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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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Yup, the Nimrod (variation 10 I think) was based on the Hawker Siddely Comet!


Over to you sir!!!! [:)]


I though De Havilland made the Comet.


You are of course correct John - my bad!


Still the right answer though the Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, and intelligence and early warning variations were developed by Hawker from the old De Havilland Comet. Hawker S were the successors to De Havilland!

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According to QI, the first words were part of commentary Buzz Aldrin gave as he brought the LEM in to land. Those first words were "Contact light". "Houston, this is Tranquility. The Eagle has landed." (or something similar) was uttered a short while after.


We're afraid this is the closest to what we were after - radio protocol is to say who you are calling, followed by your callsign then the message.


So it would be a DING, except nobody can hear a ding in space!


Over to you Pajaholic


Edited for spelling.

Edited by me N u
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