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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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OK I don't think there will be any more takers in the next 5 minutes or so and I will therefore award the undisputed DING to crb11.


The Merchant Taylors School was indeed founded by the Worshipful company of that name. They were founded in 1484 as was the Worshipful Company of Skinners.


Apparently they rowed over who came first (ie 6th in the order of precedence) for over a hundred years until the then Lord Mayor decreed they would alternate on an annual basis between 6th in the order and 7th.


Mind a similar phrase also appears in Chaucer some hundred years prior to that - but it is a nice story anyway!!


Over to you crb11 :)


(typos and speelink)

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Ding. I thought that was an easy one

Over to you


Thanks for the ding - although I resent the implication that I only get the easy ones :D


The man who bought Avebury in Wiltshire in the 1930s, to allow him to excavate archaeologically the village and its surroundings, inherited the money to do so from his family business. On what was the business originally founded and best known for making?

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Ok here's mine.


When Captain James Cook set off on his epic First Voyage, he was told he could look around for any possible Southern Continent, but that was secondary. Before that he had to locate a very precise spot on the earth (bit like Geocaching) and carry out a specific task. What was it?




Edit - I mean what was the task, not what was the precise spot.

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