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  1. Okay, the answer then - the Brazilian national football kit. Someone else have a go at posting a question...
  2. Thanks for the ding. Your next question: Brazilian football fan Garcia Schlee invented what?
  3. I'm going to go for something a little off the wall - how about the King of Swaziland?
  4. Is it something to do with dates of birth and your age in the second of each of the years mentioned?
  5. Simply Paul, glad you liked my idea and thanks for crediting me on the listing page for England's most northerly cache meet. I've been to Cathedral Cavern - what a great place - and found the cache in there. I wish I could join you for one of your events. When you've run out of meet locations on a 'most' basis, you might want to try some tidal islands.
  6. Have you done the highest point in the UK? If so, how about doing the other end of the spectrum, namely lowest point? This is at Holme Posts on Holme Fen, where there's an earthcache. I'm prompted to suggest this by a recent question on the pub quiz thread.
  7. Thanks martin&lindabryn. And your next one: What is notable about the English location Marshall Meadows Bay?
  8. Aagghh! What with abusy time at work and at home, I forgot I'd posted a question (the UK citiesand initial letters one). Really sorryyou had to muddle through it yourselves. FWIW, RJx2’s interpretation of the question was correct.
  9. I have had this in the past. Logging out and then back in again sometimes sorted it.
  10. By my reckoning, there are eight cities in the UK whose names are the only one to begin with that particular letter of the alphabet. Name six of them for the ‘ding!’.
  11. Okay, perhaps too tricky then? I'll 'withdraw' that question and post another shortly. In case anyone's interested, the answers are Edwin Budding, Thrupp (just outside Stroud, Gloucestershire), 1830.
  12. Ta for the 'ding!'. And your next one: - The lawnmower - who invented it, where and when?
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