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  1. Hi, I am selling my collection of about 133 Geocoins. I collected these back in 2006 and 2007. These coins are all unactivated. In a few cases I have the activation codes, otherwise you will be on your own to get them should you choose to activate them. All of these coins are in original condition, still in the plastic pouch, if they came in one. I'm hoping to sell these to one collector or reseller. At this point I am not looking to see individual coins. Thank you for looking!! Link to coin list A few photos of the coins spread out.
  2. Hi, My 60csx was turning off randomly. After trying all the fixes with the battery tabs I opened it up to see what I could find. I found a number of the screws on the case are not able to be tightened because the case is broken inside. With the case loose the tabs on the back of the battery compartment do not always make contact with the main board. I'm looking for a non-working unit with a non-scratched display to either steal the parts I need out of or transplant my unit into. If I can not find a broken unit I'll hard wire the batteries to the main board and silicone the case shut Thanks for your time Matt
  3. I have several flash drive travel bugs floating around and several more to release. So far the feed back has been good and only one has gone missing. The missing bug seems to be just lost and not stolen.
  4. Still patiently waiting for my order...Taps fingers.....
  5. The multi order page does not see to work. You need to go to each coin and add them to your basket...
  6. I received my coin in the mail today. All I can say is WOW!! What an awesome coin. Thanks
  7. Hi, I will be staying in Atlanta on June 14,15,16. I'll have the night of the 15th and the entire day of the 16th to cache. I'll be staying up in Norcross at the The Residence Inn at 5500 Triangle Dr. I ran a PQ of the area, but there are a huge number of caches just within a few miles of the hotel. I was hoping to get some recommendations for "can't miss" caches in this area. I will have a car, but would like to stay in this general area Thanks!!
  8. Hmmm.. I did the pre-paid guaranteed reservation yesterday and have not received an invoice. Should I have? Do I just need to stop worrying and go caching?? Thanks...
  9. I was just recently bitten by the coin bug so this is my fist post in the GeoCoin section. So what was in my mailbox today. My first coins!! STOP THE GEOCOIN THIEF!!! in Gold and Silver There will be many more to come!!
  10. This is one of my latest ideas. I will have to find just the right spot for this container as it would be wrong to "create" a spot for it How I hope it looks when hidden An now a photo of a few of my "ready to hide" ammo cans Half the fun of placing a cache is making just the right container for the hide....
  11. The satellites that have the "D" are the normal satellites, the "D" indicated that you are using WAAS, or Differential. When the normal satellites have the "D" you will see one bar without the "D", this is the satellite providing the differential data and should be one from the list above.
  12. I always try to leave a nice FTF prize in my caches, all two of them. The first one I put a pair of tickets to the Green Bay Packers Family Night. The cache is located very near the stadium so it seemed proper. The second cache had a set of new, not yet activated, travel bug tags.
  13. I'm trying to leave useful items in the caches we find. I just made up about 100 packets with a mosquito repellent wipe and a few plain wet wipes. They are small, light, easy to carry and I hope useful. Also, as we live in the "Snow Zone" I bought a bunch of "Hot Hands" and left them early in the fall.
  14. This was one of our first hides. The container One more of the container The Cache A link to an image of the hidden container.. The Hide.. Spoiler Image A link to an album with more photos of the location The Complete Album Had a number of great comments, evil, maybe. Fun Yes!!
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