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Breath Of Life - Fighting Cystic Fibrosis Geocoins

Dr. Whoever

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Finally These magnificent coins have made it through the customs and minting issues and are on their way. They will be available Wednesday night. All of you who have sent pre-order interest info will be contacted via email and given the link where to get these.

Last night was the Breath Of Life Fund Raising Dinner and we managed to gather over $9000.00 in donations through the auctions and dinner. Unfortunately we are still trying to get more as Kaitlyn's parents insurance doesn't cover all of the expenses which have eclipsed the $125,000.00 mark.

Thank you all for your patience and interest in this worthy cause.


Jim - CM

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UPDATE From Fed Ex: Tomorrow Night they should be here. I'll take good pictures of the coins and pins and post them here. Then I'll contact all of the pre-order people and start packaging the sets. They look amazing however mint photos are terrible and I'm hesitant to put them up.

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Got Em! Really need to slow doen on these darn coins, but these I couldnt resist, I preordered 3 of each and they are now on there way! Anyone who has a that pot 'O' Joe for Castleman...I need one too- I anit sleepin till these get here! :huh:


Congrats Castleman on this killer fundraiser! So far the money you have raised is incredible! You get a STAR!!!!!!OH wait...you already got one!.... You get the Golden Coffee Bean! :(:(:(

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The coins look great Jim! We received our invoice and it has been paid. Can't wait to receive these special coins. We hope that you will be able to raise a lot for Kaitlyn and her family. We will keep Kaitlyn in our prayers too.


We donated something special for Dorkfish to auction off on ebay (and she finally received it -dang postal system). Keep your eyes open for it and please bid generously if you can. Thanks.

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Tonight I got the privilege of taking the Breath Of Life - Fighting CF geocoin Medallions over to Kaitlyn and her family. Kaitlyn had seen the coins and pins at the Breath Of Life dinner and really loved them. When she saw the medallion with her name laser etched on it she was very happy and felt so special. We also got the chance to give her mother, dad and brother Jerrod a medallion with their respective names etched on them too. 6 other medallions were made (4 for the very special donors who gave a lobe of one of their lungs for the transplants), 1 to Karma for all of the auction work she has done and 1 to Paula for tying all of the artwork together and creating one of the most beautiful geocoins ever. Below are a few pictures of Kaitlyn getting her HERO's medallion.


Thank you all for all of your support in this FIGHT TO BREATHE.


Castle Man - CinemaBoxers - mickey99us


Kaitlyn seeing the medallion for the first time.



CM getting the honor of placing the medallion around Kaitlyn's neck.



Kaitlyn with her medallion preparing to leave for Los Angeles to do another bi-weekly preparation for the transplant.


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That is simply outstanding ! Thanks for the images and follow up :laughing:


So very pleased to see such success with this worthy cause, well wishes to Kaitlyn with her upcoming procedure's and to her family that has a most precious child and their continued efforts while fighting/winning this battle each and every day that goes by. To the doners that are giving Kaitlyn a chance to lead a full life ahead . Prayers from afar from my Family and myself for continued success and many bright days ahead .


To Castle Man, CinemaBoxers mickey99us, and Karma and all else involved in this effort of fundraising a gigantic hats off.


Including everyone in this community that has bought a Geocoin, your funds could have not been spent in a better way to help a child reach maturity.


I await my coins to arrive so I may set one free to spread the word about this wonderfull cause :(



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Our coins arrived today and we are totally overwhelmed. Not just with the beauty of the coins but also with the generosity of all who have helped to make this appeal a great success.


We will wear our pins with pride and when asked, we will explain about Kaitlyn, Jerrod and their amazing family and hopefully bring a much wider understanding of this cruel disease.


Kaitlyn & Jerrod, you have friends all around the globe who wish you the very best. Thank you for touching our hearts :)

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got mine a few days back...


they look good!!


I wanted to keep the glitter one, but upon closer inspection there are parts around the edges where the gold has been scraped and the top of the ribbon is messed up, so I guess I'll have to keep the translucent one instead.

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Well Folks all i can say is THANK YOU. Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting Kaitlyn with the funds raised by the sales of these geocoins and some of the funds raised by Karma's "dorkfish" auctions totalling more than $3600.00 with another $400+ still to come. Not a bad deal to give to Kaitlyn and what a surprise after just returning home from another hospital stay. So a short note to all of you great cachers who donated to this cause: Thank you for all who gave of themselves for this cause. You are truly wonderful folks and you are responsible for making a few sweet dreams for a sweet girl. Thank you all again and may you kinds acts all return to you in days to come.

Here are a few pictures of a card for Karma's auctions with all the names of the coins, persons who donated and the purchasers. Also pictured is a jumbo card listing all the names of folks who made this dream a reality...along with a few $100 just for fun.







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All I can say, is that I'm so proud of you, Jim for making this not only possible... but very special for Kaitlyn and her Family.


I will always think of them. :rolleyes:


Don't forget the extremely hard work Karma put in. She did a ton of work too and made a dream a reality.

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If a slightly-different design would make it easier to do it, we'd be in for a few of them. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is one of our regular charities, so anything that helps them is worthwhile, in our eyes :)


Loved the photos, but I have a question about all of those hundreds. Were any of them "georged" :) :)

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Are these still available to buy? I'm redleader's brother who has CF and I'd like to buy some to stick out into the world. I was SO happy to find out that someone was finally making these! I hope you guys keep making them, because they do mean something to us!


It sucks to hear about kaitlyn, My CF mutation hasn't developed into the type of stage where my lungs are worse than all the other problems I have that are related to CF yet, so I'm very blessed. I hope her all the best, and hope that she'll start doing better soon.




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These are all sold out. With the coins, pins and Karma's auctions we have raised over $4500 for Kaitlyn. There are currently no future plans to mint any more of these. We are thinking about doing another charity coin however, just not quite sure which one to do. There are so many good causes.

Thank you to all who gave for this cause.

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