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No... 5 is not minutes ... and I'd give the game away if I specified the units!


OK, I drive a Prius and I reckon Toyota are pretty good on alternative fuel and hybrid cars so how about some sort of fuel economy record. I think the long track is about 20km, so........1.5 litres of fuel for a lap?

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It was a Toyota Prius, and the record was for fuel economy (although they now probably also have the record for the slowest lap that complies with the minimum speed rule).


I was looking for the answer in miles per gallon, which would have been 698 ± 5 mpg. However, 698 mpg equates to 0.405 litres per 100 km. 0.5 is in the range of 0.405 ± 5 and so speakers-corner gets the ding.


So over to speakers-corner...

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At even +/- 100 parts, I suspect that the answer will depend on which car and at what is considered a component. For example, the steering wheel alone may be considered to have millions if each part of each switch is a separate component and each 'discrete equivalent' in any PLC is also. Back in the 1960's, things were simpler. I suspect that an early 1960's F1 car would have had about a thousand parts.

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I'm going to guess the +/- 100pcs means we're talking about a number in the low thousands (otherwise it'd be less than 1% variance) so will suggest 4,800 parts. And welcome back from Switzerland; I'm off there next month for a couple of hours :)

I thought that also. FWIW, I have a suspicion that the answer might have an implied precision much coarser than +/- 100.

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