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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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I note the past tense in the question -- so I thought perhaps terry towel nappies rather than disposables. However, the origin of terry nappies is probably lost in the annals of time and so I'll hazard a guess at nappy pins (i.e. the adaptation of safety pins used to hold terry towel nappies together).

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If you already know London like the back of your hand, I suspect it's about six months (enough time to do the written and aural tests, get a class 2 medical, CRB check etc.) If you don't, I suspect it's a little longer than the time it takes to learn "The Knowledge" as you can get the medical, CRB etc. while 'doing the knowledge'.


Perversely, most of us already have a licence that allows us to drive a London taxi (i.e. a black cab) -- provided we don't drive for hire or reward!

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