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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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OK, sticking with the rock. John Pharisee - we missed each other by a couple of days last year - but how much did you learn about Gib.


Its a mixture of Andalusian Spanish and British English, with vocabulary from Genoese, Hebrew, Maltese and Portuguese.


It is spoken in Gibraltar by the locals.


But what is it called?

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I've waited long enough to say "Is it Yan-something?" thanks to a half-remembered comment on some TV programme (with Alan Wicker?) about the rock.


Hi Paul,


Yan something is close enough after this time.


Yanito or Llanito (not too sure about the spellings though. Over to you :) :) :)

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That's unexpected, but thank you.


The above question inspired the next: Venetia Phair, née Burney (July 11th 1918 – April 30th 2009) was the first person to suggest a name for something, when aged 11 and living in Oxford. She was granddaughter of Falconer Madan, whose brother Henry Madan (once Science Master of Eton) had suggested two names for somethings not entirely different, in 1878. All three names are still in use.

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Extra clue: This object is now known to have at least five moons, one of which is so unusually big it lifts the system's centre of mass (aka barycenter) and rotation outside its primary - the only body in the solar system known to do this apart from the Sun/Jupiter combination, which only just does it too. The 'wobble' this gives our sun is basically the same as what we use to 'spot' planets around distant stars.

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is it the name of the last (?) flying Avro Lancaster?
A Dam-Busting DING! for that. There's a Canadian one still flying, which is why I said 'pretty much' unique. Over to you!


Thank you, we have no idea where we picked up that bit of information, never mind remembered it!


Anyway, a bit of a change now - the TV series "Shameless" is set on which fictional Manchester estate?

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looks like its time for a hint


"By giving voters the final say on legislation, this countries system of direct democracy kept women out, but at the same time the extensive autonomy of even the smallest administrative units gave them their chance to break in to political life. It was a tiny commune in Canton Valais that, in 1957, was the first to allow its women members to vote. Several cantons gradually followed suit, and in the 1960s women started occupying more and more important positions in local parliaments and governments. In 1968 the country's third largest city, had a woman mayor - but she still couldn't vote in federal elections.

This advance did not prevent suggesting that when this country signed the human rights convention of the Council of Europe, it should opt out of those parts calling for sexual equality. The uproar this provoked forced the government to revise its position. A new referendum was put to the country.

The result: on February 7th 1971, by a two thirds majority, finally gave their female compatriots their full federal voting rights."

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A complete guess following your clue. An MP was claiming sweeties on his expenses


That's the Ding. Mona Sahlin, a Swedish Politician (and lady, as Paul said) was accused of using a working expense account to fund personal expenses. The affair got its name after Toblerone bars were included on the expenses claim.


Over to Roger.

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