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  1. Received one of those beautiful coins also. Thanks geocoin Angel
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL My resolution is to be even more respectful to this planet this year.
  3. Reserved for 2 two tone. Thanks.
  4. These wonderful coins have finally arrived in Montreal today. Sure glad I got a set
  5. Thankful for still being able to geocache at 66 years old. Today at Geocoinfest was my 500th find.
  6. Montreal for me Will be taking all my traders with me.
  7. Reservation made for a set Beautiful
  8. I already have a trio of these coins and they are great. Much better then what the pictures show.
  9. Yours has shipped yesterday. Received my laptops this morning. That was fast, only 5 days shipping to Canada. They are great specialy the RED LE Thanks
  10. Yours has shipped yesterday. Thanks, now I will sleep better
  11. Paid on May 20th but no shipping notice yet.
  12. Got my trio this afternoon, right from the hands of the seller (privilege for knowing him and living close by ). Everyone should be pleased with them, they are beautiful. Thanks Yves
  13. Beautiful coins. Ordered 2 special edition last night and already got a "shipped" notice. Great Thanksl
  14. Received both blue and green coins yesterday. I already had the red one so now I have to figure out a way to get the yellow one Thanks for the little extra
  15. Invoice received and paid for Now I can relax Thanks
  16. Great idea, I'v been doing someting very similar for a while myself I call them PASS FORWARD COINS, they are all World Traveler coins and they are doing fine. Here's an exemple for a couple . PASS FORWARD IN CANADA (TB13E2V) PASS FORWARD IN SOUTH AFRICA (TB13KKD) One is on it's way to the US. I'm having a lot of fun with this and they never get muggled.
  17. Invoice received and paid for 2 sets of each,
  18. Patiently waiting here in Québec also
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