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Enhanced OS maps on cache pages

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How do I get the old map back? It's not been working in the west midlands for a couple of days.


Right click on the Monkey logo (bottom right of FireFox), then Manage User Scripts. Select Geocaching Enhanced OS Map Substituter from the list in the left hand pane, then uncheck the Enabled tick box, then click OK. Next refresh the window (F5 key). That should get the Yahoo maps back.


Not sure why the server isn't showing these tiles - the 1940s maps are OK, and one of my sites that uses the same API (www.firestations.org.uk) has the maps working fine at all levels.

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Bad news


I received this email a few days ago (into an account I don't check very often)

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your interest in OS OpenSpace.


We noticed that one of the URL you have registered, http://www.geocaching.com/seek, carries advertising and has a premium membership service. At the moment there is no OS OpenSpace map application publicly available on the web site, however the number of map tiles consumed by your API key suggests that your OS OpenSpace application is live.


The OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement does not allow the service to be used in conjunction with advertising or other forms of financial gain, and the applications have to be publicly available.


Please let us know if you wish to keep your API key for personal use.


If you have any question about OS OpenSpace please don’t hesitate sending us an email to openspace@ordnancesurvey.co.uk. If you have any question about Ordnance Survey, you can also call us on 08456 05 05.


Kind Regards


OS OpenSpace Team


So they've pulled the plug even though I don't receive any financial benefit (and Groundspeak no more than they already do) from this script.


Agreed, I purposefully ignored the terms of use, so I should have seen this coming.


I'm just about out of options now, but I will work on another solution in the near future.


Thanks all.

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Wonder if Premium Members could benefit from a Groundspeak-funded API? ;)


Interesting idea.

BUT (has to be a but!) I presume the script is only of use to us in the UK (and anyone visiting the UK)?


Could GeocacheUK (If/when back) use it? ;)



Yes, G:UK could use this API.


They just seem to have an issue integrating it into the main site, which is a bit unfortunate.


I was a little sketchy about my plans - I'll try and revert back to the old multimap tiles soon, and look into using the new multimap tiles.

For now, the 1940s OS maps will still function.

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Wonder if Premium Members could benefit from a Groundspeak-funded API? ;)


This is a good idea. The American and Canadian members have good mapping because that's where all those new fangled internet companies are based. Can our reviewers suggest this idea to Groundspeak? Its going to be a massive price but unless Groundspeak know the demand is there they'll never consider it.



Edited cos fingers can't type properly after I fell over after circuits running across the car park. Hands and knees covered in sores and scabs. Its like I'm 7 again!

Edited by scottpa100
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These days, I seem to find myself following a regular pattern in relation to cache maps:

  • Clicking on the link provided by LordElph's script to OS Get-a-Map
  • Saving the OS map for use as a moving map in PDA software (e.g. in GPSdash or GPS Tuner)
  • Clicking on LordElph's Google satellite link, to print a map on the back of the cache description sheet (the family prefers poring over a printout than a tiny PDA screen)

So what might speed things up for me would be a script that enabled me to save the OS map more quickly, and a Google map embedded in the cache page.

In what ways do other cachers tend to make use of the range of map tools currently available?

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In what ways do other cachers tend to make use of the range of map tools currently available?

To be honest I very rarely if ever use the maps on the cache page anyway...

I usually just copy and paste the co-ords into google search bar and hit maps.

Other than that, it takes 10 seconds to open memory map and do the same thing - then export to pda if it's a new cache that I haven't got on a PQ yet...

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Hello All,


I've been using MapIt from here :- http://benchmarks.org.uk/map.php

You just highlight any type (Lat/Lon, OS Brit Grid) of Grid Ref on any web page, (not limited to a cache page), click on the MapIt bookmark and it will give a full page Streetmap map the same as that which Lacto mentions above.


Works with Firefox and IE browsers.




When I clicked on the link for the thumbnail script I got a dead page. :(

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