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  1. Aplogies for the delay. I complety forgot. Have a belate Ding on me.
  2. The Punic wars were fought between Rome and which other nation?
  3. Isn't the ship caled Myra or something along those lines.
  4. I think a rope goes more perpendicular to the ship's lenght to stop it moving sideways away from the dock and a spring goes fore and aft to prevent it moving forwards and backwards along the berth. Not sure though. If this is correct please set the next question for me as ironicallyI will be able to find out first hand tomorrow.
  5. You could be any ocuptitian to be Press ganged, after press ganging you would be in the Navey, Someone can take the next Q as I will be away for a few days. Ding and over to the floor
  6. Wasn't there something about 'Tranquility base here' before the more famouse eagle line
  7. I'm a nutty person who tries to find as many non-trads as possible. Out of interest for the whole of the UK does anyone know what percentage of the total caches are trads? Many Thanks
  8. Many Thanks for the quick response. Problem sorted. Well done. For those wondering, it was £24.99 I paid
  9. Despite having paid for a new year long membership period at the end of March and having this confirmed by Groundspeak, I now find that my membership has been downgraded to basic after on 3 months. This is really not good enough. Having paid the full ammount I would expect the year long membership
  10. This is one of those issues you've never going to settle. I personally enjoy little stas based challenges but equally I'll do any caches that seem to be worth the effort. On the event front I've been to some really awful small events which were clearly for a group of cachers who all knew each other and were just meeting each other not anyone else. Some others were so groupy that it was impossible to actually meet anyone Some of them really left me not wanting to attend anymore. Thankfully some of the other events I've been have been excellent. No large events so can't really describe it. Just a final note: If you log it you can't disapprove of it that much since you kept looking rather than walking on by.
  11. I'm using the latest version on IE and vista. It seems much better today so I think this can be considered closed. Thnaks for your time
  12. On the new map page, when I put in a location to the seach box it never loads and destroys the formating of the page. Its fine when loaded from the locate by adress then click on map this location, but when I try a new location on the map I get done but with error. No map even after a decent period no help from refresh. Its not a major problem as I can work around it, but it would be nice to fix it if anyone has any ideas
  13. Another one for brining back proper dates and doing away with the pictures. Really Shoody this time.
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