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  1. Hi, I used to be able to see the OS maps but not for a while now. I've just gone through the MartyBartfast instructions above, I can now have the Bing map but still don't have the OS map. Can anyone help please? Bernard
  2. Hi Lillme, Sorry for the late reply (I did reply by Email but it seems not to have appeared here). The GPS is one that connects by bluetooth to a tablet, laptop or similar device. It's described here. I have an indoor charger, I've tested/charged the unit and it works. I can't find the vehicle charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter hence the late reply. They can be got on ebay for about £5 If you can use it it's yours free!
  3. GlobalSat BT-338 with a charger, good condition, works OK (I've just charged it up and tried it out). Norwich. Anyone interested?
  4. Hello MartyBartfast, Thanks for your response. I was/am trying to use the old map but followed your link just in case, no luck though. The niggling thing is I've lost those buttons before and got the back, I might even have posted the resolution somewhere as well. I just can't think how to get them back, old age in the way I suppose. PS I'm using the Firefox browser
  5. Hi, can I have some help please. Once again the OS maps have gone. This time I've lost the buttons mentioned as :- "17. Assuming everything has installed correctly up to this stage you will now see at the bottom left of the map a row of four buttons the 4th of which is a cogwheel icon. Click this icon." Thanks.
  6. Hi, You can mark the forum as read, all black dots the disappear. Then topics with new posting's are highlighted and have a black dot in front of them. You can then see at a glance all new postings, if you then click on the black dot the topic opens at the first unread posting. Regards Bernard.
  7. Hi, I've sent messages to folk who might be pleased to read this topic. Regards Bernard.
  8. If at first you don't succeed try try and try again. You'll eventually find https://translate.google.co.uk/ which works perfectly. Regards Bernard
  9. Hi the limit is 10,000 points per track. Which at 1 second interval = 2.7 hours. If I've understood correctly you'll have to set it to archive when full, (when the track reaches full capacity it is saved/archived and a new track started). I think the unit will hold 2000 archived tracks, which would be about 225 days worth. If the track saving/archiving is the same as my 60CSx then the GPX files carry on from one to the next. Timezones I know nothing about except I'm very annoyed twice a year when the UK clocks are changed. Yet the sun still rises just after I wake no matter the time. Best advice is to try all the different options , experiment, see what happens. Regards Bernard
  10. Hi, the link to the warning page is not directly accessible but here it is :- http://www.gpsrchive.com/Oregon 6xx/Firmware.html Regards Bernard
  11. Hi, very sorry that should have been a comma not a decimal point, it's 9,530 KB so yes 9.53 MB. Regards Bernard
  12. Hi, the GPX file stored to the memory card will be for the whole day, that's the file that's accessible. The trip data (of maximum 10,000 points) is stored internally on the unit and not the memory card, hence the need for a limit. The 10,000 points limit refers to the recording of a trip. I think you can archive the trip when the limit is reached, then the unit starts a new trip and so on. On my 60CSX I can have the trip set to wrap when full so when the 10,000 points is reached the unit records over itself from the start. I have the whole days travelling set to be stored to the memory card. The GPX stored to the card is for the whole day so the limit is 24 hours. I've not deliberately left my unit on 24 hours (don't think the battery's would last out). I have though sometimes left the unit on overnight laying on my desk. The biggest GPX file I've recorded is a huge spider web of 52,630 points, that's 5.856 KB recorded over 14 hours and 44 minutes. So converting that info I make it approximately 86,600 points and about 9.530 KB for the GPX file in 24 hours Hope that helps, any more questions please just ask. Regards Bernard
  13. Hello, I don't actually use that GPS but a quick search shows there is a de-clutter option like most Garmins :- https://static.garmin.com/pumac/eTrexLegendC_OwnersManual.pdf#page=22&zoom=auto,487,-96 Have you tried de cluttering, there are more options for the map display starting from this page of the manual :- https://static.garmin.com/pumac/eTrexLegendC_OwnersManual.pdf#page=19&zoom=auto,474,-96 Regards Bernard
  14. Please don't just jump in and start changing stuff in the OpenStreetMap database without making absolutely sure you know what you're doing and your information is correct. A lot of damage can easily be done by well meaning folk before they get acquainted with OSM mapping. I checked the sections of Route 33 that you refer to and in the OSM relation for these sections, the route is clearly marked as 'proposed'. Thus the ways are represented as dotted, so when you see a dotted way on any OpenStreetMap it is a proposed route or a route/area under construction. Regards Bernard
  15. Hi, I did warn you, if the trick of removing the SD card works then DO NOT reinsert that card. The reason being that you have inadvertently corrupted a file on that card. As far as I am aware the only file that can be retrieved or kept from that card is the map file gmapsupp.img which is in the Garmin folder on the card. Do not try to read the card from within the unit, put the card in a reader and delete all files except the gmapsupp.img file and the Garmin folder, any other folders can be kept as long as they are emptied of all files. With fingers crossed you should then be able to use that card again. If the card still fouls up the unit then there is a hidden corrupted file on it, best then to use a new card. Regards Bernard
  16. Hello, the 60cx owners manual says this model has a micro SD card. Have you tried removing the card then switching on? I would try removing the SD card, using a pair of batterys that are OK but not fully charged up. If you can now switch the unit on and off then there is a problem with files on the card. Don't put the card back in the unit, give me a shout. Regards Bernard
  17. Don't forget to switch back to WGS 84 when finished with British Grid!
  18. I do beg your pardon, It was the .csv file first opened in MM5 then saved as an .mmo file. This .mmo file can then be properly opened in MM6. Sorry for the added confusion.
  19. Hello Sue & Bernie, I'm still using MM European Edition v5.4.2 don't now know why I favour it. Your query struck me as being a bit strange, as far as I was aware there was no problem with MM6 and the famous icons. So I opened up MM6 (checked that it was MM6 via help, about, mine is MM6 v6.0.1 build 1155). I then imported my .mmo geocache file that I had compiled with GSAK and usually use in MM5. MM6 imported the file and zoomed out to show the "World North" map. All the 5000 caches were showing but just off the screen. Pan and zoom in so the cursor can be placed on the area where the dense Icon group is, right mouse click, choose the map you want. Regards Bernard
  20. Hi, Just to put the record straight you can still join/register with OpenStreetMap here :- https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/new . You become a full member of the OSM community and are able to use the same login to participate in the OSM help forum here :- https://www.openstreetmap.org/help . The same login is also used for the :- http://forum.openstr...p.org/index.php , which is the forum that you now cannot register with (as there is no need to do so). I am an OSM member so can't easily test this out but I think the info is correct. Regards Bernard
  21. You might have more luck in the GPS forum (can't have less luck!) Here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=11
  22. Hi, For the Garmin 60CSx you can use OpenStreetMap derived maps from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ You can compile your own map area from the tiles on the site. Remember to save your original IMG map file somewhere as only one IMG file can be used on the 60CSX at a time. I use these maps on my own 60CSx with no trouble, they are loaded directly to the unit via the USB cable. Have look, there's lots of help on the site, and if you need further help just ask. Regards Bernard
  23. Hi, https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=1245 If I remember correctly you have to go through the update process twice as there are two pieces of software to be updated. To check your software version :- Hit Menu/Menu, choose Setup, choose System, hit Menu again, choose "Software Version". The firmware version is the "Software Version" at the top. My unit has software v 4.10 and GPS software v 2.10 Regards
  24. My advice would be to update the 60CSx software before you write the unit off. If you are going to let it go please give me a shout. Regards
  25. Hi, the free trial web page is still working here :- http://www.geocaching.com/garmin/freetrial.aspx Won't do any harm to give it a try. Regards
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