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I'd guess at a drive wheel diameter of 6ft or so. Add some pi and I've a figure of 19ft approx. 125ish mph is 183ft per sec, or approx. 580rpm at the wheel. No idea if there's any form of gearing in a steam engine though, so this could be way off.


That's just about close enough for a DING, Paul.

The driving wheels are 6 feet 8 inches in diameter and the speed was 125.88 m.p.h. That works out to 528.91 r.p.m. assuming there no wheel spin. No gearing, the connecting rods are coupled to the driving wheels.

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The three similar items all "have" something which is the same very common word, although with different meanings. The odd one out fails to "have" something which is a fourth meaning of the same word, and the joke plays on the confusion between this meaning and a fifth meaning of the same word.

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