a courtesy question: Do most folks send out one or two nickels to those who want to trade? Just curious.
  13. Meant to get these pictures up last Friday before I left for Silver City, New Mexico. Got two batches of nickels done and a third that's about to get the second side spray coated. The initial batch of 42 I did didn't quite turn out like I wanted. They stamped fine but spray coating them one at a time in a rubber gloved hand -- not a good idea. Ye old cookie sheet worked much better. And my metal table looks all shiny in spots too!! So without further ado: I owe Slowdownracer a pair, and anyone else who is interesed just send me a pm here and Iwill get them in the mail on saturday!
  14. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Naomi!! Got one more package from the postman today and just in time for my road trip to Silver City, New Mexico tomorrow. Courtesy of Geoswag.com
  15. Love the concept! The colors in the picture are cool, but I voted for green because I think a bright green would look wild with the black and a silver or nickel finish.
  16. Love the concept! The colors in the picture are cool, but I voted for green because I think a bright green would look wild with the black and a silver or nickel finish.
  17. welcome to the addiction and say goodbye to your bank account. i am living on macaroni these days. lara I'm hoping not to go TOO crazy with this hobby... but I said the same thing when I took up knitting at the end of 2004 So far I've managed to keep the "gotta have every coin I see" attitude in check and browsing for ones that won't badly break the bank as well as just look absolutely right for my fledgling collection.
  18. I love solitare. I'm going to have to snag that sometime. And I LOVE the turtle! He is too cute!
  19. Hit the jackpot today and received my first four geocoins. All purchased through ebay. From top left to right: Stars and Stripes Geoguitar, 2008 Compass Rose Bottom left to right: Tranquility USA Geocoin, Virtual Cache geocoin
  20. Let us know when you have a few, we would love to trade!!! I just put the final three coats of polyurethane on the second side tonight. they need a couple of days to dry, but I will h put some pictures up before I head out of town on Friday. I'm currently in the process of stamping out the second side of the next 150 nickels. Poor hobby lobby. They just put their new stock of wooden nickel blanks up yesterday and I cleaned both stores out today. Gotta go back tomorrow for another can of spray on polyurethane and protective baggies.
  21. Well I decided to take the plunge and start stamping my wooden nickels tonight. The front looks pretty straight, but the back is a bit wobbly (still can't stamp center for squat). I think I hit dead center a few times, but they don't look too bad. Just finished spraying the second of three coats of polyurethane on one side of the coin. Gonna do one more coat tonight and let them set to dry. Tomorrow night I'll do three coats on the other side. With the polyurethane it lets me do one coat every 10-15 minutes, but I'm giving them about 20 before I recoat them. I haven't seen any ink bleed yet but I'm working on these at night, with only a balcony light -- so I'll get a better look at them in the morning. Once I get the other side coated they should be ready for picture taking Wednesday night and a few are headed up with me to Silver City, New Mexico for some Memorial Day weekend caching.
  22. Got my stamps from rubberstampchamps.com today. Bought a small pack of nickels at hobby lobby to practice on and I've discovered I can't stamp for squat I have some cardstock paper which I can stamp and then use an 1 1/4 inch round punch to punch them out. that means I have to adhere the paper to the nickel then spray polyurethane to seal it up. I'm hoping this method will work and the paper will stay adhered to the wood even after a few coats of polyurethane are applied. But, I'd like to know how those of you that stamp directly onto the nickels do it. How do you center the stamp, do you have a rig to keep everything still, etc. Thanks
  23. ....and I got more nickels from GrnXnham today too! Any more traders? Hey slowdown! Got the nickels in the mail yesterday! Thanks a bunch!! I'm waiting on my stamps from rubberstampchamp.com, AND I got the first proofs on my nickels from geonickels.com. Soon as I get the nickles made up you'll be getting a couple of each in return!
  24. Ordered my first set of custom stamps from rubberstampchamp.com this morning (I really need to quit waking up at 4:30 am on the weekends...) and put in a request at geonickels.com for another set. Looking forward to getting nickels made up and in the caches by June!
  25. 1.5" That's what I thought, but I just wanted to clarify.
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