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  1. Well I do have to admit that we do that quite frequently. It works versus everyone saying did you lose soemthing? Can I help you find it?.....lol
  2. I also saw one of these as a container for a cache. I drove upto the site and saw the container before I even got out of the car.
  3. I too found one thru letterboxing.org. The owner has contacted me and asked if I would adopt the it. They moved away from Oklahoma and now lives in Pennyslvannia. Of course, I was more then happy to adopt it. I am now in the process of incorporating it withing the geocaching realm and we call it a letterbox hybrid.
  4. I have found TB's with pictures of babies, dogs, and even loved ones that passed away. They are great for cachers who are willing to do them or express some type of closure.
  5. It is an Army unit patch from 1st Calvary Division in Ft. Hood, TX "The First Team". Of course I had to pull out an old phamplet I had with all the patched from the Army units I had while I was in the Army.
  6. I always log my DNF's. No need to get embarrassed over it. Sometimes, it is just the fun of trying to find a cache but worth the effort of just seeing something different then the usual things one sees around their neighborhood. It does get irritating at times but remember never to give up. Someone may find the very same cache you overlooked. Anyways, welcome aboard and happy caching.
  7. Agrees with you on this. Everyone had been helpful in one way or another.
  8. Most IP's (Internet Providers) has it where you can host images from their site. Try contacting your IP to see if they offer such a thing. Boomspeed.com is the only one that I can think of right of the back that will host images for free. Whatever you do, good luck.
  9. Addicting, yes, indeed. I found myself spending more time outside versus the inside. I am just happy that there is such a thing as GCing.
  10. I will add my 2 cents in also. If I remember correctly, you have 36-72 hours before your cache listing can even be approved. While waiting, you can edit anything that you submitted (i.e. coordinates, your description, the type of cache, basically anything you want). As far as the background goes, you can add whatever backgrounds you want just use your imagination. If you are new to the html stuff. I would suggest to go and do a google search and type in html. There are lots of sites out there that will teach you the html necessary to do whatever you are trying to achieve. I taught myself the html codes and all I did was do a google search. I use Paint Shop Pro to manipulate the pics or animations I want. Then I host my images using my IP (Internet Provider). Check into your IP and see if they allow hosting of images. It is just a start but remember there are people out there willing to help but use the internet and see what you can find. I hope this helps you a little.
  11. I also just found my first jeep TB. As usual, I will keep it until I can find a cache to put it in.
  12. dadgum. Why didn't I think of that. I'll accept it as voluntary contribution. Let's call it Premium Membership of my GPS recycling program. And don't forget about the $10 shipping fee....lol
  13. I don't make money from it but it has become a way of life in our household.
  14. Wow, can you enter me in the drawing please. It sure would be really neat to try the services before I actually by into the program. You are a very kind individual to offer such a drawing. One good dead always leads to another good dead. I am pretty sure everyone will remember this and possibly do another drawing like this. Thanks in advance.
  15. I don't understand why people would hold TB's for a long period of time either. I travel a lot and if I do hold them longer for 14 days, I will send a courtesy email to the owner of the TB to let them know that I still have it in my possession and will drop it off when I get to another cache location soon.
  16. Personally, I am new to geocaching. Never felt intimidated at all by any posters. Sure we have people who think they are above everyone else but guess what, we are all here to do one thing and that is geocaching. Just like the course of human nature, no one is better then anyone else. We are all created equal. I mean come on folks, just enjoy the hobby and have fun. It's not like we can come across our screens and slap each others faces. Everyone can always learn something new. Changes are a part of life. Take them or leave them, we are still here to geocache. But honestly, everyone here has been very helpful to me. If they haven't then I don't let them feed off that. I won't waist hurting my fingers in a typing format. I am a one to one person, lets deal with the situation one on one and not the forums. You will be surprised how people rect differently eye to eye instead of a forum. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Also have a pic ready to be hosted by a site. My IP (internet providers) lets me host images. Lots of IP's do so give it a shot. If not, you can always try boomspeed.com. Boomspeed is the only one I can think of right now. Good luck!!!!
  18. I am guessing he got used to it. I don't know but I will be sure to ask
  19. Hello SivLicC and Xena's Cache! Welcome aboard, this is just another addiction and we hope you have fun. Remember this, caches are everywhere and not just in your local area. Since I do a lot of travelling, I try to find as many caches as possible. I just recently started myself but I am having way too much fun esepcially when my wife and my boys are all involved also.
  20. I use the Garmin GPS 12 XL that looks like my avatar
  21. I have a friend that goes with us sometimes when we go geocaching. He always brings a small baggie or a container for his cigarettes. He learned very quickly the first time around, when he threw a cig butt on the ground and we picked it up. He felt embarrased so since then, he has not done that again in our hikes on geocaching.
  22. Our 2 boys go geocaching with us also. They love to find the "treasures" and they also love putting treasures inside treasures found. Just don't do an all day event because kids can be very impatient at times
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