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  1. Correct. Now that I figured out how to switch to direct routing, the route starts working. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks both, found it. I was expecting the direct routing choice to be an option under one of the activities, but it turns out that it's actually classed as a separate activity. Switching that appears to sort my issue out.
  3. Can I check something.... you do have a 7xx model yourself? You're not just assuming that the 7xx will have the same settings as an earlier model?
  4. We did 13 miles today with some complicated back and forwards. Route was 163 points. You're saying that a route that would have been fine on a 450 is too complex for a 700?
  5. On the initial screen that I'm always choosing Geocaching, but that Default Routing option isn't there. Not sure what you mean by "What are your settings for activity"?
  6. Yes. I think so. We've transferred the maps from our old 450 where it worked. Map is Garmin GB Discoverer 50K See other thread...don't think that option is available.
  7. Thanks for the idea, but the options under settings, routing are activity, calculation method, lock on road, off route calculation and avoidance setup. No default routing method option. None of the choices under those look to address the issue.
  8. Loading a lengthy route - a gpx file - onto an Oregon 700, if I go in via Route Planner then I can see the route on the map. As soon as I choose 'Go' though, I get an error "Only 50 points can be used for On Road navigation". This is a walking route but not sure if there is some attribute of the gpx file that needs to be changed, or a setting on the Oregon. Any ideas?
  9. Hi all, With our new Oregon 700, it appears that if you specify a geocache or a route to navigate to, then the unit will automatically calculate the best way of driving there, even when we're out in the country (and the route ends up being gibberish). I can't see an obvious way of turning that behaviour off. Can anyone advise?
  10. The advice given in UK is to cover up, stuff trousers into socks wear long sleeves and as an added precaution I spray my walking clothes with mosquito net spray. And after all that use the lotions and sprays. oh and we always carry a tick remover, along with the instructions on how to use it.
  11. Nicely doubled in there by Boggin's Dad for 7 points and the satisfying clunk as the ball drops into the pocket.
  12. Thank you very much... what - theoretically - is the highest possible snooker break?
  13. We would be happy with that or even a description of the hide would be fine. wish all the best.
  14. Just to clarify what niraD stated, you can't hide a physical stage but you can include a virtual. That would be something like finding a date on an information sign and using a number from that to point to the next stage of the cache. If it's an interesting place to take people then it might be worth thinking about doing it that way. Multis can contain a mix of physical and virtual stages.
  15. A bit of an odd one where I went back to check out a past DNF.... https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC224RT_east-clevedon-series-no-8 We DNFed it, and the next person posted an NA (on their second day caching), and then disabled by reviewer two days later. The CO does look to be out of action, but is that now being taken into account?
  16. Looking at the 5,578 figure, it appears he's double logged the caches.
  17. Perhaps it's already a small, dirt track, or was there absolutely no feature at all? As we turned off Cooks Lane and started heading East it was definitely dirt track type terrain, but then just appeared to stop. We also definitely didn't see any Bridleway signage.
  18. Do you have to be logged in before you can see the info about proposed routes? It does seem a bit counterintuitive to me that a map would show a route that might be there at some point in the future. Make it an option that can be chosen 'please show proposed routes' certainly, but having them on the default view?
  19. Hi all, If you switch the map view to OpenCycleMap, does anyone know what is signified by the dotted lines? Today we were out cycling from Nailsea out to Clevedon down in North Somerset and on the way back we planned to try what looks to be indicated as route 33. It turns out that there really isn't any kind of cycle path at all, more a mixture of plain fields and locked gates and we had to abandon the plan and go back the way we came. Checking the OpenCycleMap site itself, the same maps are there with the same dotted lines and there's also a key - but the dotted version of the lines doesn't appear on that key. Any ideas?
  20. L? London, Leicester, Lincoln, Lancaster, Liverpool and Leeds. (Littlehampton and Little Snoring as optional backups.)
  21. No. For some of same reasons Google doesn't make its algorithms public. Google's algorithms are extreme high tech worked on by leading members of the artificial intelligence community. Comparing that to a rating on the accessibility of a piece of tupperware is a little bit outrageous.
  22. I've not been through the entire thread so not sure if this has been mentioned before, but wouldn't it make sense for HQ to simply make public the algorithm they're using?
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